Base camp Overhaul Bay 2000.

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Central station Upgrade Inlet 2000 Bay Of Mexico Working Gathering May 9-11 Dallas, Texas Division Lessening/Procedural RVSM Operations Con completed,,,,Two passages Operations Con to OSRWG, endorsement liberates cash for CBA OSRWG is searching for GOMWG to state needs (production of vital arrangement will help
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Central command Update Gulf 2000 Gulf Of Mexico Working Group May 9-11 Dallas, Texas

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Separation Reduction/Procedural RVSM OPS Con completed,,,,Two sections OPS Con to OSRWG, regard liberates cash for CBA OSRWG is searching for GOMWG to state needs (production of vital arrangement will help

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RNP-10 GOMWG Project structure finished ASW letter concerning SENEAM solicitation is in “trickle down” stage 50 LONG on the books now, obliges hardware, 30min position confirmation capacity

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Procedural Separation Initiatives 18 Mile ICAO RNAV Standard for J86/58 substitution AFS would issue new AC displayed on “T routes” AC Non-radar use prerequisites like “T routes” RNP-4…..Get outta here, we’ve got radar Mid-Grid………Kingdom of the Tiltrotors Fills in the splits New HQ “RNAV-GPS Routes Steering Group…finalize information accumulation on “T”s

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Separation Reduction/Surveillance Platform Mounted Beacon Radar Aerostats??? Mexico/U.S. radar sharing Multilateration for Mid Gulf/Mid Altitude Operations ADS-B for the 12-24 Crowd

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Surveillance………ADS-A/C ADS-A/C for Offshore Possible Mid-2001 time allotment, after CAPSTONE ORD Micro-EARTS Platform to Drive Automation $1,000,000 rough bundle expense/ground frameworks “Radar-Like” expansion to .65 to be marked by Administrator CAPSTONE Clone $17 K per flying machine for CAPSTONE airplane

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Financial News ATP/AAT/AND Budget Requests for Gulf of Mexico sent to FAA Budget Team Early April Request was for “monies of opportunity” Target edge was $38.5 mil more than 5 FYs Team looked non-commanded subsidizing sources, distinguished $9.5 mil in 2001, $12.8 in 2002. ($9.5 is added to $1.7 mil float monies as of now in 2001 spending plan for aggregate of $11.2 mil) AND affirmed sums in 5/2 meeting ATP/AAT/ATS embraced Gulf improvements

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Financial News Requests still subject to Congressional markups Request/Amount from FAA point of view is bolted/JRC must support ATA is campaigning hard for Congressional “lock-in” of subsidizing + extra 2003 solicitations We can’t spend it yet, however we can open the index Focus now is….Who would get the cash?

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IPT or Project Office? Amid Meeting on 5/2 thought was drifted to make an undertaking office under AND AUA would head Offshore ADS/Micro-EARTS usage (after CAPSTONE) AND would head stage exertion, radar procurement, wx redesigns, and comm updates for seaward/deepwater AT individual to liasion/co-ordinate bunches under one venture office dwelling in ASW

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Financial News This is incredible news…. Much gratitude goes to ATA, ASW AT (Lozano’s Raiders) for briefings to the “1s and 2s” regardless we have to press for… subsidizing command venture office/IPT $14 million more spread more than 2003-2005 (the sooner the better)

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Stone Chiseling Time First, do we have accord GOMWG needs to distinguish/brief its settled vital arrangement Infiltrate Project Office/IPT with GOMWG Operatives “Farm out” transient procedural fixes to OSRWG/others Clearly characterize what “we” need!!!

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Final Thought “W

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