Avionics MERIT Identification.

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you can go about as pilot-in-order of a flying machine conveying travelers and things ... Government Aviation. Aviation Industries. Military Aerospace (USAF, ...
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Flying MERIT BADGE Lt Col John "Gator" Wallin Viper Pilot 1 Nov 01

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I Want to Be a Pilot   I need to be a pilot when I grow up on the grounds that it\'s fun and simple to do. Pilots needn\'t bother with much school , they simply need to learn numbers so they can read the instruments. I figure they ought to have the capacity to peruse maps so they can discover their direction on the off chance that they get lost. Pilots ought to be overcome so they won\'t get scarred on the off chance that it\'s foggy and they can\'t see or if a wing or engine tumbles off they ought to stay quiet so they\'ll realize what to do. Pilots need to have great eyes so they can see through mists and they can\'t fear lighting or thunder since they are nearer to them then we are. The compensation pilots make is something else that I like. They profit than they can spend. This is on account of a great many people think plane flying is unsafe with the exception of pilots don\'t on the grounds that they know how simple it is. There isn\'t much I don\'t care for, aside from young ladies like pilots and every one of the attendants need to wed them so they generally need to pursue them away so they won\'t trouble them. I trust I don\'t get nauseous in light of the fact that on the off chance that I do I couldn\'t be a pilot and would need to go to work. A Fifth Grader

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Administrative Paperwork Requirements sheet Merit Badge Worksheet

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Define " Aircraft " "a weight-conveying structure for route of the air that is upheld either by its own lightness or by the dynamic activity of the air against its surfaces." – Websters "a gadget that is utilized or expected to be utilized for flight as a part of the air." - FAA

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Types of Aircraft Lighter-than-air Glider Airplane Rotorcraft Powered-lift

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Lighter-than-Air "Inflatables and Airships" The National Eagle Scout Association and Order of the Arrow hot air inflatables at the 2001 National Boy Scout Jamboree Graf Zeppelin contrasted with a Boeing 747 and the HMS Titanic

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Glider "Sailplanes" Sailplane more than Tennessee

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Predator, USAF Airplanes SR-71, USAF Dec 17, 1903: 120 feet in 12 secs B-2, USAF Sky Hawk, Cessna Caravan Amphibian, Cessna

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Rotorcraft "Helicopters and Gyroplanes" Gyrocopter MH-53J, USAF Gyroplane

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How Helicopters Fly ??

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Powered-Lift "V-22"

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Engines Piston Turboprop Jet Engines

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Piston Engine

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Turboprop Engine

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Turbojet Engine Turbofan Engine Jet Engine

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Forces Acting on Aircraft LIFT THRUST DRAG WEIGHT (gravity)

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How an Airfoil Works ? Bernoulli\'s Principle

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Control Surfaces Work ?

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Directional Control YAW - rudders PITCH - lifts ROLL - ailerons

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YAW Rudder – The foot pedals are associated by method for wires or hydrodynamics to the rudder of the tail segment. The rudder is the vertical part of the tail that can move from side to side.

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ROLL Ailerons – The stick is associated by method for wires or hydrodynamics to the wings\' ailerons. By turning the stick, the pilot can change the positions of the ailerons .

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PITCH Elevators – The stick (delight stick) is associated by method for wires or hydrodynamics to the tail segment\'s lifts. By moving the stick, the pilot can change the position of the lifts.

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Takeoff & Climb

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Certificates/Ratings Recreational pilot declaration a man is qualified to go about as pilot-in-charge of a solitary motor air ship conveying 1 traveler Private pilot testament you can go about as pilot-in-order of an air ship conveying travelers and stuff Instrument rating a pilot can fly the flying machine by exclusively utilizing the flight instruments inside the flying machine

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Job Opportunities Careers with the Airlines Landing Facilities Engineering Research & Development General Aviation Government Aviation Aerospace Industries Military Aerospace (USAF, USN, USMC, USA, NOAA) National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)

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Credits Bill Britt SM Troop 509, ( http://troop509.org ) Hurlburt Field, FL http://meritbadge.com/records/mb-pdfs/Aviation.pdf

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