Beginning with HBIPS from an ORYX Merchant Point of view.

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Beginning with HBIPS from an ORYX Vendor Perspective ... Gayle Olano Hurt, MPA, Maryland Hospital Association, Quality Indicator Project ...
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Beginning with HBIPS from an ORYX Vendor Perspective Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services (HBIPS) Core Measures NAPHS Conference – September 2010

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Panel Gayle Olano Hurt, MPA, Maryland Hospital Association, Quality Indicator Project 6816 Deerpath Road, Elkridge, MD 21075 Phone: 410-379-6200 or 800-899-9642 Web: , E-mail: Lucille M Schacht, PhD, NRI Behavioral Healthcare Performance Measurement System 209 Madison St., Suite 401, Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: (703) 682-9475 Web: , E-mail:

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Performance Measurement Performance Measurement Systems Facilitate execution change Generate inward and outside examinations Transmit execution measure information Ensure Data honesty Data quality Abstraction forms Data reporting Education From The Joint Commission Website

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Working With Performance Measurement Systems Don\'t Delay! The accumulation and utilization of patient level information can be muddled and overpowering Core Measures gathering may require extra assets or asset reallocation Start early Vendors can help you get ready

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Working With Performance Measurement Systems Selecting Vendors All merchants will meet essential Joint Commission necessities. Merchants may gather extra data to give "included esteem". Sellers may have extra reports or information "sees" accessible. Merchants may give client bunches or other backing to help with information gathering, results understanding or correspondence.

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Working With Performance Measurement Systems Experience Does your merchant have involvement with the HBIPS Core Measures forms? Does your seller have involvement with behavioral wellbeing measure accumulation and reporting? Does your merchant know of other potential activities including accumulation of information and reporting of information?

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Working With Performance Measurement Systems Reporting Are the reports they give helpful to inside and outer relative investigation on an opportune premise? Are reports continuous and adaptable for penetrate through and inside and out examination? Is there accessibility of diagramming to show office and national information?

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Working With Performance Measurement Systems Services Do they have customized and committed backing with proceeding with training? Do they offer User Groups? Are there other systems administration openings and training gatherings?

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Challenges & Successful Strategies in Health Care Organizations During Implementation

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Documentation Challenges Clarity and simplicity of information reflection Compliance (in the event that you assemble it will they come?) Challenges with e-documentation Successful Strategies Documentation update. New information catch techniques that facilitated the information gathering trouble Providing triggers or key expressions

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Data Element Definitions Challenges Related to documentation Figuring out how to decipher the specifics of the definitions Clinical learning Successful Strategies: Definitions should be connected to the clinical procedure Using both account and "check boxes" to keep the logical data promptly accessible

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Availability of Resources Challenges: Time designation for deliberation and confirmation Training clinicians and care laborers on required phrasing Successful Strategies: Incorporate into built up work processes

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Technical Problems/Abstraction Processes Challenges: Data accumulation Coding Data accommodation/mapping Successful Strategies: Formulating systems to exploit effectiveness openings Existing review reflection forms/Electronic Medical Record

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After Implementation Public Reporting Data Reporting and Moving Targets Planning Improvements

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Vendor Recommended "Best Practices" Revise documentation to build precision Review documentation with your merchant Communicate with your seller early and regularly Collect more than the Core Measures least

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Vendor Recommended "Best Practices" (proceeded with) Share your information over all levels of staff Create specialized devices for staff to use amid overviews Submit information in a convenient manner Respond to Vendor request – we\'re attempting to help you look great!

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