Battlespace Environments Institute Overview .

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Battlespace Environments Institute Overview. Rick Allard Oceanography Division NRL Stennis. BEI Overview.
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Battlespace Environments Institute Overview Rick Allard Oceanography Division NRL Stennis ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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BEI Overview Facilitate the coordination of Earth and space displaying abilities into a consistent, entire earth basic demonstrating foundation permitting the between administration advancement of different, mission-particular natural recreations . (Objective) Support war zone choices, enhance interoperability, decrease working expenses, streamline the move of bleeding edge natural advances from research into DoD operations. (Objective) Use the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) as an "empowering innovation" to build up the entire earth framework. Acquire DoD as an accomplice to the ESMF. Move non-DoD ESMF applications to DoD. (System) Foster more extensive coordinated efforts between DoD, various government organizations, the scholarly community and industry. ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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BEI Stakeholders "Merging to a typical displaying base will enhance interoperability, diminish working expenses , and above all streamline the move of front line advances from research into DoD operations." (COL Bensen, AFWA) "The improvement of a system to bolster inside steady demonstrating of the whole (land-ocean air) battlespace environment is critical to our vital objective of giving vital direction regard to ecological variables that effect warfighter choices." (CAPT Gunderson, FNMOC) Dr. James Houston, ERDC Dr. Ed Gough, CNMOC TD Dr. Michele Rienecker, NASA GMAO Dr. Tim Killeen, Director, NCAR Dr. Stephen Lord, Director, NCEP Modeling Center Dr. John Harding, Acting, NAVO Dr. Ants Leetma, Director, GFDL COL Bensen, AFWA Dr. Phil Jones, Los Alamos CAPT Gunderson, FNMOC ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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Institute Management Framework ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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Institute Technical Framework Technical Teams: Army (ERDC): Groundwater, riverine Air Force (AFWA): Space climate, WRF Navy (NRL-SSC): Ocean flow (waves, streams, ice), coupling Navy (NRL-MRY) Atmospheric demonstrating, improvements and coupling NCAR: ESMF Core Team, unstructured matrices, WRF, new capacities for DoD Management: NRL-SSC Provides Technical, Financial Oversight ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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Battlespace Environments Institute Objectives To build up an all inclusive entire earth environment which interoperates with that from different organizations: Migrate center DoD models to ESMF Navy (e.g., NCOM, HYCOM, SWAN, COAMPS ™ ) Air Force (Kinematic Solar Wind and GAIM ) Army (e.g., ADCIRC, WASH123) Development of instruments and applications (e.g., stretch out ESMF to bolster unstructured lattices and settling) Coupled applications: Air/sea, air/sea/ice, air/sea/groundwater, air/space-climate Thorough testing, prototyping, documentation of all parts ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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Short-Term Goal: Integrate the Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS ™) into the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) displaying base Milestones: Adapt WRF I/O measures Redesign COAMPS ™ physical parameterizations for WRF benchmarks Incorporate COAMPS ™ dynamic center into WRF Assist in adjusting WRF base to address: Unique COAMPS ™ abilities (e.g., Air/Ocean coupling, moving settled networks) Efficiency Flexibility Ensure that COAMPS ™ execution in the WRF foundation matches momentum execution Battlespace Environments Institute NRL MRY Short-Term Goals ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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Long-Term Goal: Utilize the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) gauges to manufacture and approve upgraded capacities for COAMPS/WRF Enhanced Capabilities: Two-way air/sea coupling Aerosol-Radiation and Aerosol-Cloud Microphysics associations High-determination (< 3 km) tropical twister displaying with unequivocal material science Urban parameterizations Mesoscale troupes NRL MRY Long-Term Goals ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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BEI NRL MRY Long-Term Goals Explicit microphysics will permit the expectation of substantial convective frameworks and tropical tornado structure and power Two-way air/sea coupling will empower the examination and expectation of high-determination, steady fields in both the air and sea ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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AFWA Space Weather Goals Couple ESMF renditions of HAF and GAIM models to give DoD the capacity to expand the estimate lead time of the entry of a stun in the sunlight based twist made by a Coronal Mass Ejection at the sun from 1 hour to 1-3 days . Extraordinary space climate conditions (e.g., geo-attractive raging) can unfavorably influence interchanges, satellite circle rot, satellite charging and result in false radar targets. ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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Unstructured Grid Support (NCAR Lead) Ability to interject environmental model information in local configuration to unstructured networks. Assemble coupled applications where information can be traded between models each n th timestep. ADCIRC Mesh: 2 – 400 m determination ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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Guidelines for application improvement: ESMF does not order how segments connect. Need to characterize and actualize the guidelines (gauges) a segment must take after to be a piece of the DoD entire earth framework. Objective is NOT to require that all segments from space to underground keep running in the meantime as one framework. Rather, every association utilizes similar entire earth framework (programming and benchmarks) to run the parts important to them. When we have ESMF-agreeable segments we will model the entire earth framework crosswise over restricted spaces (e.g. littoral or air-sea) The models will be quickly valuable, however the objective is to pick up the experience important to outline and construct a thorough entire earth framework. ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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Long Term Goals and Metrics Goal: DoD\'s in-house natural R&D is essentially situated in the entire earth environment. (FY05-10) % of HPC hours in environment % of financing for undertakings in environment Goal: DoD\'s operational natural items situated in an entire earth environment. (FY07-10) Environments transitioned to operational focuses % of operational hours in environment % of operational items Goal: DoD entire earth environment interoperates with that from different organizations. (FY08-10) Multi-organization test cases % of DoD multi-office extends in environment ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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BEI Interaction with ESMF and Related Efforts ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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BEI Calendar Complete DRAFT Strategic Plan, Annual Performance Plan (Dec \'04) ESMF Training (by means of PET) at Stennis January 18-19, 2005 BEI Kickoff Meeting (Stennis) January 20-21, 2005 HSAI Site Visit February 2005 UGC June 2005 (Nashville) ESMF Community Meeting Summer 2005 ESMF Interagency Working Group Meeting

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