Ball Plant Organization.

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Ball Horticultural Company. Universal Breeder, maker and wholesaler of fancy blooms to proficient growers100 years in businessPrivately held, third generationFocus on development and world-class administration. Ball Trials 1938. Geo. J. Ball Founder. Gardens at Ball 2008. Anna Ball . How we disseminate .
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Ball Horticultural Company International Breeder, maker and wholesaler of fancy blooms to proficient producers 100+ years in business Privately held, third era Focus on advancement and world-class administration Geo. J. Ball Founder Ball Trials 1938 Anna Ball Gardens at Ball 2008

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How we circulate Nationwide Plug and Plant supplier systems Located near your producer = dispatch a minute ago requests quick! Fantastic data sources rapidly and cost successfully! In 2008, Ball Network suppliers became more than 1.3 billion fittings and 213 million cuttings

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Where we test it Erie Basin Trials 2007 Over 60 N.A, college and private areas Company claimed trial destinations: CA, IL, FL, Costa Rica, Holland, U.K., France, China Founding part, All-America Selections Colorado State 2007 University of Florida \'07

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What we offer Trialed and tried assortments for the scene Regional skill Wide assortment of annuals, perennials, tropicals, bushes, fancy grasses Petunia Wave Angelonia "Serena" Colocascia \'Coal Miner\' Albelia \'Raspberry Profusion\'

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Getting Smarter: Marketing to Today\'s Consumer Selling X & Y Jeff Gibson Ball Horticultural Company

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A New Era: • Whose our Customer Understanding era X & Y • Why they don\'t plant • Opportunities for achievement • Challenges to overcome

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Consumers Findings from our exploration… . Center Groups Internet Survey Store perceptions

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Gardening bunches, by age

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Gardener Type – By Age Q9. Which of the accompanying best depicts your cultivating exercises?

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Time Invested in Gardening Why has sufficient energy put resources into cultivating diminished ? (n=99) Less time (37%) Physical confinements (30%) Less space (11%) Fewer plants (10%) Move to apartment suite (5%) Weather/Climate (5%) Cost of cultivating (4%) Why has room schedule-wise put resources into cultivating expanded ? (n=277) Garden extending (36%) More time (24%) More space (22%) Enjoy cultivating/More intrigue (11%) Plants require more upkeep (7%) Improves estimation of home (4%) Q11. Throughout the most recent couple of years, would you say that your time put resources into planting has… ? Q12. Why has sufficient energy you have put resources into planting [increased/decreased]?

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Who are the non-nursery workers? Q1b. Have you ever done any bloom cultivating as a grown-up?

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Overall Interest Once a nursery worker, dependably a cultivator! Decrease isn\'t from existing plant specialists leaving or doing less… .. Less new nursery workers coming in!

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Why don\'t they cultivate? "I don\'t have time… " 2 out of 3 hesitant nursery workers would plant increasingly on the off chance that they had time

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Reasons for not cultivating Q1c. What is the principle reason you didn\'t bloom cultivate this past season? Q1d. What are alternate reasons you didn\'t plant this past season?

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Reasons For Store Selection By Primary Store Q19/20. Reasons you shop at your essential store?

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Reasons Would Leave/Shop Somewhere Else for Plants Younger nursery workers (<45 yrs) will probably say this Q21. What reason would doubtlessly make you leave a store and shop elsewhere to flower plants. Q21/22. Reasons you may leave a store and shop elsewhere to flower plants.

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Convenient AND Fresh In today\'s general public, comfort is best But \'solid plants\' is table stakes to get in the diversion

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I won\'t purchase it if… . It looks undesirable No value No name No sun/shade marker

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Raise saw esteem "the plants look new and sound" • Best quality conceivable • Careful plant determination • Upgrade bundling • Tell a story … and charge for it

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Generation X & Y • 1965-1994 (14-43) • 110-120 million of us • $275+ billion spending • Work equalization • Tech wise

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Generations • Boomers individualism, self-satisfaction • Generation X alternative, distrustful • Generation Y connected, social

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Why don\'t they cultivate? " such a variety of different choices" • Technology • Home remodel • Travel • Gourmet sustenance • Designer styles

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TREND WATCH: solid ways of life the 80 billion dollar industry • Healthy & appealing • Food & wellness • $68 billion in 2004 • $84 billion in 2007

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Home proprietorship at most abnormal amount 38% new property holders under 35 • Approaching 70% • 3\4 Single Family • Generation X

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The positives "I adore my patio and deck" • Home possession • Healthy ways of life • Environmental mindfulness

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My first home… Q13. Which of the accompanying is the essential reason you started blossom cultivating as a grown-up?

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Primary Reason They Garden "Zero" for home estimation! Q7b. Which articulation best mirrors your essential explanation behind planting?

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Primary Reason Garden Q7b. Which articulation best mirrors your essential purpose behind cultivating?

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THEN Gardening fundamental diversion Pride in "appear" Knowledgeable Shared with family All ages Garden for no particular reason Garden to \'take a gander at\' NOW Low-need side interest Pride in \'control request\' Unfamiliar; shaky Solo occasion – stress alleviation Pre-and post-child HH\'s Garden for capacity Garden to \'live in\'

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Trend: Function Gardening for "capacity" at last gets to be cultivating "for entertainment only" It\'s a procedure.

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Go get them! New property holders feel a commitment Permission advertising!

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Emotional Connectivity Technically associated yet by and by segregated "Tech me you cherish me" The requirement for enthusiastic network A society of feelings A requirement for expression – a desire for individual touch

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TREND WATCH: supportability " plants are little oxygen creators" • A superior decision • Leading edge • A national need • Marketable • Industry issue

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The negatives "I don\'t have a green thumb" • Time & exertion • Money • Knowledge

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Least Important Characteristic in Purchasing Decision Q32b. Which trademark is slightest essential in your choice to buy?

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Reduce terrorizing "they speak condescendingly to me" • Personalized consideration • Signage & data • Low-support alternatives • Websites and assets

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Sun versus shade most importantly else Q24a. Which data is most imperative to give on a blossoming plant\'s mark?

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TREND WATCH: garden focuses proficient & powerful • Outdoor living goals • Service situated • Changing item blend • Community contribution

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2007-2008 New Variety Spotlight

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Simply Beautiful ® Expect Success! Accessible solely through free garden focuses Includes several top-performing assortments Provides greatest results with least whine Two elite assortments incorporates cultivating tips & traps, plant data, and so forth. Fusion™ Peach Frost Exotic Impatiens Watermelon Coleus

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Why do individuals garden? Better psychological well-being, sustenance or wellness Increased check advance & property estimation Better home environment TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, April 2008

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Why Simply Beautiful? Selective to autonomous patio nursery focuses Trust Simply Beautiful to convey the plants that hold clients returning! High-affect, enormous shading annuals Upscale, identifiable bundle Info-rich customer support

Slide 44 List your business now! Entry site for IGCs Program & item data Monthly retail report e-pamphlet information exchange

Slide 45 Grows customer certainty! Upgraded shopper website dispatches Fall 2008 Plant look & Garden focus locator Gardening tips & assets Simply Beautiful e-bulletin join & document

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National Publicity Consumer PR Influences more than 200 million purchasers Long-term associations with key Garden Writers Gaining acknowledgment with option media (web, online journals) Trade PR Press discharges about system triumphs Constant exchange media contact Continuous advancement of new assortments

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2008 Pack Trials Ball Horticultural Company

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Solutions Showcase

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Step Up to Sustainability 2008 Pack Trial Theme Sustainability Kiosks Plants developed in rice structure holders Alliance 47 labels Product messages concentrated on supportability underway and at retail

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Sustainability Kiosks Use less chemicals Change what you put in your dirt Grow in greener pots Reduce planting waste

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New Products Vegetative materials Coleus Geraniums Alternanthera Lysimachia Double Impatiens

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New Products Cool season crops Nemesias Bacopas Osteos Pansies Iceland Poppies Delphinium Alyssum

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New Products Ball Flora Plant vegetative introductions

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Made for the Shade Impatiens New Guineas Double Impatiens Exotic Impatiens Leading arrangement of single Impatiens – Super Elfin Semi-twofold Impatiens Coleus Iresine

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New Guinea Impatiens NGI Divine Seed NGI in 306 packs

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New Guinea Impatiens NGI Celebrette Icy Blue

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Coleus Henna New!!! One of a kind bordered foliage Shade tolerant Sun tolerant

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Coleus Indian Summer New! Splendid foliage Shade Tolerant Sun Tolerant

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Coleus Mint Mocha NEW!!! Lobed leaves in splendid hues. Sun tolerant Shade tolerant

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Coleus NEW! Coleus Dark Chocolate NEW! Coleus Kong Salmon

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Hot Summer Survivors Lantanas Thunbergia Purslane Ruellia Tacoma Begonias Salvias Angelonia Plectranthus

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Zahara Zinnia NEW!!! Heat tolerant full sun, splendid hues for the warmth. 20% bigger blossoms than different Zinnias in this class. Remarkable lemon yellow and red. .:tslidesep

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