Beginning KBS 24 th September 2008.

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Study tips... Perusing: 6 Tips. 1.Use perusing records. 2.Start with something straightforward. 3.Read ... Action: PAIRS What are your tips for time administration? ...
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Beginning KBS 24 th September 2008 Shaun Theobald (Student Learning Advisor) The Student Learning Advisory Service

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Agenda Settling in Skills improvement Learning support

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Settling in Make yourself at home the grounds (library, key workplaces, showing rooms, sport offices … ) bolster administrations companions/arranges your area of expertise (site, handbooks … ) your coach the University site

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overseeing due dates completing things experimenting with new things discovering data assessing data clarifying your perspectives displaying data talking before a gathering of individuals composing long messages creating formal scholastic writings working with others perusing for data utilizing PC/www scholastically settling on choices clarifying a procedure or idea working with information and so forth. Aptitudes advancement for college study

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Support to procure abilities Modules CB356 Business Tools IT Training Templeman Library (data recovery) Subject aide and scholastic contact curator Steve Holland, Student Learning Advisory Service

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Based in the Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (UELT) to one side of Barclays bank

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The Student Learning Advisory Service Alison Joy Allia Angela Shaun counselors

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What we offer: FREE Academic Advice and Guidance for all understudies Resources Individual/bunch arrangements On-the-spot exhortation

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Our projects Study abilities workshops MaP (Mature and Part-time understudies) Value Program (exam support for stage 1 understudies just) Student Portal:

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What we don\'t offer: Proof perusing English Language guideline Subject-particular data Maths help, yet … contact:

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Some common learning bolster issues Writing aptitudes (expositions/reports and so forth.) Reading methods Presentation aptitudes Revision and exam methodologies And …

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Strategies to anticipate literary theft ! Duplicating the thoughts and expressions of others so as to present them as your own Resubmitting/reusing your own particular work without affirmation Submitting work delivered by different understudies Failing to reference effectively Plagiarism is a culpable offence!... Yet, is typically inadvertent… Can without much of a stretch be recognized however… Can undoubtedly be averted!

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How to maintain a strategic distance from copyright infringement 1. Great time administration 2. Watchful note taking 3. Careful recording of sources 4. Coordinating in-content references and references in catalog > Harvard Referencing Style

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Study tips… Essays: 6 Tips 1.Understand the inquiry 2.Define perusing and research 3.Plan 4.Manage the time 5.Write:1 st draft(s) 6.Edit

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Study tips… Reading: 6 Tips 1.Use perusing records 2.Start with something straightforward 3.Read adaptably & effectively skim + examine + read for subtle element 4.Keep records for references 5.Set clear targets 6.Review targets

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Time administration University courses frequently posture overwhelming requests on your time Some weeks may include classes, addresses & various task due dates ACTIVITY: PAIRS – What are your tips for time administration?

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Time administration: 6 Tips 1.Think ahead 2.Use a week after week organizer 3.Put in breaks + different undertakings/responsibilities 4.Vary exercises 5.Set clear targets 6.Review targets

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Any inquiries? Good fortunes and reach in the event that we can be of assistance.

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