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BAPTIST HERITAGE. Introduction: Distinctives Polity Focuses Origins. Copyright 2007 NOBTS, Rex D. Butler and Lloyd A. Harsch. Baptist Distinctives. Baptist Distinctives. Authority of the Bible Foundational authority for all matters of faith Regenerate church membership
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BAPTIST HERITAGE Introduction: Distinctives Polity Focuses Origins Copyright 2007 NOBTS, Rex D. Head servant and Lloyd A. Harsch

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Baptist Distinctives

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Baptist Distinctives Authority of the Bible Foundational power for all matters of confidence Regenerate church enrollment Membership is for devotees just Baptism by drenching The nearby articulation of one\'s transformation is adherent\'s submersion by inundation

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Baptist Distinctives Congregational commonwealth Each gathering is independent in picking its pioneers and expressing its convictions No assemblage can manage the practice or convictions of another assemblage

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Baptist Distinctives Priesthood of the devotee (soul competency) One can go straightforwardly to God with no human arbiter Religious flexibility Faith can\'t be constrained and the state ought not direct matters of confidence Lordship of Christ He controls impartially on the planet and subjectively in the lives of devotees

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Baptist Distinctives Ordinances, not holy observances A holy observance is a methods by which God\'s effortlessness is passed on to you We follow in devotee\'s absolution and watch the Lord\'s Supper since God has appointed that we do as such, not on account of we get an exceptional measure of God\'s elegance through cooperation in these exercises

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Models Hierarchical Power and choices spill out of the top down Any choice made at a higher ministerial level is official on all levels beneath it Examples are: Episcopal & Catholic Structures

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Models Representative Congregation sends agents to presbytery, which thus picks agents to the synod, and so on. Any choice made at a higher religious level is authoritative on all levels underneath it Example: Presbyterian Denominations

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Models Congregational Congregations intentionally consolidate in affiliations Decisions made by affiliations and additionally traditions are not official on any gathering Example: Baptists & Congregationalists

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Cooperative Methods Among Baptists Society Made up of people whose enrollment is based exclusively upon their commitments to the general public Organized around a solitary issue or mission Convention Made up of people sent by monetarily contributing holy places No official association with different elements (state traditions are separate associations from affiliations or SBC)

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Southern Baptist Convention Associations Composed of assemblies which send delivery people State Conventions Composed of ambassadors sent by assemblages SBC Composed of emissaries sent by assemblies

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Focuses in Baptist Life

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Focuses in Baptist Life Doctrine – extreme concern is right conviction Experience – extreme concern is the means by which one lives one\'s confidence While both of these two regions are critical to the Christian life, people and gatherings have a tendency to accentuate one range more than the other

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Baptist Origins

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Four Theories of Baptist Origins Succession Theories Baptist Successionism Spiritual Kinship Non-progression Theories Outgrowth of English Separatism Anabaptist Influence or Dual Ancestry

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Background Heated open deliberation in mid-19 th century Church of Christ guaranteed that it was the main genuine church Many Baptists absconded to Church of Christ, which was turning out to be quickest developing Protestant division in America Landmarkists Countered with cases that Baptists began in first century – even before Pentecost There was an unbroken chain of natural progression from 1 st - century church to cutting edge Baptist chapels W.H. Whitsitt President of Southern Seminary & church student of history Refuted Landmarkist claims; created hypothesis of Baptist drop from English Separatism & was let go

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Baptist Successionism Theory There has been unbroken progression of composed Baptist places of worship from NT to introduce Affirms that prior Dissenters were Baptists under different names Donatists (4 th century) Cathari (11 th century) Waldensians (12 th century) Anabaptists (16 th century) Called "JJJ" Theory "Jesus-Jordan-John" Baptists began with John the Baptist; Jesus was purified through water in the Jordan; Jesus shaped the primary Baptist church & guaranteed that it could never vanish (Matt. 16:18)

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Baptist Successionism Advocates Adam Taylor : 1818, The History of the English General Baptists , recognized John the Baptist as originator of Baptist group G.H. Plantation : 1838, demanded that unbroken successionism of Baptist houses of worship is key to their legitimacy today J.R. Graves (1823-93), pioneer of Landmarkism: received this hypothesis as sign of this development that depicted Baptist church as just genuine division J.M. Carroll (sibling of B.H. Carroll, author of SWBTS): 1931, Trail of Blood promoted this hypothesis

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Baptist Successionism Problems No proof to bolster it Highly polemical; created amid exceptional rivalry between sections Claimed progression from gatherings that upheld comparable regulations yet varied in huge ways; a few gatherings were blasphemous No significant contemporary student of history backings this hypothesis

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Spiritual Kinship Theory There has been a congruity of Baptist types of confidence during that time Not an unbroken progression of sorted out Baptist chapels, yet a coherence of Baptist lessons Dissenting gatherings outside the Roman Catholic Church kept up lessons of New Testament in an unbroken chain These lessons have dependably been like advanced Baptist confidence and practice

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Spiritual Kinship Advocates Thomas Crosby : 1738-40, History of the English Baptists , 4 vols. Followed Baptist genealogy through Celtic church, John Wycliffe & Lollards Joseph Ivimey in England; David Benedict in America (both mid 19 th century) A.H. Newman of SWBTS

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Spiritual Kinship Critique These students of history are on more strong ground than successionists: Evangelicals arose discontinuously through history of chapel However, supporters of both natural & otherworldly successionism "have wattled together twigs of any sort to top off remote abysses" (Robert Robertson, Ecclesiastical Researches , 1792) The contradicting bunches refered to as Baptist holy places show practically zero association with Baptist confidence and practice

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Outgrowth of English Separatism Theory Modern Baptists rose up out of English Separatism in mid 1600s Separatists got to be Baptists as an aftereffect of perusing the English Bible & taking Separatist perspectives to their sensible decision Founders of both General & Particular Baptists (John Smyth & John Spilsbury) originated from Separatism

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Outgrowth of English Separatism Theory This hypothesis highlights contrasts with Anabaptists & minimizes their impact Anabaptist impact/nearness in England before 1600 was negligible Early Baptist pioneers denied that they were Anabaptists, dismissing their pacifism, resistance to taxpayer driven organization & their Christology It can be recognized that there was an association between Anabaptists & General Baptists, yet General Baptists did not constitute dominant part of early English Baptists

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Outgrowth of English Separatism Advocates W.H. Whitsitt (1841-1911) blended up "Whitsitt Controversy" with his disclosure that English Baptists started drenching in 1641; was let go as president of Southern Seminary W.W. Whitley & Winthrop Hudson built up this hypothesis assist Barry R. White & Robert A. Dough puncher are later promoters

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Anabaptist Influence or Dual Ancestry Theory Supporters concur that Baptists rose up out of English Separatism But they likewise trust that Anabaptism arranged the path for Separatism both in England and on the landmass Anabaptist displaced people settled in London as confirm by abuse under Henry VIII & "Tomato juice and vodka" Anabaptists impacted English Separatists by contribution to lessons of Henry Barrow & Robert Browne

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Anabaptist Influence or Dual Ancestry Theory John Smyth did not receive adherent\'s sanctification until 1609, after he came into contact with Mennonites in Amsterdam Richard Blunt went to Netherlands in 1641 to recuperate absolution by inundation from Mennonites Mainly, Anabaptists affected General Baptists straightforwardly & Particular Baptists just by implication

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Anabaptist Influence or Dual Ancestry Advocates A.C. Underwood : 1947, A History of the English Baptists , said General Baptists speak to calm Mennonite type of Anabaptism Ernest A. Payne (1902-80), previous General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain William R. Estep (1920-80), SWBTS

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Two Non-Succession Theories Critique These two speculations are fundamentally the same as, differing just on the degree of Anabaptist impact on Baptist causes Barry White & William Estep concur that English Baptists slid from English Separatism They differ on the degree of Anabaptists\' nearness & impact in England after the 16 th century

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