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He additionally utilizes numerous Latin American understudies in return in France. ... Sustenance importations :
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BEST IN FRANCE Mexi and Co Claire ABASTADO Céline MAIRET Thomas MORIN Guillaume ROUX

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When we met Alvaro Lemis, a Colombian agent, we imagined that his 15 years of involvement in France would considerably more intriguing for the Best in Case study than a gigantic unoriginal universal firm… That is the reason we are going to present to you the investigation of a little obscure firm.

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The Mexi & Co. Organization Created in 1992 in Paris by a Colombian representative : Alvaro Lemis At the starting : organization made to appropriate nourishment items from South America in France, in parallel of two others Lemis\' organizations : Beto and Bravo, for generation of chips ("tortillas") and circulation of Corona lager 2000 : Bankrupt… Alvaro Lemis chooses to stay with one and only, Mexi & Co. He purchases 4 eateries in Paris and suburb, composes salsa shows and delivers Y. Buenaventura, an acclaimed Colombian artist Today : the estimation of the 4 eateries is evaluated at 1 000 €, the organization is a win !

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Alvaro Lemis Alvaro was conceived in England, moved to Colombia at one year old and to Equator at eleven. He examined in the United States an expert of Business and Politic Science. He worked two years in a bank in New York and after that attempted to begin a business of healing center and inn waste reprocessing. Be that as it may, it was exceptionally troublesome for a Colombian in the United States to discover the establishing important, so he surrendered. He then chose to begin once again in France. To start with he started arranging "Latino Party" in bars and night clubs in Paris, then he put resources into a previous "rillette" industrial facility and made his own organization of conveyance and creation of Mexican and south American items: Beto & Bravo. In 1992, he began the appropriation of Corona in France. He then got to be greater and greater : he purchased new machines began new business… But he didn\'t handle his development and he had critical income issues. This lead him to chapter 11 : he needed to offer everything and he was sought by the exchange tribunal. It took him 6 years to recuperate, however he then began his current new business of Latin American eateries.

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Why he came in France ? The choice to come in France hasn\'t been truly a decision : it has been increasingly an open door. Above all else, he came in France for the French nature of live, and for Paris : the landmarks, the way of life, the people groups… After his involvement in the US and especially in New York where it was troublesome for a Colombian to succeed, he needed to work and live in a nation where everything is conceivable notwithstanding for a Colombian ! At that point, he realized that the Latino\' soul was extremely refreshing in France and especially in Paris so there were great open doors in this nation.

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The first items : Tortillas and Corona The tortillas (Mexican Chips) used to be delivered in an industrial facility in the nineteenth locale of Paris Then the plant moved in Aulnay-sous-Bois, in suburbia ; new machines were purchased in the meantime Alvaro Lemis was reached by the Corona makers to disseminate the brew in France Huge accomplishment for the Corona : development of 80% to 100% every year But for lager dispersion : need to have essential measure of stocks The appropriation of Corona turns into a monetary issue, and the generation of chips needs ventures to build up… The colossal volumes lead to bankrupt : the Beto and Bravo organizations have been casualties of their prosperity

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The real business : the eateries One eatery in Saint-Germain des Prés (« 1492 »), two eateries in Rue Saint-Jacques, Saint-Michel (« El Sol e la Luna »), one eatery in Juvisy About 40 individuals are working for every one of them, the vast majority of them are originating from South America Low-spending eateries Latino\'s nourishment and environment (enrichment, music) Big achievement : they are cited in renowned aides (Routard, Petit Futé, Gault & Millau)

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The customers connection Alvaro thinks there is a sort of arrangement amongst him and his customers: he offers them a decent place to unwind in a credible Latino air, with generally Columbian or Mexican servers and servers, at an extremely sensible cost ( most plates are less then ten euros) as to the spots where the eateries are found : for instance the eatery "1492"is arranged in St Germain, in the focal point of Paris. In return, customers need to acknowledge the way that the administration is not generally impeccable, as in an exceptionally "chic" French eatery. At times, you need to hold up a little to have your plate prepared and a few servers don\'t talk impeccable French yet it is a piece of the air.

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The estimations of Mexi and Co One of the most essential estimation of Mexi and Co is the Latino association. Alvaro needs to help the Latin American touching base in France so he utilizes for the most part Colombian or Mexican as of late arrived. He additionally utilizes numerous Latin American understudies in return in France. He offers them an uncommon 20 hours for every week contract with the likelihood to adjust their timetables relying upon their exams dates. An other estimation of this organization is to furnish the customers with true items from Latin America. Truth be told, a great deal of item are transported in from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile… The principle objectives of this organization are neither to make benefit nor to extend. Really, the experience of liquidation is still in the brain of Alvaro and he wouldn\'t like to begin again the same slip-ups, thus, the majority of the advantage is reinvested in the eatery to purchase new hardware and materials. Moreover, after his first experience Alvaro figured out how to encompass himself with the great people to have the capacity to designate however regardless he have a considerable measure of work with his four eateries. Anyway, now, at 40 years of age, his own primary worth is to take an ideal opportunity to appreciate life…

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The limitations in France As for Alvaro, the requirements in France are not all that solid. Be that as it may he sees two focuses : First of all, he had less favorable circumstances towards banks as a Colombian. Incidentally, it has been more troublesome for him in light of his Latino causes. In any case, the significant point is the issue of duty in the French society. As in Columbia, French individuals need to take more obligations and see the supervisor\'s perspective keeping in mind the end goal to be more effective.

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The adjustment to France The principal adjustment was in his menus : in his eateries, it is a Latino nourishment yet you can discover European gatherers : for instance, you can drink great French wine, Italian "coffee espresso", and the Food is cooked with delicate flavors. At that point it has been vital to take in the French society : the history, the diversion, however above all else the dialect ! At that point he attempted to enter in the French networks (craftsmen, columnists, lawmakers… ) in light of the fact that it was by all accounts vital keeping in mind the end goal to succeed.

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The key limitations costs This is Alvaro\'s perspective on the key expenses : T tomahawks : "it is a reasonable redistribution of assets" Rents : "it is extremely costly in Paris" Communication imperatives : "the will to exhibit the menus both in Spanish and in French" Food importations : "to import some south American items (Argentina hamburger)"

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The key advantages This is Alvaro\'s perspective on the key advantages : The Latino soul : "it is a solid style in France" The French "Craftsmanship de vivre" : "there are a considerable measure of eateries in Paris : it is a spot with numerous open doors" A high "life level" in Paris : "the personal satisfaction is crucial in France. It is imperative to find out about the past and not to make the same mistakes" The administration help : "it is truly reasonable if there should arise an occurrence of bankrupts"

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Essential advices Alvaro conceives that his accomplishment in wining the business sector in France is for the most part because of his adjustment to the French model. Truth be told, in his eateries he truly attempted to manufacture a scaffold amongst Latino and French society : keeping the piece of information parts of the first and moderating them by French references. For him, to make this adjustment, the vital thing is to love your nation of selection, to be intrigued by finding the way of life and its specificities. In this way, at long last, his principle counsel is : " love the nation and the way of life". An other imperative point is the improvement of the web. Specifically in France, having companions in the great spots is a key point to succeed.

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