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Bats . By Kelsey, Aaron, Louise . Introduction. Bats can see in the dark. They hang upside down all day and come out at night. Bats can fly but they are not birds, they are mammals. Just like humans !. Food. Bats eat insects and very small animals. They also eat fruit and flowers.
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Bats By Kelsey, Aaron, Louise

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Introduction Bats can find oblivious. They hang topsy turvy throughout the day and turn out during the evening. Bats can fly yet they are not feathered creatures, they are warm blooded animals. Much the same as people !

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Food Bats eat creepy crawlies and little creatures. They additionally eat leafy foods.

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Where do they live ? Bats live in dim spooky hollows.

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Other fascinating things A vampire bat bounces over the floor. The vampire bat has pointed teeth. A vampire bat can walk ,bounce and run.

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An extremely well known bat Batman puts on a show to be a bat. He is extremely startling. Be that as it may, he spares the world.

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