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This is a fun time for every single part child to praise the start of summer. Visitors of individuals are welcome ... TO HOLD A PARTY OF OVER 25. Party reservation structures are accessible ...
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Backwoods Hollow Swim Club Pool Phone 703-750-9737 2008 Fees Due By May 3 WELCOME BACK! The Forest Hollow Swim Club board invites you for the 2008 summer swim season. As of late the board has been joined by Brian Wallace as club treasurer supplanting Margaret Masters. The load up wishes to express gratitude toward Margaret for her time and endeavors for the benefit of Forest Hollow. As in the previous quite a long while, changes proceed in both the offices and the operations of our club. By opening day you will take note of that our parking garage has been repaved and fixed. We felt that the time had come to make this required change and circumstances permitted the undertaking to be done at a great expense. We will keep on making different corrective changes to enhance our physical base. Fiscally, Forest Hollow stays stable while keeping up enough holds to cover most possibilities that may happen amid the mid year. All things considered, the Board has rolled out a noteworthy improvement in the way that we evaluate our yearly expenses. A few elements pushed us in this heading. Initially, the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 raised our 2007 working costs by almost 10 percent. Extra expands booked to produce results in 2008 and 2009 will impactsly affect our yearly work costs. Also, gauges of the incomes expected to proceed with our arrangements to keep up and enhance the physical foundation pushed us toward these progressions. We likewise felt the time had come to give a measure of alleviation to our senior individuals, the vast majority of whom have been faithful, long haul individuals without any kids at home at this point. Charging them the same expenses as a group of 5 appeared to be outlandish. At long last, the greater part of the preseason work in the course of the most recent decade has been finished by a modest bunch of families. A number of these now have the greater part of their kids in school and past. With a specific end goal to guarantee that the majority of the essential work is done and that the weight is shared similarly, the board has forced a yearly $50 upkeep charge. This year it won\'t be conceivable to work that expense off; we will return to that issue in future years. (FYI: comparable graduated expense timetables are as of now set up at Lincolnia Park, Sleepy Hollow Rec. what\'s more, Annandale Swim Club. By and large, Forest Hollow\'s expenses under the new timetable are equivalent to or lower than theirs.) Finally, as usual, we respect a statement of enthusiasm from any individual who wishes to tackle one of the Board positions, including president, VP, and secretary. Brian Johnson Hours of Operation: MAY 24 - 25: 11AM - 9PM MAY 26: 11AM - 8PM MAY 27 - JUNE 16: MON - THURS - 3PM - 8PM FRI - 3PM - 9PM SAT - 11AM - 9PM SUN - 11AM - 8PM JUNE 17 - SEPT 1: 11AM - 9PM JULY 4: 11AM - 6PM SEPT 1: 11AM - 6PM Special Hours: SUN\'s - Adult Only Swim 9AM - 11AM SAT\'s - Noodle Night 6PM - 9PM Please Note : JUNE 14, 21, 28, JULY 19: Pool Opens @ Noon - after swim meet. JUNE 16, JULY 2, 7, 21: Pool Closes @ 4PM - to plan for swim meet . More than 130 youngsters, speaking to more than 33% of our part families, take an interest in swim group exercises, empowering solid bodies as well as group soul. All individuals are welcome to come watch or volunteer in backing of our swim group. Volunteer Pool Board: President - Brian Johnson 703-941-4992 Vice-President - Harriet Sopher 703-256-2836 Membership - Jonathan & Betty Jo Lash 571-481-1053 Secretary - Susan Labarca 703-642-1155 Treasurer - Brian Wallace 703-914-0750 Swim Team Reps - Nancy Jessen 703-624-2956 Mary Johnson 703-941-4992 Pool Operations - Allen Martin 703-642-6352 SCHOOL\'S OUT PARTY June 17 Noon-3pm This is a fun time for all part children to praise the start of summer. Visitors of individuals are welcome @ $5.00 each. Wieners and beverages gave. Kindly convey a child well disposed dish to share . We are in searching for a couple carefree individuals to sort out gatherings for the pool. In the event that you host a get-together soul, discover two or three companions and offer to facilitate one of our get-togethers. We require help arranging the school\'s out gathering and a mid-season party. Call Susan Labarca to kick a gathering off. 703-642-1155.

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Dues for 2008 season: Shareholder Family of 4 or less $380 Family of 5 $390 Family of 6 or more $400 (A man\'s a man regardless of how little!) Senior single $225 Senior couple $250 (Senior is age 65 and up) Inactive Fee $50 Summer Member Family of 4 or less $450 Family of 5 $470 Family of 6 or more $480 ½ summer $350 (5/day in and day out/12 or 7/13-9/1) Late expense after May 3 $25 *2008 Maintenance Fee $50 for every Shareholder or Summer Member. (½ Summer Member is $25.00. ) For those families new to Forest Hollow this year who buy a pool share, the Maintenance Fee is waived for 2008. One day visitor goes for visitors of individuals are $5.00 each. Participation: Jonathan and Betty Jo Lash are our enrollment chairpersons. Don\'t hesitate to get in touch with them in regards to any enrollment questions. They can be come to by calling our participation telephone number: 571-481-1053. Participation Policy Overview: Forest Hollow Swim Club is a non-benefit enterprise subsidized exclusively by its shareholders and the offer of summer enrollments. To end up a shareholder of FHSC you should acquire a pool offer. Shares are accessible through the Board for $250 or from current individuals who wish to offer their offer. Past summer individuals may get an offer from the board for a lessened rate of $200. There is a most extreme of 300 shares accessible - summer enrollments fill any opportunities. On the off chance that FHSC achieves the most extreme number of shareholders, no mid year enrollments will be accessible. To guarantee your enrollment, turn into a FHSC shareholder. Our Membership Chair keeps up a rundown of current individuals who wish to offer their offer. The purchaser and dealer arrange the cost, which does exclude yearly levy. If you don\'t mind see the diagram in the upper left box of this page for data on levy for 2008. Family implies just those individuals from your perpetual family unit, living at the same location. (It does exclude family living at an alternate location.) Shareholders who need to keep their offer ebb and flow however don\'t wish to utilize the office this season are required to pay a $50 yearly inert expense. The 2008 Maintenance expense is not required for latent shareholders. If you don\'t mind urge your companions to join Forest Hollow Swim Club. A strong participation keeps down the expense of yearly contribution and permits us to keep up our office to an elevated expectation. Visitor/Party Policies: Forest Hollow Swim Club respects the visitors of its individuals. To guarantee decency and simplicity of execution, each visitor, including houseguests and away visitors, is required to have a visitor pass. These can be acquired separately at the front work area for $5.00 , or in books of ten for $40.00 . Visitor passes don\'t have a close date, so in the event that you have some left from earlier years , they can in any case be utilized. Woods Hollow Swim Club individuals must go with their visitors while at the pool. Visitors must be enrolled on the sign-in sheet at the front work area with a crisis telephone number recorded. Individuals from FHSC may utilize the offices for private gatherings. All gatherings require earlier endorsement . A visitor list must be submitted one week ahead of time. Half of the structure might be utilized (4 tables). Expense OF PARTIES: $10.00 RESERVATION FEE AND $5.00 PER NON-MEMBER GUEST. PARTIES OVER 25 REQUIRE ADDITIONAL LIFEGUARD FEES AND POOL BOARD APPROVAL. YOUR COST FOR ADDITIONAL LIFEGUARD FEES WILL BE BASED ON PARY SIZE. Tell US EARLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HOLD A PARTY OF OVER 25. Party reservation structures are accessible at the front work area. It would be ideal if you meet with the Pool Manager for your reservation. New Member Incentives If you purchase an offer from the pool board this season, you\'ll get $25 off on this current season\'s contribution. Also, any Forest Hollow Swim Club part that gets a NEW MEMBER (not beforehand a mid year part) to join and purchase an offer from the pool board will get $25 back on their duty. Initiate another family who joins as a full summer part, and you will get 10 free visitor goes for your great exertion.

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