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Autos Here is an extravagant dark limousine, however this is an old separated dark auto. You can purchase autos in every single diverse shading. Red, blue, dark, white, dim, and tan are generally basic. In any case, infrequently, individuals drive autos with brighter hues, similar to orange, green, yellow, or even pink!
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Here is an extravagant dark limousine,

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yet this is an old separated dark auto.

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You can purchase autos in every single distinctive shading. Red,

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and tan are generally normal.

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But here and there, individuals drive autos with brighter hues, similar to orange,

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or even pink!

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People drive autos on interstates,

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through city boulevards,

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on neighborhood roads,

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in garages,

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in parking garages,

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and when they need to escape, they drive out into the nation.

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What do individuals use autos for? To go places—to work,

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to the library,

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to the motion picture theater,

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or simply out in the nation.

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There are loads of distinctive auto sorts:

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reduced two-entryway,

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four-entryway car,

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extravagant extravagance auto,

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sports auto,

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and convertible.

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There are other traveler vehicles that aren’t autos, similar to get trucks,

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which have “beds” in the back,

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customary vans,

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SUVs (sports utility vehicles),

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and jeeps.

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Lots of young men and men affection extravagant games autos,

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so they are made into Hot Wheels.

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But the vast majority drive modest cars like the Toyota Corolla,

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or a two-entryway car like the Honda Civic.

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People in Europe drive some extremely little autos.

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People used to drive huge autos like this 1959 Chrysler Imperial,

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yet now, on the off chance that some individual needs a major auto, they simply get a SUV, similar to this Ford Explorer.

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Cars are once in a while called cars. That implies they pass without anyone else.

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Before there were autos, individuals utilized steeds and trucks to move things.

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Here is a vehicles processing plant. They make autos in this colossal building.

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When they fabricate autos, they place them in a line—an mechanical production system.

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Here’s simply the casings, the skeletons, of a few autos.

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These specialists are placing motors into new autos.

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And here are some completed autos! Prepared for some person to drive them!

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Many diverse organizations make autos. In the United States, there is Ford,

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and GM (or General Motors).

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Japan makes loads of autos,

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like Toyota,

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and Nissan.

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Europe makes a considerable measure of autos as well,

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like Volkswagen in Germany,

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BMW in Germany,

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and Volvo in Sweden.

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You purchase another auto from an auto dealership.

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Cars begin shiny new,

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however following a couple of years, they may get a few imprints

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and scratches.

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Here is an utilized auto, it’s rather old.

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After numerous years, autos get corroded,

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or they get hurt in mischances,

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so they must be placed in a junkyard. Farewell, old auto!

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The End .:tsli

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