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AVS Safety Management System. AVSSMS: The U.S. “Safety Programme”. ICAO: State’s safety programme. Definition: An integrated set of regulations and activities aimed at improving safety. . ICAO Definition. Safety Management Systems. “SMS”.
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AVS Safety Management System AVSSMS: The U.S. "Security Program"

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ICAO: State\'s wellbeing program Definition: An incorporated arrangement of controls and exercises went for enhancing wellbeing.

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ICAO Definition Safety Management Systems "SMS" A systemic way to deal with overseeing security, including the vital hierarchical structures, accountabilities, arrangements and methodology. ICAO Doc. 9859, Sec. 1.4.2

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The AVSSMS AVS is applying SMS ideas to FAA oversight forms The AVSSMS will be the center of the U.S. "State Safety Program" AVS has distributed: SMS Doctrine: Order VS 8000.1 SMS necessities: Order VS 8000.367

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What SMS is not and what it is… What it isn\'t: What it is: Compliance is basic to wellbeing administration A substitute for consistence A powerful interface for security administration A substitute for oversight A swap for framework security SMS finishes the frameworks approach A prerequisite for another office An arrangement of basic leadership forms for senior and line administration

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System Safety "The utilization of unique specialized and administrative aptitudes in a precise, forward looking way to distinguish and control perils for the duration of the life cycle of a task, program, or activity" (Roland & Moriarty, 1990) Traditional methodology focuses on specialized SMS includes accentuation administration components

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SMS Purpose and Methods The reason for a security administration framework is to give a methodical approach to control chance and to give affirmation that those danger controls are viable The SMS will give declaration holders a formal method for meeting statutory security prerequisites (title 49) and the FAA a method for assessing administration capacity

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SMS Components and Relationships Applying Risk Management Assuring Safety Risk Controls Oversight of Design and Performance of Systems The " 3 R\'s ": Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships – FAA and Service Providers

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SMS Concepts: Assurance: "something that gives certainty " 1 Quality confirmation: "... concentrated on giving certainty that quality prerequisites are being met" 2 Likewise, Safety Assurance identifies with wellbeing necessities 1 Black\'s Law Dictionary 2 ISO 9000-2000

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Oversight and Safety Assurance FAA utilizes hazard appraisal procedure to decide security affirmation destinations Design Assessments (SAIs) are utilized to decide the capacity of authoritative outline to meet administrative prerequisites and administrator hazard administration targets Performance Assessments (EPIs) are utilized to decide conformance to plan prerequisites

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Policy: (Structure) Risk Mgmt. Wellbeing Assurance SMS Components ("Four Pillars") Safety Promotion: (Culture)

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Description & Context Hazard Ident Data Acquisition & Process Specific Information Risk Analysis (RCA) Analysis Risk Assmt System Assmt Assessment Risk Control Corrective Action Design Performance SRM SA System Analysis (Design) System Operation Action: Problem Resolution

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DA FAA\'s Safety Management (Oversight) System PA Public: Users S R M S An Operator\'s Safety Management System Operational Process Oversight and SMS FAA Oversight Program Management Protection Production Technical Program Requirements Systems Subsystems Elements Surveillance Cert C.O.S.

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1 3 National Aviation System Level Service Provider/Organizational Level 2 Individual (Airman/Aircraft) Level

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Policy: QMS FAA SA( S ) Strategic Analysis 1 SAS DA PA Public Users S R M S A SMS Education & Awareness of Risk (GA) 3 Designee System Airmen & Aircraft FAA SRM( S ) Regs./Policy 2 FAA SA CH SRM FAA SA FAA SP

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SRM, Rulemaking, Design, and Compliance FAA utilizes the SRM procedure to plan regs, gauges and arrangements These structure limits of adequacy for administration suppliers Service suppliers must outline hazard controls that: Control dangers recognized in directions Stay inside limits of acknowledgment Adapt to the connection of their operations

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ICAO and FAA SMS Frameworks ICAO has as of late distributed an arrangement of structures for State security programs and for administration suppliers It is composed around the four segments of SMS U.S. FAA SMS necessities utilize a comparative structure, with the same four segments

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U.S. FAA SMS Framework The primary variant of the FAA\'s measures was distributed in AC 120-92, Appendix 1 AC in view of JPDO/AVS draft benchmarks Each component in the U.S. standard has a related useful goal – an execution desire of every procedure AVS is distributed a comparative arrangement of principles for both inside and outside SMSs

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Component 1: Policy Element 1.1 Safety Policy Element 1.2 Management Commitment and Accountabilities Element 1.3 Key Safety Personnel Element 1.4 Emergency Preparedness and Response Element 1.5 SMS Documentation and Records

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Component 2: Risk Management Element 2.1 Hazard recognizable proof and examination Process 2.1.1 System and undertaking investigation Process 2.1.2 Hazard distinguishing proof Element 2.2 Risk appraisal and control Process 2.2.1 Analyze danger Process 2.2.2 Assess danger Process 2.2.3 Control danger

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Component 3: Safety Assurance Element 3.1 Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement Process 3.1.1 Continuous checking Process 3.1.2 Internal reviews by operational offices Process 3.1.3 Internal assessment Process 3.1.4 External evaluating of the SMS Process 3.1.5 Investigation Process 3.1.6 Employee reporting and input framework

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Safety Assurance (cont.) Process 3.1.7 Analysis of information Process 3.1.8 System appraisal Process 3.1.9 Preventive/restorative activity Process 3.1.10 Management audit Element 3.2 Management of Change Element 3.3 Continual Improvement

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Component 4: Safety Promotion Element 4.1 Competencies and Training Process 4.1.1 Personnel prerequisites Process 4.1.2 Training Element 4.2 Communication and Awareness

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FAA SMS Documents: Requirements Order VS 8000.1 Doctrine High level rationality and structure Order VS 8000.367 Requirements Functional interior/outer necessities AC 120-92 Service Provider Framework Detailed/centered necessities Being reformatted to match ICAO systems

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Documents: Implementation (Draft) AC 120-XX Implementation Four-stage arrangement Similar to ICAO and TC methodologies Includes crevice examination and synopsis evaluation instruments Data Collection Toolset Similar to those utilized as a part of ATOS for section 121 oversight Simplified set being created for little administrators

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Documents: Guidance SMS Guidebooks SMS Validation Process (FAA Draft Notice)

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FAA Safety Management Challenge Continue to overhaul the FAA Safety Assurance System Integrate conventional components of oversight into a far reaching AVS SMS including: Rulemaking and approach advancement Safety Assurance rehearses over all territories of FAA oversight Implementing Safety Management Systems in item/administration suppliers\' associations Integrating SM capacities inside AVS and FAA

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Industry Safety Management Challenge Development and usage of the segments of SMS Integrating security as a center business administration capacity Integrating specialty units Making wellbeing administration a business advantage

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SMS Implementation

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4 Continuous Improvement 3 Proactive Processes 2 Reactive Processes 1 Planning & Organization 0 Orientation & Commitment SMS Implementation Process

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4 Continuous Improvement 3 Proactive Processes 2 Reactive Processes 1 Planning & Organization 0 Orientation & Commitment SMS Pilot Projects Phase 2: Experience Phase 1: Readiness

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AFS SMS Program Office Change to 1100.2 Order marked 4/17/08 Office entrusted with: AFS SMS Policy Focal point for SMS rulemaking Oversight and coordination of willful SMS usage and testing Integration with oversight frameworks Policy, direction, and device advancement Training and effort improvement and coordination

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Standardization and Assistance Team Under bearing of AFS SMS PMO Team individuals presently from: SMS PMO FAASTeam HQ Policy Divisions Standardization and Assistance to administrators and CMTs in intentional SMS extends All exercises composed with suitable testament oversight workplaces

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Miter Corporation Involvement Miter is a Federally-Funded Research and Development Corporation (FFRDC) Miter helps the AFS SMS PMO in: SMS Pilot Project (SMSPP) exercises Studies and investigation to bolster advancement of SMS usage and oversight techniques

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Safety Management Focus Group (SMFG) Voluntary execution client\'s gathering Provides a two-way interchanges system between SMS PMO and members in deliberate usage Provides a discussion for learning sharing among members

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Wilbur Wright floating, 1901 Photographs: Library of Congress "Lack of regard and carelessness are more unsafe than purposely acknowledged danger" Wilbur Wright, 1901 Contact: Don Arendt, Ph.D. (703) 661-0516 don.arendt@faa.gov

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