Back to front way to deal with harassing counteractive action .

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Inside out approach to bullying prevention. Tracy Longwill and Brooke Tafoya. Introductions. Role Groups Background knowledge and experience in bullying prevention. What is bullying?.
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Back to front way to deal with tormenting avoidance Tracy Longwill and Brooke Tafoya

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Introductions Role Groups Background learning and involvement in harassing counteractive action

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What is tormenting? Harassing is forceful conduct that is purposeful and that includes an irregularity of force or quality. Ordinarily, it is rehashed after some time. Quit Bullying Now! "A individual is tormented when he or she is uncovered, more than once and after some time, to adverse activities with respect to at least one different people, and he or she experiences issues protecting himself or herself." Olweus Bullying is uncalled for and uneven conduct. It happens when somebody continues harming, alarming, undermining, or forgetting somebody intentionally, face to face or by means of multi-media. APS and Bernalillo County

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What is tormenting? Harassing can take three structures… Which is most effortless to see? Which causes the most mischief? Which do your present tenets address?

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What is tormenting? Scratch Components Imbalance of force: Involved gatherings feel distinctively about the result Target feels frightened, anxious, or hurt Aggressor feels engaged or unconcerned Happens over a timeframe

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Bullying is NOT A contention to be intervened. This sends the message that both sides are mindful Rite of entry or a typical piece of growing up Harmless fun About outrage

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Differences amongst strife and tormenting

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Stand Up Exercise Stand in the event that you have had involvement with any of the announcements perused When you stood how could it have been able to it make you feel? Was there anything astonishing?

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What is tormenting?

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Activities Where do you fit? Card practice Man box and Lady box

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Implications of Being Bullied I might recollect always and will always remember Monday: my cash was taken. Tuesday: names called. Wednesday: my uniform torn. Thursday: my body pouring with blood. Friday: it\'s finished. Saturday: flexibility. The last journal pages of thirteen-year old Vijay Singh. He was discovered dangling from the support rail at home on Sunday. Bullycide , Death at Playtime: An Expose of Child Suicide Caused by Bullying. Neil Marr and Tim Field

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What New Mexico Youth Tell Us 2009 New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey E:\YRRS 2009.pdf

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Activities Where do you fit? Card practice Ice Breaker Builds sympathy/information Addresses peer weight Address customary parts and have a go at something new Man box and Lady box Addresses sex generalizations Pressure expected sexual orientation parts can put on a man

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TIPS to Stop Bullying for Youth Keep yourself safe . NEVER place yourself in a circumstance where you could get hurt Get offer assistance. Tell a trusted grown-up in the event that you see somebody stuck in an unfortunate situation. Bolster by offering to help them get their books, take them to somebody who can help, there is power in numbers, simply remain next to the individual, request that different companions bolster the individual). Bolster the objective by requesting that they participate in an action with you (we should go… , do you need to go get a drink of water?). Divert Tell the assailant you don\'t care for discussing individuals or change the subject. Bolster the individual who is being harassed by changing the subject to an option that is other than talking about or harming somebody (Did you bring your lunch today?, Wow, take a gander at that… , Watch over here comes an educator) Reason with the assailant, "You may cause harm, on the off chance that you continue troubling that individual" or "you may get commenced the ball group and we truly require you."

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What Should Caring Adults Do GUIDE and SUPPORT Listen Brainstorm conceivable activities and outcomes Encourage, instead of direct Let youth choose the game-plan

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TIPS for Parents Focus on your tyke . Be strong, listen and accumulate data about the occurrence. Never advise your youngster to disregard tormenting . What the tyke may "listen" is that you are going to overlook it. On the off chance that your kid could essentially overlook it, he or she likely would not have enlightened you concerning it. Regularly, attempting to overlook harassing permits it to end up more genuine. Contact your kid\'s instructor or key to report harassing and to get some answers concerning the school\'s tormenting counteractive action arrange. Hold your feelings under control. Give genuine data about your youngster\'s experience of being tormented, including who, what, when, where and how. Help your youngster turn out to be stronger. Converse with your kid about being companions with specific individuals and knowing which companions he or she can rely on. Empower positive connections by urging your youngster to hang out with children that make them like themselves.

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TIPS for Adults in Creating a Culture of Respect Common subjects in viable tormenting aversion activities Assess harassing with an unknown poll. Grown-ups know less about tormenting circumstances than youth do. Concentrate on enhancing the social environment of the school. Distinguish, instruct and re-educate expected expert social practices through pretend and practice. Set up and authorize school standards and strategies identified with harassing. Here are some suggested rules: • We won\'t spook others. • We will attempt to help understudies who are tormented. • We will make it an indicate incorporate understudies who are effortlessly forgotten. • If we know somebody is being harassed, we will tell a grown-up. ( Olweus )

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Create a Culture of Respect Common subjects in compelling harassing avoidance activities Intervene reliably and suitably in tormenting circumstances. Each grown-up should have the capacity to mediate rapidly & catch up with every gathering. Increment grown-up supervision in problem areas where tormenting happens. Utilize data from survey to distinguish territories needing consideration. Proceed with these endeavors extra minutes. Incorporate subjects into each movement.

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Best Practice Tips for Investigating a Bullying Incident Talk with every gathering independently Affirm the tyke\'s sentiments Ask Questions: Get data about the present circumstance and the historical backdrop of the circumstance. Distinguish what has and has not worked previously. Produce answers for the future, and make an arrangement with the kid. Examine how the youngster can keep away from the understudy later on Coach the understudy in utilizing emphatic refusal aptitudes Identify other people who can bolster the kid Follow-Up See how the arrangement is functioning Contact guardians as fitting Refer more genuine or unending cases to an executive or instructor

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Why is Cyber-harassing Unique? How does digital tormenting contrast with conventional harassing?

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Framing the Issue Why is mysterious hostility diverse? Secrecy impacts the substance of the message People act distinctively when they are not responsible for their activities Do not need to see individual\'s agony Anonymity impacts the way the message is gotten Target has no real way to know whether it is a gathering or an individual Known foes are less terrifying than obscure Can change associations with different presumed companions Kowalski and Limber (2007). Electronic Bullying Among Middle School Students. Journ of Adol Health 41. S22-S30

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Cyberbullying in the United States 93% of young people have admittance to the web through PC or mobile phone utilize 1 in 3 kids has been harassed online by somebody they know 1 in 3 has been tormented while playing a web based amusement 1 in 2 have been harassed by PDA Almost half have been harassed on the interpersonal interaction webpage, Facebook 13% of high schoolers have gotten stripped or semi-exposed pictures from somebody in school 8% have sent them Dr. Sameer Hinduja - Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center of Florida Altantic University, 2010

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Effects of Cyberbullying Negative Emotions Anger Sadness Hurt sentiments Embarrassed Afraid Negative Behaviors Poor fixation Low school accomplishment Absenteeism from school Retaliatory against social conduct

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Help Young People Navigate Technology Netiquette Behavior online ought to be the same as what you would do face to face. In the event that your grandmother could see what you do on the web, would you isn\'t that right? Would it be alright on the off chance that I did this in a vis-à-vis cooperation? How can this activity ponder me? Grown-ups can demonstrate suitable cooperations with innovation for youngsters

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Help Young People Navigate Technology Coping Skills Responding with outrage demonstrates that somebody has harmed or accomplished something that pesters you Tell them to stop Instead of concentrating on the greater part of the general population who appear to be against you, concentrate on the individuals who care and bolster you Consequences Cyber-impressions Legal implications of digital dangers YouTube as confirmation

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Resource Alex Wonder Kid Cyber Detective Agency E:\Alex_WonderV1.1.air

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Cyber-harassing Youth Tips Don\'t start, react to, or forward hurtful messages If something mean is posted or messaged about you, don\'t react instantly, calmly inhale and give yourself an opportunity to thoroughly consider your next stride. Try not to respond promptly. Keep cozy and individual information private Think about your notoriety would you need—grandmother, educator, future manager, somebody you don\'t know—to see that? In the event that you feel uncomfortable, believe your gut, spare and tell a grown-up Don\'t meet obscure web companions without conversing with your folks or another grown-up about it

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Cyber-harassing School Tips Teach social abilities - a significant part of similar work that is accomplished for tormenting is applicable to this work, however online training ought to be added to tormenting counteractive action educational programs Develop a requirements evaluation to better comprehend the issue from understudies\' and educators\' points of view Conduct an approach and practice survey… in the event that you don\'t have strategies, create them Provide yearly expert advancement about innovation, youth improvement, and harassing avoidance Inform youth about lawful breaking points

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Cyber-harassing Parent Tips Ask your chi

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