BETTER Associations – BETTER Results.

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BETTER Associations – BETTER Results Enhancing Work MARKET Adequacy North Melbourne – 6 October 2005 Motivation 9.45am: Arrival and enlistment 10.00am: Welcome and Presentations 10.10am: Better Associations presentation 11.00am: Identification and discourse of issues
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Agenda 9.45am: Arrival and enrollment 10.00am: Welcome and Introductions 10.10am: Better Connections presentation 11.00am: Identification and exchange of issues 11.30am: Morning tea 11. 50am: Developing an activity arrangement 12.50pm: Lunch 1.20pm: Guest speakers 2.00pm: Drawing it together 2.20pm: Close

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Origins of the workshops DEWR embraces a scope of examination and investigation of work supply and ability deficiencies DEWR, with other Government offices, is taking a gander at how to address Australia’s work supply and aptitude deficiencies Run a progression of workshops to share data and thoughts

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Objective of the workshops Improve Labor Market Effectiveness by tending to work supply and expertise lack issues expanding work market cooperation (target bunches – experienced matured, single folks, individuals with an incapacity, Indigenous Australians, individuals from socially and semantically differing foundations, youth) building up and further creating linkages between significant associations

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North Melbourne ESA and North Eastern Melbourne Labor Force Region

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Population Growth Source: ABS Population projections 2002-2011 (Cat no 3222.0) Series B

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North Eastern Melbourne Profile Working Age Population (15-64) : 311,000 Unemployment Rate : 4.6% versus 5.1% for the state Employment Rate (15-64) : 70.4% versus 71.4% for the state Participation Rate : 64.1% versus 64.0% for the state Diversity : 35.9% of the populace conceived abroad (29.3% for the state) 29.7% conceived in a non English talking nation (21.8% for the state) Education : 42.4% of the populace finished post school capabilities compared to 43.7% for the state 20.6% of the populace finished a degree or higher analyzed to 21.0% for the state Source : ABS Labor Force Survey 3 Month Averages to August 2005, ABS Supplementary Labor power review 3 month normal to May 04, ABS Supplementary Labor power study May 03

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North Eastern Melbourne Labor Market Demand Industry Employment by industry versus state Employment status by industry Projected industry development

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Melbourne Labor Market Demand Skill Shortages Professionals Trades

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Skill Shortages - Melbourne Professionals

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Skill Shortages - Melbourne Trades

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North Melbourne Labor Market Demand All opportunities held up and filled (Job Network and Job Placement Organizations) New Apprenticeship opening stopped and filled (Job Network and Job Placement Organizations) New Apprenticeship beginnings (DEST 2003)

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North Melbourne Labor Market Supply Working Age Populations Working age installment beneficiaries Centrelink and Job Network populaces Job Network quarterly referrals

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Upcoming exercises and those officially settled and in progress Wholesale Market moving to Epping Westfield extension in Whittlesea Expansion of Epping Plaza Vic Urban’s Aurora Project (Epping North) Commonwealth Games in City of Darebin Austin – Mercy Hospital re- development in Heidelberg

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Range of DEWR Programs Job Network Employment Innovation Fund Job Placement Community Work Coordinators Voluntary Work Initiatives Green Corps New Enterprise Incentive Scheme Transition to Work National Harvest Labor Information Service Personal Support Program Job Placement, Employment and Training Disability Employment Assistance Indigenous projects, for example, Community Development Employment Projects, Structured Training & Employment Projects, Indigenous Small Business Fund, Wage Assistance

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Possible issues for thought How to build the interest of folks and individuals with an inability? How to connect with executives and industry to build the cooperation of folks, individuals with a handicap and long haul unemployed? In what manner can occupation administration suppliers improve linkages and build the arrangement of employment seekers into New Apprenticeships? How improve draw in with industry and managers to exploit opportunities in the district (eg wholesale market; Westfield development).

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Local activity arrangement for every issue Focus on commonsense activities Identify partners and linkages

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Guest Speakers Growth in the Northern Corridor John Francis Director, Economic Development Unit City of Whittlesea Disability Open Employment in the Northern Region Glen Prewitt Manager, Disability Open Employment JobCo

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Evaluation methodology Workshop assessment to be rounded out today Follow up overview of members to survey particular activities/systems embraced Longer term information investigation to evaluate quantifiable things and examination of subjective data relating specifically to every workshop

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