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BADM 633 - Wks 5-8 Universal Business Society NEWS ARTICLES Irish Vote Unequivocally to Bolster EU Change Irish voters affirmed the European Union's Lisbon Bargain, which will build up a lasting president and remote clergyman for the EU, by an about 2-to-1 edge Saturday.
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BADM 633 - Wks 5-8 International Business Culture NEWS ARTICLES

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Irish Vote Decisively to Support EU Reform Irish voters endorsed the European Union\'s Lisbon Treaty, which will set up a perpetual president and remote clergyman for the EU, by an about 2-to-1 edge Saturday. The last count, with 67% voting in support, denoted a generous movement of assumption after the arrangement was vanquished last June. Irish government pioneers, who firmly bolstered the arrangement in a crusade that firmly attached Ireland\'s financial future to the EU, were supported by solid voter turnout the nation over. Fund priest Brian Lenihan said the "yes" vote is a "first step" toward financial recuperation.

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DOES MONA LISA LIKE McNUGGETS? McDonald\'s is counts on it, opening a station in Paris\' Louver exhibition hall. Elizabeth Strott  on Monday, October 5, 2009 9:51 AM Sacrebleu!  McDonald\'s ( MCD ) arrangements to open its 1,142nd outlet in France one month from now to commend its 30th commemoration in the Gallic nation, as indicated by the U.K. paper The Daily Telegraph, and the area is at the zenith for goodness\' sake social and tasteful: the Louver.  Visitors to the museumâ will soon have the capacity to enjoyâ their Le Big Macs and pommes frites in the wake of contemplating any semblance of Leonardo da Vinci\'s "Mona Lisa" or the Winged Victory of Samothrace at McDonald\'s newâ burger bar and a McCafe. Theyâ will be sited in the underground way to deal with the historical center in focal Paris, known as the Carrousel du Louver.

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McCurry Wins Big McAttack in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Eatery Defeats Trademark Challenge From McDonald\'s in Country\'s Top Court By JAMES HOOKWAY American fast-food titan McDonald\'s Corp. on Tuesday lost an eight-year fight to keep a family-run Kuala Lumpur eatery from calling itself McCurry, after Malaysia\'s top court said the Indian-sustenance joint could utilize the prefix "Mc" in its name. A McCurry legal advisor, Sri Dev Nair, said the decision means McDonald\'s doesn\'t have an imposing business model on the prefix "Mc," and that different eateries could likewise utilize it the length of they recognized their sustenance from McDonald\'s. Slide 18-18

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To Outfox the Chicken Tax, Ford Strips Its Own Vans Logic Takes a Back Seat - and Windows, as Auto Maker Plays Tariff Games By MATTHEW DOLAN SEPTEMBER 22, 2009 BALTIMORE - Several times each month, Transit Connect vans from a Ford Motor Co. production line in Turkey move off a boat here sparkly and new, back side windows glimmering, secondary lounges immovably rushed to the floor. Their first stop in America is a low-thrown, block stockroom where those same windows, never squeegeed at a corner store, and seats, never touched by human posteriors, are speedily tore out. The fabric is destroyed, the steel parts are separated, and everything is sent off alongside the glass to be reused. Why all the whine and plumes? Accuse the "chicken tax."  The seats and windows are however dressing to assist Ford with exploring the destruction of a 46-year-old exchange spat. In the mid 1960s, Europe put high duties on imported chicken, focusing on rising U.S. deals to West Germany. President Johnson countered in 1963, to a limited extent by focusing on German-made Volkswagens with an assessment on imports of remote made trucks and business vans.

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To Outfox the Chicken Tax, Ford Strips Its Own Vans Logic Takes a Back Seat - and Windows, as Auto Maker Plays Tariff Games The 1960s went the method for adoration globules and sitar records, yet the chicken expense never kicked the bucket. Europe still has a duty on imports of U.S. chicken, and the U.S. still hits conveyance vans imported from abroad with a 25% levy. American organizations need to pay which places Ford in the odd position of going around U.S. exchange decides that for a considerable length of time have ensured U.S. vehicle creators\' business sector for trucks.

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Kraft Covets Cadbury\'s Know-How in India By SONYA MISQUITTA and CECILIE ROHWEDDER A ssociated Press At the heart of Kraft Foods Inc\'s. longing for British candy parlor creator Cadbury PLC are customers, for example, Divya Rodrigues. Ms. Rodrigues, a 21-year-old bookkeeping understudy in Mumbai, routinely chomps on Cadbury\'s Crackle and Dairy Milk brands, eats twice as much chocolate as she used to and may purchase considerably more as presents for India\'s Diwali occasion. Cadbury gauges that more than 50% of India\'s populace has never tasted chocolate , giving chance to development.  a shop in New Delhi . Cadbury\'s hang on customers in India and other developing markets was a variable in Kraft\'s $16.73 billion takeover offer for the U.K. treat producer. A fruitful offer would support Kraft\'s vicinity in two quickly developing parts of the worldwide candy store business sector: creating nations and the biting gum business.

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Kraft Covets Cadbury\'s Know-How in India .Kraft, which makes the Milka, Toblerone and Cote d\'Or brands, as of now has sizable chocolate organizations in Europe and Latin America. Be that as it may, in coming to buyers in abroad development markets, Cadbury has had a twofold point of interest: It is profoundly dug in British Commonwealth nations, for example, India, where it has been offering chocolate for over 60 years. Cadbury\'s 2002 procurement of a few biting gum brands from Pfizer Inc. has yielded an in number vicinity in Latin America. One of those brands, Trident, was Cadbury\'s fundamental development engine in South America in the first 50% of this current year. In Mexico, Cadbury\'s offers of about $500 million far outpace Kraft\'s offers of $350 million there, as indicated by Andrew Lazar, an investigator with Barclays Capital.

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A Jar of Vegemite, a Window on Kraft By ILAN BRAT WSJ SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 The formula for Vegemite, a salty cocoa yeast spread well known in Australia, stayed unaltered for over 80 years. At that point Irene Rosenfeld got to be CEO of Kraft Foods Inc. This mid year, a milder variant of Vegemite showed up on store racks crosswise over Australia. Ms. Rosenfeld had nothing to do with the reformulated taste, its new bundling or its rollout – which says a great deal in regards to how she has attempted to change Kraft since assuming control as the sustenance goliath\'s CEO in 2006. The new Vegemite, a thought that sprang from local directors down under who were worried about evolving tastes, is only one aftereffect of Ms. Rosenfeld\'s drive to decentralize choice making and move all the more advertising dollars and consideration regarding the greatest offering brands at the world\'s second-biggest sustenance organization by income. As Kraft tries to gain British dessert shop organization Cadbury PLC, the aftereffects of her progressions could be critical to persuading Cadbury chiefs and shareholders that Kraft is in better position to develop and benefit than Cadbury all alone. Kraft has proposed to purchase Cadbury for $16.7 billion in real money and stock. The chocolate creator has opposed, contending that shareholders will harvest more prominent long haul esteem from a stand-alone Cadbury.

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A Jar of Vegemite, a Window on Kraft By ILAN BRAT WSJ SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 The new Vegemite went from idea to dispatch in 10 months - a unimaginable pace before Ms. Rosenfeld, as indicated by previous and current Kraft officials. The new item additionally joins Vegemite with another huge Kraft brand, Philadelphia Cream Cheese. "You love that self-governance to truly be dexterous ... what\'s more, attempt to truly settle on your own choices and be accountable," says George Zoghbi, who turned into Kraft\'s overseeing executive in Australia in October 2007. Two months after the July 7 dispatch, Kraft had sold more than 2.8 million jugs of the new stuff in Australia and New Zealand before it even had a name; the organization held a challenge for buyers to give it one. It\'s presently called Vegemite iSnack 2.0. In the same period, Kraft sold around 3.2 million containers of customary Vegemite, which stays on the racks. In the year-prior period, Vegemite deals had totaled 3.3 million jugs, demonstrating that the new item was getting new buyers.

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A Jar of Vegemite, a Window on Kraft By ILAN BRAT WSJ SEPTEMBER 30, 2009

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Starbucks Takes New Road With Instant Coffee Company Launches Marketing Campaign and Taste Challenge to Tout Its Portable, Less Expensive Product Via By JULIE JARGON – WSJ SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 Starbucks Corp. expects to persuade Americans and Canadians that its new Via moment espresso is similar to its fermented item. The Seattle-construct espresso monster with respect to Tuesday is wanting to take off Via to Starbucks stores over the U.S. also, Canada in the wake of having tried it in Seattle, Chicago and London for a while. Versatility will be a critical offering point. As being what is indicated, Via will be accessible in stores, for example, brandishing merchandise retailer REI and Office Depot Inc. On Tuesday, all clients on household United Airlines flights longer than two hours will get free bundles of Via; beginning Oct. 25, Via will be accessible for explorers to buy on those flights.

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Trade Upturn Hints at a Recovery By SUDEEP REDDY , JOHN W. Mill operator and ALEX FRANGOS WSJ OCTOBER 12, 2009 World exchange, which dove more forcefully amid the money related emergency than whenever since the Great Depression, is starting to get, another sign that the worldwide economy is recuperating. In spite of the fact that the volume of exchange stays well underneath pre-emergency levels, imports and fares seem to have touched base in the second quarter. Exchange volumes had fallen significantly more remote than worldwide development.

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