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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Markets & Research Technology The Next Generation Enterprise. Iain Mortimer March 2010. Agenda. Nature of the Future Business Environment Technical needs of the future Forecasting technical showers for the cloud.
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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Markets & Research Technology The Next Generation Enterprise Iain Mortimer March 2010

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Agenda Nature of the Future Business Environment Technical needs without bounds Forecasting specialized showers for the cloud

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Future Business Environment (An IT expert point of view) Globalization Regulation Technology

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Globalization Continuing development of worldwide associations Consolidation of item/administration suppliers Maturity of multi-sourcing Peak Oil - ~2016? Asia/Latam monetary development (Requires Systems Integration, Inter-operation and Security)

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Regulation Financial Services Coordinated multi-controller action Dive for straightforwardness (bi-fleetingness) Demands visit, convenient information Product many-sided quality keeps on developing Non Financial Services E.g. Pharma, Transport (Requires propelled Data Management)

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Technology IT progresses Greater figure and capacity limit Appliances Intelligent machines? Bio-innovation Health, Agriculture Quantum Manipulation of matter (Requires planning for change)

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Technical needs without bounds Integration Inter-operation Security (Identity & Role) Data Management Flexibility

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Integration (Moving information between associations) Promise of SOA setting aside opportunity to arrive An extensive association\'s middleware decisions can significantly frustrate supply side accomplices Most middleware drives seller secure JMS – is an API standard AMQP – is a wire convention

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Inter-operation Fire and overlook solicitations won\'t be sufficient later on. Externalizing request, inertness, framework issues over the full IT store network will be key differentiators Agile Business Process Definition Monitoring Dynamic Capacity Trading Exchanges

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Security (Identity & Role) Organization\'s IT will never again be a post. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Wealth Pervasive Identity institutionalized qualifications structures will be required Data misfortune & recuperation Interception & watermarking Audit

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Data Management Shift in frameworks plan thinking Traditional concentrate on "information very still" Must include "information in travel" Semantic web still has exceptionally poor appropriation Certain verticals creating key principles Financial Services – FPML, FIX FMCG - EDI

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Flexibility Application virtualisation will bigly affect engineers (at last) Environmental administration Packaging Developers will need to think all the more structurally Distributed outline issues Design for n+1

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Next Generation Architecture Future Business models and IT execution styles will drive a move in the progression of frameworks These issues will upset business development until determined Architecture practice will be more similar to comprehension feathered creature\'s wings in flight - than utilizing customary development analogies

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Forecasting Technical Showers for the Cloud – settled climate to take after Enterprises should first completely comprehend their execution state – over their (apparent) setup state Cloud suppliers must bolster a wide assortment of stages on request and concentrate on lessening the specialized issues highlighted here

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