Bad-to-the-bone WPF (Windows Presentation Establishment).

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In-your-face WPF (Windows Presentation Establishment) casey chesnut Madison .NET 11/06 Source Basic demos rarities/ demo of these might you want to see?
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Bad-to-the-bone WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) casey chesnut Madison .NET 11/06

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Source Fundamental demos demo

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Which of these might you want to see? Pervasive Computing Tablet PC (MVP 03) Compact Framework (MVP 04) Advanced Web Services (MVP 05) Media Center (MVP 06) Speech Location Based Services Artificial Intelligence 3D

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OUTLINE Overview Fundamentals – demos! Application Models/backRow demo!

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OUTLINE : Overview

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Which of these have you worked with? Presently GDI (20 years), GDI+, WinForms DirectX (11 years), Direct3D Quartz, DirectShow (8 years) Problems Showing their age Each API is diverse Mixing APIs is testing

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Next Gen WPF – replaces GDI Direct3D – expansive amusements, utilized by WPF Media Foundation – eventually will substitute DirectShow MCML –markup dialect for Media Center Edition applications XNA – little recreations

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WPF Compositing UI, Documents, Media, 3D, Browser, … Declarative programming with XAML markup For Designers and Developers Rewritten without any preparation Built on top of Direct3D Hardware quickened Vector based Resolution autonomous (1/96 inch) Retained illustrations

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Platforms Vista XP SP2 Server 2003 SP1 Renders the same on every Remote Desktop transport Subsets of WPF (XPS, WPF/E) will make it to different stages

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Tiers Tier 2 – DirectX 9, Shader 2.0, 128 megs feature ram (equipment rendering) Tier 1 – DirectX 7, 32 megs feature ram (blended hw/sw rendering) Tier 0 – beneath (programming rendering) Defaults to 60 fps Anti-associating

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Timeline Pillar of .NET 3.0 Class libraries based on .NET 2.0 WPF, WCF, WF, InfoCard Past Release Candidate Go-live licenses accessible Released with Vista “Orcas”, .NET 3.X coming after that

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Installation Visual Studio 2005 .NET 3.0 (pre-introduced with Vista) Runtime Windows SDK MSBuild, XAMLPad, tests Orcas augmentation for VS 2005 Visual architect, diagrams, venture formats

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XAMLPad Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer Tools Windows SDK XAMLPad, Perforator, UISpy, XPS Conformance, WICExplorer VS 2005 Orcas Extensions (beta) Electric Rain Zam 3D Mobiform Aurora Microsoft Expression Graphics Designer Interactive Designer “Orcas”, Cider

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OUTLINE : Fundamentals XAML, Application, Navigation, Layout, Content, Data Binding, Dependency Property, Styles, Templates, Controls, Events, Shapes, Documents, Imaging, BitmapEffects, Animation, Media, Brushes, 3D

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HelloWorldXamlPage HelloWorldCodePage XAML Declarative article instantiation Not select to WPF Separates UI and rationale Common dialect for Designers and Developers Parallel improvement Localization, Branding Targeted UI (gadgets, clients, …) Tool bolster Supports C# and VB.NET

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VS.NET WPF application starting with no outside help DragDrop Cider controls from Toolbox Application Global Message taking care of App occasions (e.g. startup, shutdown) NavigationService Properties gathering StartupUri

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XamlSyntax XAML Object components, Attribute language structure Property components, Abbreviated grammar Content punctuation Attached properties, Attached occasions Markup augmentations Binding sentence structure, Resource linguistic structure Xml Namespaces Code-behind versus Inline versus Code-just

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MainWindowTransparency Window NavigationWindow Page

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http://localhost/PageNavigation/PageNavigation.xbap Navigation NavigationWindow and Frame Hyperlink NavigationService URI, piece bolster Events Journal PageFunctions

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Events RoutedEvents Tunneling (Preview*) and Bubbling ElementTree Stylus support for Tablet PCs Attach handler in XAML or Code Styles/Templates can deal with occasions Bind to component with Name or x:Name

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PanelLayout Layout Dynamic estimating and situating Panels are key Grid, StackPanel, DockPanel, WrapPanel, Canvas, … Alignment Stretch (Size to compartment) Left, Right, Center (Size to substance) Margin (parent) and Padding (substance) Overflow Clip, Wrap, Scroll, Scale

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ToolTip Content Rich Content ContentControl HeaderedContentControl ItemsControl HeaderedItemsControl

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InteropWinForm Interop HwndSource, HwndHost Interops with WinForms, Win32, DirectX, … ActiveX interop is through WinForms interop Cannot share airspace so compositing won\'t work

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TwoWayBinding Data Binding Data models : XML, Objects, DataSets, WCF, LINQ, … Binding grammar DependencyProperty DataContext, DataTemplate INotifyPropertyChanged, INotifyCollectionChanged Modes : OneTime, OneWay, TwoWay, OneWayToSource

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DependencyProperty Value relies on upon some other property User for DataBinding, Styles, Animation, … Validation Inheritance AttachedProperties Default values

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StyledButton Styles Similar to CSS Resources Setters Triggers Inheritance … Templates … Animation

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TemplateButton Templates Controls are based in light of their usefulness The default layout can be changed to drastically change how the control renders The objective is to abstain from needing to make client drawn controls

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VS.NET Toolbox Controls Comes with an arrangement of standard arrangement of regular controls for UI UserControl Simple reusable control Similar to application advancement Control Provides templating For reuse between numerous applications

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Shapes 2D Geometric Shapes Ellipse Line Path Polygon Polyline Rectangle

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FlowDocument File – Print - XPS Documents Flow versus Fixed (XPS) Packaging Document seeing Typography ClearType OpenFont Font can be conveyed with an Application Printing Annotating

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Imaging BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WDP, GIF, ICON BitmapFrame Rotation Image, BitmapImage for XAML CroppedBitamp, FormatConvertedBitmap Clipping Stretching Metadata

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BitmapEffect Applied to Visuals Can be anchored Blur OuterGlow DropShadow Bevel Emboss

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AnimatedButton Animation Dependency Properties Animation Types : Double, Color, String, Point, Int32, Path, … Targets : From, To, By Time based : term, redundancy, begin times, … Storyboards : delaying, halting, resume Key-Frame support

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MediaInk Media Audio Video

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Brushes SolidColorBrush Gradients LinearGradientBrush RadialGradientBrush ImageBrush DrawingBrush – vector and bitmap VisualBrush – any Visual!

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ThreeD 3D Basic 3D Support Viewport3D Cameras Models Materials Lights Transforms Hit Testing Animations

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OUTLINE : App Models Loose XAML Windows Application XBAP/WBA WPF/E XPS

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Loose XAML with no code Opens in IE Can be powerfully created

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Applications Windows application EXE with a Window or NavigationWindow Installed Offline and Online Full get to

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XBAP/WBA Hosted in a program, IE6 or more Other programs, FireFox with a plugin Online just Internet zone authorizations Embed in website page utilizing IFrame Cannot interface with facilitating page Media Center, Sidebar Gadgets

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WPF/E Multiple programs Browsers IE5.5+, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari Multiple stages MS : Win2K+, MAC OS X 10 3 rd party : Linux, Solaris Multiple gadgets Desktop, PPC, SP

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WPF/E Subset of WPF e.g. no 3D Shooting for 2 meg runtime introduce Object tag for installing in HTML WPF + JScript, IL Public beta bits are late (Q3 06), program discharge (1 st half 07), gadget bolster (2 nd half 07)

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XPS XML Paper Specification Subset of WPF Fixed changeless design Zip position with assets Viewers can be ported to different stages Open bundle determination XPS Vista printer spool group

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OUTLINE :/backRow Demo

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Resources Books Applications = Code + Markup Programming Windows Presentation Foundation XAML in a Nutshell Forum Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon“) Newsgroup

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Resources Webcasts eLearning Developing Rich Experiences with Microsoftâ® .NET Framework 3.0 and Visual Studioâ® 2005 Samples C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SDKs\Windows\v6.0\Samples\

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Resources Sites Windows SDK Documentation My Five Day Course For Hitting the WPF Curve/Cli

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