Bangladesh Manobadhikar Sangbadik Discussion (BMSF).

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The association activates the Journalist group in Bangladesh to embrace different advancement issues that are identified with: Environment, Human ...
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´╗┐Bangladesh Manobadhikar Sangbadik Forum (BMSF) BMSF was framed in 1991 t o prepare the Journalists and encourage their cooperation in Human Rights and advancement program exercises.

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VISION A domain, free of Human Rights Violation against Men, Women and Child, that guarantees medications and HIV/AIDS free society and reinforces the popularity based foundations in Bangladesh.

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MISSION BMSF attempts to contribute its offer in the improvement. The association prepares the Journalist people group in Bangladesh to attempt different improvement issues that are identified with: Environment, Human Rights, HIV/AIDS and fortify of the majority rule establishments in Bangladesh with backing and in a joint effort with the Government, Donors, NGOs and individuals from the Civil Society.

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Coverage BMSF has built up a system with 214 writers working at 6 Divisions in particular, Dhaka, Barisal, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Rajshahi. Additionally 64 central individual Journalists in 64 areas and 6 co-ordinates in 6 Divisions of Bangladesh

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PROGRAM HIV/AIDS Awareness Raising Via Media Main action Capacity Building Networking Advocacy Research BCC Materials Development Media Campaign Publication of Newsletter

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Regular Activities Collection and dispersal of information/data on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights for media reporting. Bury dynamic meeting with media individuals both at National and Regional level and trade of data and lessons learned on HIV/AIDS.

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Regular Activities Organizing issue based public interview and workshop. Distributed reports, articles and photograph highlight on HIV/AIDS and Human rights exercises of NGOs and CBOs . Distributed of Newsletter (AIDS).

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ACHIEVEMENTS Journalists Network built up on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in Bangladesgh. Built up an instructional booklet on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights for the media individuals. Built up a database on HIV/AIDS arranged Journalists (214) of 64 District.

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ACHIEVEMENTS CBO\'s/NGO\'s exercises on HIV/AIDS highlighted in National and nearby print media. Built up "South Asian Regional Forum" with NGO and Media on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights.

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LESSONS LEARNED Media in Bangladesh is yet to concentrate on HIV/AIDS as an advancement issue. Writers/Policy producers in media area are not satisfactorily sharpened on HIV/AIDS. Media is the main wellspring of data that can be come to effortlessly by all fragments of the general public.

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LESSONS LEARNED Media needs to take in more on HIV/AIDS, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, other minimized groups and applicable issues of human rights. Media can assume an essential part to keep the spread of STI and HIV diseases through standard composition on the issues.

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RECOMMENDATIONS Journalist/Policy Makers of media area should be more sharpened on HIV/AIDS and Human rights issues. Media ought to likewise screen the exercises of the Government, NGOs and the Donors to recognize the case of good administration in every segments Establish a National Information Center on HIV/AIDS.

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