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Biomes Major assortments of world biological communities

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World Biomes

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Biomes & Climate

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Biomes Terrestrial Tropical rainforest Temperate rainforest Temperate deciduous timberland Tiaga (boreal woodland) Tundra Desert Temperate field Savannah Chaparral/Steppe Urban Marine Open sea Antarctic sea (edge of the ice) Estuary Coral Reef Barrier Island Shallow sea/cove Mangrove backwoods Freshwater River Lake Pond Wetlands (Swamps, bogs, and so on.)

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Tropical Rainforest

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Temperate Deciduous Forest

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Tiaga (Boreal Forest)

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Temperate Rainforest

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Temperate Grasslands

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Marine Biomes Open Ocean Coral Reefs - Barrier Islands - Shallow Marine…

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Mangrove "Timberlands"

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Biome "Report" 1-2 pages, Due next Thursday Abiotic conditions - atmosphere, and so forth. Assorted qualities and wood networks Community attributes Examples of adjustments. Human effect Websites & References

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