Biathlon Canada Superior Arrangements and Needs 2004-2005.

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Biathlon Canada Elite Arrangements and Needs 2004-2005 Objectives for the 2004-2005 Season Preparing period: Enter the Train-to-Win period of ADM with our top Sr. competitors Convey elite system in view of our experience, more consideration concentrated on balanced work
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Biathlon Canada High Performance Plans and Priorities 2004-2005

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Goals for the 2004-2005 Season Training period: Enter the Train-to-Win period of ADM with our top Sr. competitors Deliver superior project taking into account our experience, more consideration concentrated on coordinated work Continued refining of fundamental specialized abilities and create biathlon-particular aptitudes required for global fabulousness Competition period: 2 competitors positioned in the main 50 in general WC standings 1x main 20 and 1x main 16 result at WCH 05 Retain our senior competitors in system until the 2006 Olympics 2 competitors fit the bill for designation to the 2006 OWG (need 1)

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NTP 2004-2005 Training gatherings (AAP – Annex A): Senior Team (Richard) – 5 competitors Olympic Squad : Zina Kocher, Robin Clegg, David Leoni, Sandra Keith Sr. Dev Squad : Marie-Pierre Parent, ( Gerhardt Klann TBC, Louise Weber and Barb Sharp have declined) Junior Dev Squad – 9 competitors East (Daniel): JP LeGuellec, Francois Leboeuf, Jaime Robb, Joannie Hachã© West (Geret): Lindsey Bolivar,Sonya Erasmus, Dylan Costuros-Hay, Nicki Pacas (Jessie Jaques has declined) Development Program – 6 competitors East (Daniel): Maxime Lebeouf, Marc-Andrã© Bã©dard, Patrick Cã\'tã© West (Geret): Megan Imrie, Cindy Clark, Brendan Green (Trevor Wilson has declined)

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Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program Senior Card (SC-C1) 1. Zina Kocher 2. Robin Clegg 3. Sandra Keith 4. David Leoni (C-1) Development Card – Training Center Criteria 5. Lindsey Bolivar (junior) 6. Jaime Robb (junior) 7. Dylan Costuros-Hay (junior) 8. Jean Philippe LeGuellec (youth) Development Card – HPWG Nomination 9. Maxime Leboeuf (youth) 10. Marie-Pierre Parent (senior)

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NTP 2004-2005 Selection criteria Senior project Zina and Robin preselected for 2004-2005 David and Sandra preselected for WC 1-2-3 Senior trials 11-14 Dec 2004 for WC 4-5-6 4M/4W for WCh (utilization of Nor Am 4 th man) Use of WC 9 if obliged HPWG prudence (main 50 or NC) - authorize

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NTP 2004-2005 Selection criteria Junior/Youth program Jean Philippe is preselected for 2004-2005 International criteria competitors to EC 3-4 (Dec 04) Use of Nationals for WCH determination 26-30 Jan 05 Top competitor from every class chose Other competitors can be endorsed implementing the guideline of normal crevices to finish group choice Top ½ putting will be repaid

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NTP 2004-2005 Senior Development Squad system Training focus exercises Participation in different camps (client pay) Olympic Squad program (above +) Various camps (Bike, Haig (2), Glacier camp) Early snow camp and EC 1-2 BWC 1-2-3 pre-Xmas visit National Team Program (post choice) BWC 4-5-6 (up to 2M/3W) BWC 7-8 and WCh (up to 4M/4W) Use of WC 9 if obliged (main 50 or NC)

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NTP 2004-2005 Junior Development Squad project Training focus exercises, including camps EC 3-4 pre-Xmas (JP LeGuellec 100%, Jr Dev Squad International standard half financed – Domestic standard assent) National Team Program (post choice) Junior –Youth WCh (Finland) 14 days

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NTP 2004-2005 Team staffing necessities Senior group Olympic group core (Roger-Richard-Wax Tech) BWC 1-2-3-7-8 + WCh (+1 tech) Select up to 2 visit mentors for BWC 4-5-6

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NTP 2004-2005 Team staffing prerequisites Junior group TC mentors for EC 3-4 Junior/Youth WCH Team Leader (Roger – TBD) TC mentors Senior Team Wax tech will go to ICE Task 21 understudy

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NTP 2004-2005 Total staffing necessities: Team Leader - Roger 59 days Senior Coach – Richard 97 days Junior mentors – Daniel/Geret 35 days Senior Team Wax Tech – 119 days Assistant Technician for WCh – 10 days 2 visit mentors BWC 4-5-6 - 22 days Junior/Youth WCH visit mentors/techs: 15 days

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NTP 2004-2005 - Staffing Process Assistant Coaching Support East – employing procedure from 2003 West – Eligibility rundown being produced by means of call letter (May 31 st ) National group visit positions Call letter for all positions with proclamation of capabilities (July 04)

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Valcartier Coaching structure 1 full time mentor 1 paid colleague mentor 1 volunteer mentor Partnership in fantastic position ACBQ, CSHNQ, CNMM Talent ID on-going and dynamic Canmore Coaching structure 2 full time mentors Paid aides Sr group Paid right hand Jr group and Talent ID Partnership unaltered from 2003 Severe reductions Talent ID is experiencing choices investigation Camps versus Territorial choices Training Center Developments

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TORINO 2006 - CRITERIA Prior to 2006 Biathlon Canada was liable to Schedule A criteria sanction by the Canadian Olympic Committee For 2006 OWG (Torino) the COC has endorsed the utilization of International Federation criteria (illustrated beneath): Men Nation Cup standing and share : Rank Register Start Total 1-5 6 4 30 6-20 5 4 75 21-28 1 8 Women Nation Cup standing and portion : Rank Register Start Total 1-5 6 4 30 6-15 5 4 50 16-20 4 20 21-27 1 8

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TORINO 2006 - CRITERIA 2 Principles driving the Biathlon Canada Olympic determination procedure: Demonstrated Excellence (COC models) Top 16 placings (singular competitor) Top 12 placings in hand-off Predicted Excellence (rising star criteria) Based on formative periods The Olympic choice archive contains need rankings for competitors meeting capability measures Our standards of choice may prompt the selection of a littler more aggressive group than permitted by the IF criteria.

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NTP 2004-2005 Policy changes Athlete Handbook to be reconsidered Tour agenda Amenities agenda AAP 2004-2005 Inclusion Olympic criteria No household criteria for Senior Cards Junior benchmark set up International youth criteria

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HP Budget 2004-2005 Success in High Performance accompanies a cost 04-05 HP Budget:$444.5K Increase because of: Increased visit exercises needed for Olympic capability Increase in subsidizing to re-build up administration support in CTC and keep up Talent ID extends Now incorporates use through accomplices

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HP Program 2004-2005 Proposed Motion : Move to acknowledge on a basic level the High Performance Program and spending plan as exhibited pending regard of th

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