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Territory shorelines and shorelines on the Cayes are a best's percentage in the Caribbean ... for all extra travel data. ...
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Belize Tourism and Vacation Information

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Belize Information Located in the Northeast of Central America Mayan Civilization\'s middle range Pristine shorelines, savanna fields, and rainforests Largest salt water reef in the Western Hemisphere

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Why Go to Belize ? Its nearby! A British Protectorate English Speaking Temperature constantly above 70 0 F Great cash conversion scale

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Getting There! Belize is a noteworthy journey goal: from urban areas, for example, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans. 2 hours from real aircraft center points Miami and Houston All real carriers fly there! A visa is expected to enter.

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By Land Hiking Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve Mayan Ruins Belize Zoo Flora & Fauna investigations Caving Things to do, Places to see…

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Things to do, Places to see… By Sea Fishing Sailing Diving Kayaking/Canoeing Snorkeling

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Water Adventures 185 miles of reef – Cayes - declared "Keys" Deepwater jumps & snorkeling Mangrove investigation Check out:

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Exploring the Ancient Mayan World Xunantunich Ruins Xunantunich was a noteworthy formal focus Ruins all through the North and West Check out:

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Environment 21% of aggregate area is ensured 500 types of winged creatures 145 warm blooded animals 135 sorts of reptiles Check out:

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Rest and Relaxation No requirement for experience Mainland shorelines and shorelines on the Cayes are a portion of the best in the Caribbean Numerous resorts, or little neighborhood towns that take into account voyagers.

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Whether you\'re searching for enterprise or unwinding, Belize will address every one of your issues and that\'s just the beginning. Take a gander at & for all extra travel data.

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