Autos and Autos Reports Organization Based Bookkeeping Frameworks.

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Autos and Autos Reports Office Based Bookkeeping Frameworks The District Bookkeeping and Reporting Framework (Autos) Autos is an on the web, intuitive framework. Autos serves as the official bookkeeping record of the Province of Virginia.
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Autos and CARS Reports Agency-Based Accounting Systems

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The Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) CARS is an on the web, intuitive framework. Autos serves as the official bookkeeping record of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Autos programming keeps running on hardware worked by the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA). General Accounting

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CARS Files CARS keeps up “financial files” for particular reporting needs ( posting controlled by Transaction Code ): Fund Ledger File – all exchanges Appropriation File – all apportionment, distribution, and use exchanges Cash Control File – all money exchanges Operating File – all exchanges that post to a working GLA and a couple of extra GLAs, (for example, conceded income) Document File – all store authentication and travel advance exchanges Vendor Payment File – all check and EDI installments General Accounting

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Online CARS Functions Table upkeep and request Financial information section Error redress for exchanges that don\'t pass clump handling alters Batch following Financial request for parities and exchanges Standard report demand accommodation News telecast General Accounting

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Table Maintenance and Inquiry CARS is a table-driven framework. The motivation behind the table support/request sub-framework is to give auspicious method for overhauling or inquisitive upon framework tables (see CAPP Topic 60112). Overhauling of tables happens on-line, continuous, taking into account quick utilization of new codes You may upgrade authoritative structure codes, undertaking codes (aside from capital expense), expense codes, and seller alter table. General Accounting

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Financial Data Entry You can enter bookkeeping exchanges on the web. Online exchanges experience a significant number of the CARS alters as they are entered. Online exchanges don\'t post until the daily CARS alter/upgrade process. You can change or erase online exchanges until the daily alter/overhaul starts (6:00 PM). General Accounting

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Error Correction Transactions that don\'t pass all CARS alters go to the Error Suspense File. Organizations ought to check Error Suspense and send slip revisions to General Accounting day by day . Email to Only DOA can enter lapse adjustments. Blunder rectifications are connected to exchanges amid the following alter/upgrade, and after that the exchanges are re-altered. General Accounting

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Online Batch Tracking Agencies ought to check the status of submitted clusters day by day . “View Batch Headers” ( Function 42 ) demonstrates all clusters that have not handled through an alter upgrade. “Display Batch System Status” ( Function 46 ) demonstrates all bunches that have not been cleansed from the clump status document ( ≈ 90 days). General Accounting

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Online Financial Inquiry is accessible for allocation record, money control record, report document, and merchant installment record. These records contain exchanges that have presented on history through the last alter/upgrade. General Accounting

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Appropriation File Inquiry General Accounting

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Appropriation File Inquiry Columns contain YTD sums Balances will consent to ACTR1408 report Net Appropriations = Appropriations ( GLA 900 ) Allotments = Allotments ( GLA 102 ) Expenditures = Expenditures ( GLA 901 ) – Expenditure Refunds ( GLA 902 ) Watch parities when 2 months are open in CARS – Current month is the most as of late opened month, former month is the month that will close inside of the following two weeks. General Accounting

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Cash Control Inquiry General Accounting

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Cash Control Inquiry Columns contain YTD sums Balance will consent to Cash with Treasurer on ACTR0402 report Beginning Balance = Balance at July 1 Transfers = ATV/IAT exchanges (not Transfer GLA parities) Cash Balance = Balance starting last alter overhaul Posting to diverse classifications is based upon the exchange code General Accounting

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Document File and Vendor Payment File Inquiry Document record request (Function 63) permits review of store testament sums and GLA 105 – Travel Advances. Seller Payment File request (Functions 65 and 66) permits survey of installment exchanges that are pending (anticipating due date) and installments that have been made in the most recent 90 days. General Accounting

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Standard Report Request and News Broadcast DOA utilizes the Standard Report Request Function to control generation of ACTR reports. The CARS News Broadcast screen is utilized by DOA to give essential data to the offices. Somebody ought to be allocated the assignment of evaluating this screen at any rate day by day. General Accounting

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CAPP Manual Section No. 70200 Logon, logoff, and capacity keys Master Menu capacities Reference guide for terminal utilization Online lapse codes and messages Data component names and definitions System security Reports ( ask for printed copy of show from Electronic Publishing Unit ) Sources for assist General With accountinging

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CARS Reports – CAPP Topic 70260 Over 150 reports created Statewide or chose office information reported Weekly, month to month, quarterly, every year, and “special request” Report “options” control the level of point of interest and reporting period About 70 reports focused for organization monetary administration Others for Governor, General Assembly, DOA, DPB General Accounting

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CARS Report Numbers “ACTR” or “ACTB” and 4-digit number 0100-0899 System and Accounting Control 0900 CARS Table Listings 1000 Fund Ledgers 1300 Document and Disbursement 1400 Expenditure 1500 FIPS and Locality Reporting 1600 Revenues & Cash Deposits (DCs) 2200 Projects 3000 IRS Forms 1099 General Accounting

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Report Frequency Daily (DOA, CDS, VRS) Weekly Monthly (Month-End and Form 1099 Reports) Quarterly Annual (Year-End and 1099 Year-End Reports) Special (General Assembly, Nov-Jan just) DOA’s Reports Distribution Management System conveys CARS reports electronically or courses them to the printers you assign. General Accounting

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CARS Report Delivery Options Your organization may get CARS reports by means of one of the accompanying choices: REPORTLINE – DOA web application for report circulation and review Remote Print – DOA sends reports to printer at your office for printing Disk – DOA composes reports to plate dataset DOA has dispensed with the printing of reports for offices. General Accounting

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Standard Reports All offices must get certain week by week and month to month reports. Week by week reports keep running at close of business on Friday night aside from the Friday quickly going before a month end close. All things considered week after week reports run that day as month to month reports. Information may cross monetary periods. Month to month reports keep running on shutting date for each financial month. Month end close calendar is accessible on DOA’s site. Information for the most part relate to the past financial month just. General Accounting

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Weekly Standard Reports Transactions Posted in CARS Transactions Not Posted in CARS Trial Balance by Agency/Fund Detail/GLA Trial Balance by Agency/Fund Detail/Project/GLA Potential Fixed Assets Checks Written Appropriations, Allotments, and Expenditures – Operating Appropriations, Allotments, and Expenditures – Non‑Operating (Capital Projects) General Accounting

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Monthly Standard Reports Fund Ledger Account Analysis by Agency/Fund Detail (your “General Ledger”) Online Batch Listing Trial Balance by Agency/Fund Detail/GLA Trial Balance Agency/Fund Detail/Project/GLA Checks To Be Written (pending due date) Document File Report by Agency/GLA Appropriations, Allotments, and Expenditures – Operating and Non-Operating General Accounting

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Monthly Standard Reports (cont’d.) Expenditure Details by Program/Fund Reportable Employee Meals Agency Operating Plans and Expenditures by Program Agency Operating Plans and Expenditures by Project Revenue Transaction Detail by Source Deposit Verification Report Revenue Detail Report General Accounting

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DOA Contacts General Accounting

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Automated CARS Input/Output CARS bookkeeping exchanges may start in an office based, mechanized bookkeeping framework. Autos peruses circle datasets at VITA daily to record bookkeeping exchanges made by office based bookkeeping frameworks. You can get bookkeeping and check information from CARS concentrate programs on circle dataset at VITA. You can remove CARS information through the Financial Information Downloading System (FINDS) to your PC. General Accounting

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State Accounting Systems CARS is the Commonwealth’s authority bookkeeping framework. The Commonwealth Integrated Payroll/Personnel System (CIPPS) and Fixed Asset Accounting and Control System (FAACS) produce authority state bookkeeping records for offices that utilization them as they are midway worked and kept up by DOA. General Accounting

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State Accounting Systems State law obliges all office based bookkeeping frameworks to be: Approved by the Comptroller. Equipped for accommodating to CARS. Intended to interface electronically or through attractive media with CARS, if coordinated by the Comptroller. General Accounting

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Agency-Based Systems Design Agencies approved by the Comptroller to utilize exchange frameworks for settled resource bookkeeping (that is, "summary user“ frameworks) must guarantee these frameworks are outlined so they can be accommodated to and (if coordinated by the Comptroller) interface electronically or through attractive media with DOA frameworks. General Accounting

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Agency-Based Systems Policy Agencies must guarantee that: Their mechanized bookkeeping frameworks are completely accommodated to DOA records on an op

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