B2C E-business Model In Land Industry.

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1. Posting: a vender registers his home with a land ... Since land is a data escalated business in nature, guarantee more data and give ...
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B2C E-business Model In Real Estate Industry By Sundar Rajagopalan Miyoung Yoo

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Basics The land exchange procedure can be partitioned in the accompanying five stages: 1. Posting: a vender registers his home with a land operator or specifically to the online-webpage( www.owners.com , www.homehunter.com ) 2. Looking: a purchaser audit houses to discover those that may be reasonable in area, size, cost, and components.

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Basics (Cont.) 3. Assessment: the online organization assesses a house for the purchaser in light of nature 4. Arrangement: An offer made by the purchaser is worked out with the offering cost of a merchant 5. Execution: The arrangement is finished, whereby the cash and house can change hands. Right now, the lawful framework makes deterrents to electronic closings.

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Who are the clients? Clients who need more data and less exchange expense Customers who need quicker and advantageous pursuit capacities in view of their monetary and geological inclinations. So, any individual who is keen on purchasing, offering and leasing can benefit the administration.

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How to pull in clients Provide speedier pre-endorsement for credits Provide free property examination reports if a site is to be sold Include mechanized capacities, for example, available to be purchased - by-proprietor or with the goal that business can happen snappier Reduce exchange cost Since land is a data escalated business in nature, guarantee more data and give proficient help

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Value added The essential qualities are to locate the right house to purchase that matches the purchaser\'s prerequisites and to offer a house effectively. The accompanying could be a few worth included: Enhance Buyer–broker– merchant relations Provide mapping capacities that spots houses in connection to close-by points of interest, for example, post office or police headquarters Integrate account part

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Value included (Cont.) Provide different demographic measurements relating to the surroundings, for example, the middle age and salary. Rent in different territories Compare pay rates and land values in different urban areas Provide credit for purchasing houses

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Turning one shot clients into rehash clients Provide email warning administrations that sends to the enlisted clients the data on the houses that is recently on the deal list and matches their inclinations Since offering and purchasing a house is not a successive occasion, concentrate on pulling in a huge base of clients by giving more data and advantageous elements.

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