Behavioral Promoting.

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The intelligent internet promoting
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Behavioral Advertising Carolyn Hodge, VP of Communications, TRUSTe David W. Stark CIPP , VP & North America Privacy Officer, TNS Privacy, Consumer Attitudes and Best Practices The Privacy Symposium • August 20, 2008

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Personalization Is Expected CONFIDENTIAL

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So What\'s the Fuss? Security Groups Ask for Online \'Don\'t Track\' List The intelligent internet promoting "a practically imperceptible, stealth system."Jeffrey Chester, CDD\'s official executive. Blockbuster sued over Facebook promotion highlight April 16 th Class Action claim recorded against Blockbuster in Dallas A Push to Limit the Tracking of Web Surfers\' Clicks State bills rising ( New York and Connecticut) to require assent for Web organizations to utilize individual data about purchasers for publicizing. Concerns publicized about online promotion focusing on Federal Trade Commission evaluating remarks on proposed Guidelines for Behavioral Advertising Watch Your Back for ISP-Targeted Ads UK \'s Phorm CONFIDENTIAL

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Methodology Conducted by TNS, the world\'s biggest custom statistical surveying organization and a main supplier of social and political surveying. Broadly illustrative arbitrary specimen drawn from TNS\'s U.S. Web access board Conducted February 2008 1,105 finished meetings

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Key Findings Consumers express distress with following and focusing on notwithstanding when mysterious They seek the capacity to breaking point and control these exercises Internet clients who portray themselves as "extremely equipped" or "master" in their online specialized mastery are more mindful of following and focusing than their less experienced partners Tech-insightful online shoppers will probably find a way to control or cutoff focusing on (e.g. erasing treats), however their mentalities towards behavioral focusing on are very like self-portrayed "apprentices". Secret 6

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Relevance of Online Ads CONFIDENTIAL 7

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What rate of promotions that you see while perusing online are significant to your needs and needs? % of shoppers Percentage of promotions CONFIDENTIAL 8

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I find internet publicizing meddlesome and irritating when the items and administrations being promoted are not pertinent to my needs and needs. 72% 9% CONFIDENTIAL 9

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I like seeing advertisements for coupons or advancements from online stores and brands that I have obtained from some time recently. 46% 26% CONFIDENTIAL 10

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Consumers say that exclusive a couple of the online promotions that they see are applicable and most consider unimportant advertisements irritating An advantage of behavioral focusing on is as far as anyone knows more pertinent advertisements being served to online buyers But stand out quarter are OK with following, gave that it is led secretly The Disconnect: More Relevance, Less Tracking? Secret

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Awareness of Behavioral Targeting CONFIDENTIAL 12

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When I am on the web, I am mindful that my scanning data might be gathered by an outsider for publicizing purposes. Secret

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Are you acquainted with the term Behavioral Targeting? Classified 14

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Attitudes Towards Behavioral Targeting CONFIDENTIAL 15

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I am OK with promoters utilizing my searching history to serve me important advertisements, the length of that data can\'t be attached to my name or whatever other individual data. 24% 57% CONFIDENTIAL 16

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If given the choice, I would see online advertisements from online stores and brands that I know and trust. 64% 11% CONFIDENTIAL 17

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42% would agree to an online registry 42% 29% I would agree to an online registry to guarantee that publicists are not ready to track my searching practices, regardless of the possibility that it implied that I would get more advertisements that are less pertinent to my interests. Classified 18

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If I saw a catch or symbol on a presentation advertisement on a site that said "Snap here to diminish undesirable promotions" I would click it. 44% 32% CONFIDENTIAL 19

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Personal moves made by customers CONFIDENTIAL 20

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How regularly do you erase treats put away on your PC? Secret 21

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How regularly do you erase Internet records put away on your PC? Private 22

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When you are giving individual data to a site, how regularly do you check to ensure the site has a security articulation? 33% half CONFIDENTIAL 23

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When you are giving individual data to a site, how regularly do you read the protection explanation (if gave)? Perused Privacy Statement Check Site for Privacy Statement f CONFIDENTIAL 24

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Self-evaluation about securing PII online Oct. 2004 Feb. 2008 f I know how to secure my own data online and reliably find a way to do as such. I know how to ensure my own data online however don\'t reliably do as such. I don\'t generally know how to ensure my own data on the web. Classified 25

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How might you portray your online specialized aptitude? Classified 26

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When I am on the web, I am mindful that my scanning data might be gathered by an outsider for publicizing purposes. Classified 28

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Are you acquainted with the term Behavioral Targeting? 62% Expert/Very Competent 55% 40% Beginner/Much to Learn 29% CONFIDENTIAL 29

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What rate of promotions that you see while perusing online are significant to your needs and needs? Master/Very Competent 64% 62% Beginner/Much to Learn 51% Competent % of shoppers Percentage of promotions CONFIDENTIAL 30

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TRUSTe Program Requirements that Currently Address Targeting and Tracking TRUSTe obliges sealholders to unveil the utilization of first gathering and outsider following advancements on the webpage Opt-in is required if touchy PII is exchanged to outsiders utilizing Web signals If data gathered by means of following innovations is connected to gathered PII - then the that data is viewed as PII and every one of our prerequisites around PII apply CONFIDENTIAL

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Forward Perspective on Behavioral Advertising Consumer Education all business recipients ought to be responsible in giving instruction, notification and decision to buyers, where suitable Sliding Scale Proactive Notice sliding scale for notification and decision ought to be utilized in light of practices and security suggestions Accountability Websites where following and focusing on is started, gathered or utilized, and also advertisement systems serving behavioral publicizing, if all take an interest in giving protection data and alternatives to purchasers CONFIDENTIAL

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Consumer Education AOL Penguin Campaign CONFIDENTIAL

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Sliding Scale for Notice and Choice Source: Microsoft Corporation CONFIDENTIAL

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Proactive Notice and Choice in Advertising CONFIDENTIAL

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Opt-In for 3 rd Party Sharing: Disclosures for Beacon Advertisers CONFIDENTIAL

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Don\'t give guests and clients any motivation to stress over information accumulation and use hones. Go past the security proclamation Matter-of-factly consolidate some exposure of following and focusing as a component of your item or administration esteem suggestion. Give a "what is this" catch to clarify how your customization functions. Basic role on sites is not to peruse sees but rather to execute and fabricate encounters Opt-out rates are low however address the vocal minority Make beyond any doubt your administration suppliers, organizations, and others are taking after industry norms for security notification and exposure. A large number of the genuine protestations or issues TRUSTe experiences are protection breaks by advertising sellers. CONFIDENTIA

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