Being a Man.

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Old fashioned Men of God
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Being a Man Old School Men of God

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"Ladies go to chapel; men go to football games. Laymen go to chapel exercises in light of the fact that a spouse, mother, or sweetheart has forced them… If a man goes to chapel, he goes in light of the fact that a lady has cajoled him into what he would regularly consider unmanly conduct. Be that as it may, on the off chance that he goes willfully, he endures suspicions about his manliness… An overwhelming feedback of Christianity is numerous men see it as insignificant, as well as womanly… As one man put it, \'life is a football game, with men battling it out on the turf, while the priest is up in the grandstands, disclosing it to the women.\'" -Leon Podles

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Scripture Systematic Feminization:

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God Systematic Feminization:

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Jesus Systematic Feminization:

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Worship Systematic Feminization:

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Pastors Systematic Feminization:

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Our Triune God of Scripture

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Five Characteristics of a Biblical Man 1. God\'s Men are INITIATORS 2. God\'s Men are PROVIDERS 3. God\'s Men are SAGES 4. God\'s Men are WARRIORS 5. God\'s Men are MENTORS

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Weak Men will regularly committ three Sins: ABUSE their masculinity Proverbs 14:16-17: "An astute man reasons for alarm and withdraws from shrewdness, But a nitwit seethes and is self-assured. 17 A temperamental man acts stupidly, And a man of underhanded aims is detested." AVOID their masculinity Proverbs 3:27: "Don\'t withhold great from those to whom it is expected, When it is in the force of your hand to do as such." ABANDON their masculinity Proverbs 2:12-15: "To convey you from the method for underhandedness, From the man who talks unreasonable things, 13 From the individuals who leave the ways of uprightness To stroll in the methods for haziness; 14 Who cheer in doing abhorrence, And take pleasure in the perversity of the insidious; 15 Whose ways are screwy, And who are shrewd in their ways"

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Failure of the First Adam - Success of the Second Adam Romans 5:12-19: "Along these lines, generally as wrongdoing appeared on the scene through one man, and passing through transgression, thus demise spread to all men since all trespassed - 13 for wrongdoing in reality was on the planet in the witness of the law was given, however sin is not numbered where there is no law. 14 Yet demise ruled from Adam to Moses, even over those whose erring dislike the transgression of Adam, who was a sort of the person who was to come. 15 But the free blessing dislike the trespass. For if numerous passed on through one man\'s trespass, significantly more have the beauty of God and the free blessing by the finesse of that small time Jesus Christ proliferated for some. 16 And the free blessing dislike the consequence of that one man\'s transgression. For the judgment tailing one trespass brought judgment, yet the free blessing taking after numerous trespasses brought avocation. 17 If, as a result of one man\'s trespass, demise ruled through that limited, substantially more will the individuals who get the wealth of elegance and the free endowment of honorableness rule in life through the exclusive Jesus Christ. 18 Therefore, as one trespass prompted judgment for all men, so one demonstration of honorableness prompts avocation and life for all men. 19 For as by the exclusive\'s insubordination the numerous were made heathens, so by the limited\'s compliance the numerous will be made exemplary."

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