Begin of the tracker development in Italy: flight sensors and stepping stool testing.

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Begin of the tracker development in Italy: flight sensors and stepping stool testing. Luca ... essential movement of the entire italian joint effort. includes individuals from all organizations ...
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Begin of the tracker development in Italy: flight sensors and stepping stool testing Luca Latronico

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Tracker development guide Tower Structure (dividers, clasp) Engineering: SLAC, Hytec Procurement: SLAC SSD Procurement, Testing Japan, Italy, SLAC SSD Ladder Assembly Italy Tower Assembly and Test SLAC (2) Italy (16) 10,368 2592 Tray Assembly and Test Italy 342 18 Electronics Design, Fabrication & Test UCSC, SLAC 648 Composite Panel & Converters Engineering: SLAC, Hytec, and Italy Procurement: Italy Cable Plant UCSC

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Flight sensors testing action - I

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Flight sensors testing movement - II

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SSD stockpiling and taking care of 1484 SSDs (~14% of aggregate) got so far SSD come in vacuum fixed Boxes are put away in a perfect room Clean room class amid operation was somewhere around 1000 and 10000 (because of perception of strict directions, e.g. required expendable coat, cap, overshoes, gloves, face veil) SSD are flushed in N2 when boxes are open Vacuum pens are utilized for SSD taking care of SSD leave clean room after another vacuum seal Every procedure venture in enrolled in a DB

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SSD and Tracker Construction DB see for full documentation on development DB examination with tracker establishments (SLAC, UCSC, Hiroshima) began around one year back rules archives delivered (e.g. LAT-TD-00376, LAT-TD-00384) working protoype created and utilized as a part of Pisa nonstop essential exchange between DB improvement – estimations necessities in the perfect room – factual investigation of information – information exchange amongst makers and organizations all outcomes indicated were delivered utilizing our DB at long last distribute DB and examination device on the web for LAT directors to utilize

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Analysis of information from HPK gives: at clump level - from a SSD taken at test in the group, min, max, avg estimations of the accompanying: strip predisposition resistor strip coupling capacitance strip resistance at single SSD level: IV filter 0-200V (Ileak is I quantified at 150V) CV check 0-200V (Cbulk is C at 150V) Vdep – characterized as V where F(V) - F(V-5) < 0.0039, with F=1/C 2 [nF] terrible strips ID and imperfection sort Currently taking a shot at a typical DB, in a joint effort with HPK specialists to augment information exchange productivity

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Analysis of information from HPK see for full report Ileak specs: I < 600nA single SSD I < 200nA arrived at the midpoint of on 100 SSD Stdev(Cbulk) ~ 2 m all inside detail

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Analysis of information from HPK see for full report Vdep specs: V <150V Chans specs: Bad chans rate < 0.2% < 3/single SSD still two bunches of mass resistivity however most SSD stand at the favored higher values all inside determination

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Analysis of information from HPK

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SSD Pisa clean room estimations see (LAT-TD-00454) Electrical strips (p+) grounded/back plane (n) at variable V(+) use adjusted instrumentations (Vsource,p-ammeter,LCR) read through GPIB/LabView information can transfer DB naturally CV filter 0-200V Cbulk at 150V Vdep with: 2 fit convergence HPK definition IV check 0-200V Ileak at 150V

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SSD electrical estimations: information investigation

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SSD electrical estimations: information investigation

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SSD electrical estimations: information examination

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SSD clean room estimations see (LAT-TD-00454) Geometrical pixel/mm adjustment on reference cross measure separation of reference cross focus to X and Y edge (all corners, DXA,DYA,DXB… ) cut arrangement assessed with: Shift= (DyA+DyD)/2 Rotation=DyA-DyD

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SSD geometrical estimations: information investigation conveyance stdev good with test mistake

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Ladders capability see (soon LAT-TD … ) Currently qualifying two suppliers G&A Engineering MIPOT Ladders collected with flight sensors and last apparatuses Alignment Gluing

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Ladders capability SSD arrangement check

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Ladders capability: mechanics holding pull quality between 6-9 gr. (measured at Mipot) holding epitome (at G&A): dam ( 3M Scotchweld 2216 A/B ) + fill (General Electric 615 ) immaculate epoxy (3M Scotchweld 2216 A/B) both great however more involvement with dam&fill

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Ladders capability: spillage current Long term test began: watched relentless current increment of ~40 % in initial 12 hrs.

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Ladders capability: spillage current

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Conclusions Flight sensors testing continues at full speed : essential movement of the entire italian joint effort includes individuals from all establishments goes on regular for 8 hrs. (electrical) + 4 hrs. (geometrical) as of now at greatest rate for electrical (20min/SSD) conceivable little accelerate for geometrical (now 12min/SSD) if pictures are naturally handled still some space for improvement in information exchange to DB from electrical and geometrical estimations setups new prerequisites from information examination and information exchange each day – huge effect on DB advancement Ladder capability: two producers required in the process both gave fruitful results

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