Begin them Youthful: Forming Youngsters into Long lasting Daily paper Perusers.

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Females picked business, guys picked style. What days would you say you are perusing? Sunday and Friday ... Advance teenager stories in up and coming issues in exceptionally read areas on ...
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Begin them Young: Developing Teens into Lifelong Newspaper Readers Trennia Donohue University of St. Thomas May 18, 2004

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Declining Readership of Newspapers 72% of grown-ups read Sunday daily paper in 1970 63% of grown-ups read Sunday daily paper in 2002

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Why Study Teen Newspaper Readership? Era Y 1978-1994 Largest era since Baby Boomers 33.7 million 12-18 year olds in 2005 Establish perusing propensities

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What are the Options for Increasing Readership? Convey youthful perusers to momentum paper Develop new items for youthful perusers Chicago Tribune\'s RedEye Philadelphia Daily News\' Metro

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Research Question Are there changes to the day by day daily paper that would expand adolescent readership?

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Research Methodology 3 East Metro secondary schools Grades 9-12 300 reviews Administered in classrooms by educators

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Response 75% reaction rate, 226 reactions 52% male, 48% female 42% were 10 th graders

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Where do you get the vast majority of your news ? 57% of high schoolers get their news from TV.

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How frequently do you read the daily paper? 56% read regular or a couple times each week 80% read no less than 1X every week

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What segments do you read frequently? Games and Variety/Express 1 st decision. Sports Variety Express Comics

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Favorite part of the daily paper? Guys picked Sports, females picked motion pictures and mold.

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What\'s your minimum most loved segment? Females picked business, guys picked design.

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What days would you say you are perusing? Sunday and Friday are generally perused.

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In the following 2 years you will: As grown-ups, youngsters plan to peruse about the same. Perused the paper significantly more 35% Read the paper about the same 60% Read the paper less 5%

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Biggest explanation behind not perusing? Understanding is not an issue. Insufficient time/too busy 50% Not interested 38% Don\'t have access 8% Too hard to understand 2%

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What might you want to see a greater amount of? Games and scope of youngsters critical. More games 26% Stories on youthful people 22% More photos 10%

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How might you rate the daily paper? 86% evaluated brilliant, great, or great.

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How is this helpful? Creating methodologies Teens are perusing daily papers Particular segments/days of week are all the more exceptionally perused

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Recommendations Target messages to high schoolers in what they are perusing Add serial stories to energize numerous day perusing. Advance adolescent stories in forthcoming issues in exceedingly read segments on well known days of the week.

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Recommendations Provide news synopses for time-squeezed perusers Expose youngsters to daily paper all the more every now and again through teenager occasion sponsorship Sponsor secondary school brandishing occasions Sponsor style occasions at zone shopping centers

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Conclusion Research Question: Are there changes to the day by day daily paper that would build high schooler readership? YES!

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