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Auto Purchasing Workshop Tom Lindstrom China Outreach Services Plot Understanding our suppositions Understanding Autos Managing Individuals Managing Points of interest Reviewing the Auto Suggestions Understanding Our Suspicions T/F Test What Truly Matters?
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Auto Buying Seminar Tom Lindstrom China Outreach Ministries

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Outline Understanding our presumptions Understanding Cars Dealing with People Dealing with Details Inspecting the Car Recommendations

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Understanding Our Assumptions T/F Test What REALLY Matters?

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TRUE/FALSE TEST 1. Japanese Cars are the least expensive to drive 2. The more I spend acquiring an auto, the more trustworthy it will be 3. Discovering a trustworthy merchant is the most critical step 4. Getting an auto is going to assuage a great deal of uneasiness about living in the US 5. Autos with “Prior Salvage” stamped on the title ought to dependably be stayed away from 6. New tires on an auto reveals to it has been looked after

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Appearance Reliability Cost of Maintenance Gas Mileage Ability to awe my companions Cheapest value Safety Make of auto (ie Toyota) Everything MUST work all the time Easy to stop, figure out how to drive, and so forth. Lower uneasiness about vandalism, burglary, and so forth. Rank the accompanying all together of significance:

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Dependable transportation that doesn’t meddle with your studies Lower uneasiness in regards to wellbeing & harm to your auto while you figure out how to drive What REALLY matters?

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Understanding Cars When less expensive means more costly and sparing cash means burning through cash! Clearing Generalizations Understanding Wear Cycles Choosing an auto in view of intensive examination Tools for deciding the estimation of a particular auto

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Different Cars for Different People For the vast majority, autos are pragmatic…just transportation

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But today, autos are progressively about picture, satisfaction, even individual character!

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This dialog will concentrate on commonsense autos My proposals will be for autos that are more basic in outline If you incline toward a fancier auto, the examination strategies indicated in this presentation will likewise assist you with discovering such an auto!

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Japanese autos RUST however are ordinarily more tried and true. Repairs now and then costly. European autos are very much composed yet lavish to repair, more entangled. Confused electrical frameworks are their demise glade. Engines and bodies keep going forever. American autos rust, are not also planned, but rather parts and repairs are promptly accessible. These autos are normally more commonsense in configuration, and there are a few that emerge as exceptionally solid. Clearing Generalizations

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Which auto speaks to the more prominent worth? 2002 auto with 100k or a 1998 auto with 50k? Import auto in OK/poor shape or a Domestic auto in EXCELLENT condition? (Typical yearly mileage is 12 - 15k for every year)

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The Truth about “Economy Cars” Rank the accompanying Cars: Which one expenses $141 to supplant the water pump? Which one expenses $624 to supplant the water pump? $33,000 MSRP $18,000 MSRP $545 $624! $46,000 MSRP $10,000 MSRP $141! $322

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Who might imagine that this auto would have the most costly repair? What\'s more, who might believe that you could supplant a water pump on a $46,000 Cadillac for under $150? Of the autos on the past page, the Acura would have the most noteworthy rating for dependability…but @ $545 to supplant the water pump…you may need to reconsider obtaining one!

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So what is genuine economy about? Dependability is NOT the same thing as economy! Economy speaks the truth the base line…how much does it cost to drive an auto What does sparing transportation resemble?

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Laugh on the off chance that you need to, yet THIS was the least expensive auto I have possessed! 1983 Ford Econoline 150 10 mpg, but… Very modest and simple to repair-This was the best economy auto I had for a long time!

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Tires Battery Exhaust Struts/Shocks ATF/Antifreeze change Timing Belt Alternator Water Pump Air Conditioning Automatic Transmission Understanding Wear Cycles Repairs 60 - 90k: Repairs past 100k: Sometimes an auto with 100k on it is less expensive to drive than a tantamount vehicle with 60k on it

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The Bottom Line on Economy Gas Mileage is just piece of the expense of working an auto An auto considered solid isn’t essentially the least expensive to drive Lower miles on an auto don\'t fundamentally mean less repairs Knowing your suppositions can reduce your mistake

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You most likely don’t NEED an auto all things considered! There are different types of transportation!

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My Suggestions Consider a $500 - $1500 auto for the reasons of figuring out how to drive Determine what causes you the most tension about auto proprietorship and attempt to decrease your presentation to those dangers Buy an auto from a “Maintenance NUT”

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Why consider this auto? $1400 for a ’91 Accord with 215,000k ! The proprietor of this auto kept fastidious records of repairs and it drove totally like new!

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Or this auto? ’85 Olds $500 This auto has an incredible motor, its safe, and it won’t matter on the off chance that you crush it up a touch of figuring out how to drive!

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Why begin with a less expensive auto? Most new drivers are exceptionally apprehensive Nervous drivers commit errors Mistakes cost $$$, raised protection premiums for quite a long time to come A less expensive auto implies you will be less anxious

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So where do we begin? How would I choose what make and model of auto to purchase? How would I know the amount I have to spend? What is the most “bang for the buck” regarding the convenience of any given auto?

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If you had time, you may begin your exploration at the junkyard!

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What would you be able to gain from a junkyard? A few autos give their proprietors the “Blues” Some autos wind up trashed sooner than you would expect Certain models have reliably damaged significant segments

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The day I arrived (at the junkyard) I saw 3 or 4 Mazda 626s in this condition…why would they say they are there when they give off an impression of being in incredible condition and just five to seven years of age? For Example… BAD transmissions!

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Issues that send autos to a Premature Death Expensive, “surprise” repair bills Repairs for which no parts are available,often because of flawed parts! At the point when purchasing an auto, by what means would I be able to minimize my presentation to the dangers of repair bills I can\'t manage?

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Finding the Right Car-Doing your Research! Scrutinizing the history and unwavering quality of particular models For the situation of the Mazda 626, I discovered a site for whining proprietors whose transmissions fizzled

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Obviously, our exploration needs to incorporate sources that will assist us with discovering (and dodge) those lemon autos! Periodical Literature Web locales; Governmental, Complaint destinations, Consumer Websites, and so forth The guidance of mechanics, companions, relatives

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Periodicals Consumer Reports is a decent place to begin

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Examples of things in Consumer’s Reports Which autos are the most tried and true? What new laws or reviews will influence me? Dissensions and Recommendations

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This outline is from the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue, distributed every spring

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Millions of perusers add to the information gathered by Consumer Reports, making their assets a best\'s percentage accessible for looking at autos.

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This outline is additionally A piece of the Consumer’s Reports Annual Auto issue.

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This diagram is a rundown of suggestions for utilized autos that factually have had a reliably magnificent notoriety over the years…

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But Keep it ALL in Perspective Glenn, Karen Beach and I every one of own vans on this rundown!!!

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And, Consumer Reports doesn’t include… Costs of keeping up a vehicle Costs of run of the mill repairs

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Hence…The CAR Book Compilation of Govern- ment information beforehand unavailable to general society Focuses on Safety Predicts support expenses and graphs aggregate expenses of possession including devaluation, and so forth

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Examples of helps The CAR book can give: Summaries of substitution expenses for major and minor parts on prominent vehicles Estimates the expenses for protection upkeep as endorsed by the makers of the new autos Complaint outlines Crash test outcomes Depreciation (Use this in your favor…you can get a 3 year old auto at 60% of its new cost!)

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WEB ventures To find Automobile related sites, attempt words, for example, “reliable utilized cars” or “automobile complaints” or “defective transmission” or “defective engine” or “automobile complaints” or “automobile recalls”, and so on

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What you will discover on the Web Lots of grumbling sites, some profane and not real Some accommodating things Some business destinations, intended to profit off all data they give

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Some Helpful Web-locales

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Where to go for counsel Your Host family Trusted individuals like your guide, neighbors, COM staff, and so on Ask around for referrals to a decent repairman – in the event that you pick your technician FIRST, and have him suggest an auto, you will dependably have somebody to repair it! (I will incorporate referrals toward the end of this presentation)

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Are there special cases – is it ever shrewd to purchase an auto your exploration says to avoid? Yes when you can purchase an auto from a trusted companion Yes when you are demonstrated records for support and repairs that exceed or offset alternate concerns (Ford Focus) Yes when you can acknowledge the flaws of a vehicle, knowing its advantages exceed the negatives (Astro Van)

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Dealing With People Finding a Reputable Dealer Finding a “private party” Understanding Classified Ads Understanding “Minnesota Nice” Negotiating a Sale

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Finding a R

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