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Navigating the Environment – Managing Risks and Sustaining Benefits New Orleans, October 28, 2009. Axel Netzband (Chairman of WG 13). PIANC Report 100 Dredging Management Practices for the Environment – A structured selection approach. Working Group PIANC Envicom 13
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Exploring the Environment – Managing Risks and Sustaining Benefits New Orleans, October 28, 2009 Axel Netzband (Chairman of WG 13) PIANC Report 100 Dredging Management Practices for the Environment – An organized determination approach Working Group PIANC Envicom 13 Best Management Practices Applied to Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal Projects for the Protection of the Environment

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Starting point A wide assortment of ecological administration rehearses exists with the expectation of lessening or taking out saw natural dangers. Confinements and requirements may have huge calculated, execution calendar and cost suggestions. Adjust the advantages of building and keeping up route foundation in a cost productive way and the perceived need to watch over the earth. Settle on learned decisions among existing BMPs, and distinguish promising other options to routinely connected practices.

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Definition of Management Practice "A Management Practice is a practice planned to enhance the natural execution of a digging venture, comprehensive of uncovering, transport, and position of dug material." PIANC Envicom 13

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Description of Management Practices

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… are a brief ban on digging, which equates to zero resistance of hazard … are regulated as a matter of course … have no foreordained execution gauges Environmental Windows (U.S.) A fleeting limitation set upon a digging or dug material transfer operation to secure organic assets or living space. The window is the period amid which digging may happen. An occasional limitation speaks to the period amid which the operation is disallowed.

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The Precautionary Principle "Where there are dangers of genuine or irreversible harm, absence of full investigative sureness should not be utilized as a purpose behind delaying financially savvy measures to avert natural debasement". Rule 15 of the UN Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (1992)

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Is digging clean residue a hazardous business? Except for reactions to presentation to tainted silt, numerous different types of effect stay theoretical and exceedingly few have been appeared to be organically important at the populace level Proving the negative (no effect) is basically outlandish

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Turbidity, Nature, and Human Activities

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Dredging impacts

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EU Communications "Where there is experimental vulnerability, execute assessment methods and make fitting preventive move keeping in mind the end goal to evade harm to human wellbeing or to the earth." Renewed Sustainable Development Strategy, European Council (2006) "The prudent rule ought to be considered inside an organized way to deal with the examination of hazard which includes three components: chance evaluation, chance administration, chance correspondence. The prudent rule is especially important to the administration of hazard." EU Communication on the preparatory rule (2000)

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Examples of effect Behavioral/physiological reactions to expanded suspended solids Identification of Environmental Effects Physical Change Dredging hardware nearness Removal of dregs Placement of residue Altered geography/bathymetry Sedimentation initiated by digging Sedimentation prompted by transfer Re-suspension of silt framework into water segment Rock impacting Re-suspension of residue lattice into water segment Potential Environmental Effect Release of particulate matter Reduced light infiltration Release of supplements Release of lethal chemicals Release of natural matter User clashes

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From Effects to Management Practices Physical Change Re-suspension of residue grid into water segment Release of particulate matter

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Risk satisfactory? MP Selection BMP choice process Project Description and Conceptual Design Environmental Characterisation Assessment of Impact and Risk Communicatio Final Project Design Project Construction Monitoring

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BMP Evaluation Matrix

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Definition of Best Management Practice "A practice, or blend of practices, that is resolved after issue appraisal, examination of option practices, and suitable partner support to be a powerful, practicable (counting mechanical, monetary, social and institutional contemplations) method for counteracting, or diminishing the potential natural effects connected with digging related operations." PIANC Envicom 13

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Recommendations Each digging venture must be surveyed all alone. An extensive portrayal of the venture and a thorough examination of the earth might be essential. Consider all administration hones on an equivalent premise. Try not to standardize administration rehearses, however put resources into the advancement of new and better choices. Be open. Correspondence at all stages is vital. It is no certification for achievement, yet it\'s prerequsite.

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Active Working Group individuals Consultants: Christine Adnitt - UK Haskoning Ltd Stefan Bolam – UK CEFAS Caroline Fletcher – UK HR Wallingford LTD Philip Spadaro – USA Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Inc. Thomas S. Wang – USA Anchor Environmental, LLC Research: Raul Castro – Spain AZTI Fisheries & Food Technological Institute Peter Whitehead – UK ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd Contractors: Wouter Dirks – Netherlands Van Oord Dredging Gerard van Raalte – Netherlands Hydronamics = Boskalis Dredging Makoto Fujino – Japan TOA Corporation Frederik Mink - Belgium EuDA Authorities: Koenraad Mergaert – Belgium Ministry of the Flemish Community Douglas Clarke – USA U.S. Armed force Engineer Research and Development Center André van Hassent – Netherlands Port of Rotterdam Axel Netzband - Germany Hamburg Port Authority

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