Bedrock Aquifer Workshop Fortune, RI November 2000.

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Niagara Falls, NY 38 780 72. SOME REAL DATA. Focuses IN PPM. Some ... Quite a bit of what we thought we thought about groundwater remediation ended up being ...
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Bedrock Aquifer Workshop Providence, RI November 2000 John E. Vidumsky, P.E. DuPont Corporate Remediation Group

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SOME REAL DATA CONCENTRATIONS IN PPM SITE TCE c-DCE VC Kelly AFB LF-1, TX 88 480 70 Cape Canaveral, FL 270 160 35 DOE Pinellas, FL 1,700 210 130 Auburn, NY 800 430 100 Niagara Falls, NY 38 780 72

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Some Observations Since 1985 Much of what we pondered groundwater remediation ended up being incorrectly, including… . Chlorinated solvents don\'t biodegrade Most crest could be remediated in a sensible time period through pumping Things ended up being a great deal more intricate than we suspected Finding and expelling DNAPL, sources

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YEAR 2000 OBSERVATIONS Many thought we\'d be generally done at this point On a the brilliant side, we are on an exceptionally soak part of the expectation to learn and adapt! Crest as multi-segment frameworks Microbial environment and digestion system in aquifers Permeable responsive hindrances/Zero valent iron Modeling propels

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Some of Today\'s Buzz-Words Geochemistry Redox potential Electron contributors, receptors Matrix dispersion Plumes in consistent state Reductive dechlorination Source control

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Objectives for Remediation Session Ascertain the State of the Practice of bedrock aquifer remediation in year 2000 Share key learnings from victories What worked under what circumstances and why Applicability to different locales Share key learnings from "works in advancement"

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Presenters and Case Studies Kent Sorenson - Lockheed Martin Idaho Enhanced organic reductive dechlorination of chlorinated solvents in a bedrock aquifer Paul Mazierski - DuPont Pump and treat involvement with the Necco Park Superfund Site Todd Rees - Golder Associates Natural regulation cure at the Berks County Landfill Superfund Site

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Guidelines for Discussion Keep a receptive outlook Much of what we think we know today will probably end up being inadequate Please take an interest Everybody\'s experience and info is important Have fun!

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