AviChina Industry and Innovation Organization Constrained.

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AviChina Industry and Innovation Organization Constrained Liu Hongde VP Chief General Car Office Presentation Items Advancement Technique Presentation Business Ranges: Car and Community Flight Items Resource (2006): RMB24.8 Billion (GBP1.66 billion)
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AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited Liu Hongde Vice President Director-General Automotive Department

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Introduction Products Development Strategy

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Introduction Business Areas: Automotive and Civic Aviation Products Asset (2006): RMB24.8 Billion (GBP1.66 billion) Sales (2006): RMB17.1 billion (GBP1.14 billion) No.7 in Chinese car industry

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Automotive Companies Group of smaller than usual van and motor makers, famous own brands great arranged creation bases cross China Nationwide deals and administration system, with the greatest measure of administration stations in Chinese car industry International co-operation and accomplices – PSA 、 MITSUBISHI, SUZUKI 、 Lotus 、 Pininfarina

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HAFEI AUTOMOBILE R&D of Own Brands and International Co-operation Own Brands Joint R/D with Pininfarina Joint R/D with SUZUKI Milestone: the first full size cantina auto in 2005

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Dongan Automotive Powertrain R&D, Manufacture, Sales of motor, rigging box, and segments of scaled down van DA468 、 DA465 、 DA471 arrangement infusion motor and apparatus box, one of the best in Chinese industry

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Jiangxi Changhe Automotive The first\'s origin Chinese little van, recorded at Shanghai stock trade in July 2001 Changhe SUZUKI Hefei Changhe: own brands

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Dongan Engine Manufacturing Six gatherings joint endeavor - car motor; SUZUKI – innovation supplier; Main Products: 4G1/9 arrangement motor and F5M41 manual apparatus box 。 4G motor: 1.3L to 2.0L for section autos, MPV 、 SUV, and so forth

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Products Passenger Cars 哈飞赛豹 昌河利亚纳

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items Economic Cars 哈飞路宝 哈飞赛马

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Products 昌河北斗星 昌河爱迪尔

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Products Mini Vans 哈飞民意 哈飞中意

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Products 哈飞单排 哈飞锐意 哈飞双排

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Products 昌河浪迪 昌河福瑞达

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Products 昌河单双排

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Products Engine 465 468 471

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Products 4G1 4G9

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Output and Sales (2003-2006) AviChina Output and Sales 2003-2006 2003 2004 2005 2006

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Development Strategy

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Development Strategy Positioning 发展战略 —— Important national car R&D Bases Well known little van assembling gathering Focused on small scale van Pas

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