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making biodiesel... Ethanol-based biodiesel demos? The first Dr Pepper methanol ... Washing with salt water to uproot pollutes: NaOH, ethanol, cleanser ...
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Biodiesel – utilizing waste agrarian items to power school transports Part 1 - Synthesis Presented to CONASTA 59 2010 by the Primary Industry Center for Science Education (PICSE) Dr Robert Elliott (Dr) David Schaller – Macquarie Oils Ms Anna Paice - UTAS

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What is PICSE? Essential Industry Center for Science Education based at UTAS National system 8 Activity Centers Attracting gifted understudies to study science, experiencing real aptitudes deficiencies Teacher PDs, class visits, Industry Placement Scholarship for yr 11/12, Science Camps yr 10, classroom assets, Science Investigation Awards yr 5-12

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Industry Placement Scholarship

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Learning Outcomes Make atmosphere face off regarding concrete Understand carbon nonpartisan fuel Understand why BD (not straight veg oil) Chemistry: fats, cleanser and biodiesel Poor BD union - prompts examination, experimentation, improvement

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Connections to educational modules Renewable fills Titration – corrosive/base Saponification response Organic mixes – naming Esterification response Factors affecting response rates, consummation/balance Experimental plan and process

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Driving far and wide on straight vegetable oil (SVO) (Biodiesel instruction venture: Oil+Water - > )

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Ignition by pressure: no sparkle plug in diesels

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High consistency of straight vegetable oil (SVO)

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Biodiesel versus vegetable oil (SVO) Viscosity - > fine splash Demo

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Engine harm from utilizing straight vegetable oil (SVO)

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Biodiesel versus vegetable oil (SVO) Flammability (streak point) Whoosh!

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Converting fats to biodiesel glycerol TG (Fat) DG MG +

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Safety Biodiesel is non-dangerous, however... making biodiesel... Combustible – liquor Toxic-methanol Corrosive – burning pop Heat/flashes... Picture from

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Ethanol-based biodiesel demos? The first Dr Pepper methanol convention Existing little scale ethanol-based lesson Our adjustment of the Dr. Pepper convention to ethanol Or Small scale ethanol ref

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+ H 2 + H 2 O + liquor Margarine + H 2 Soap (FFAs) Biodiesel (FAMEs) Alkanes

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Dry liquor, dry NaOH, dry/new oil: <1% FFAs, dry crystal, dry air Soap + H 2 O + oil + shaking = ??? Have you ever attempted to blaze cleanser? Reward: why doesn\'t cleanser blaze?

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Making the impetus with channel cleaner +

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Progress of the transesterification response

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Burning glycerol makes a sticky wreckage you don\'t need in your motor! it be able to be-to-make-fluffy.html

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\'Pre-wash\' helps glycerol separate + 1 Tbs H 2 O 100 ml + 20ml = around 150 ml

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Washing with salt water † to evacuate debases: NaOH, ethanol, cleanser

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Modifications to the Dr Pepper demo convention Use less dangerous ethanol Dry ethanol utilizing polenta (or rock salt)(Optional?) Longer response times (heat?) Trigger glycerol detachment with H 2 O prewash Prevent emulsions with salt washes Or Small scale ethanol ref

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Bob Elliott\'s Biodiesel Protocol Add 30g NaOH to 200mL dry ethanol >95% in a tapered cup, blend well. Utilize a hotplate to break up impetus in the liquor if required. Utilize a vacant, totally dry 1.25L soda pop jug or 1L isolating pipe. Include 300mL of new vegetable oil (canola, soy bean, olive, poppy, almond and so forth) then include the disintegrated catalyst+alcohol blend. Delicately shake by modifying jug or pipe a few times and leave to settle overnight, or think about various response times eg 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins. Wash the biodiesel

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