Biomimicry and the Manufactured Environment.

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Shoe soles that hold like a mountain goat. Clothing that inhale like stomates of plants. Shirt that wicks sweat like a horned reptile ...
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Biomimicry and the Built Environment Introduction to Biomimicry for Fourth Grade

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Where do thoughts originate from?

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BIOMIMICRY BIO – Life Mimicry – duplicate or copy

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So, what does this intend to YOU?

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T-shirt that wicks sweat like a horned reptile Vitamins in light of the eating regimen of woods gorillas Fasteners that stick like burrs Shoe soles that grasp like a mountain goat Underwear that inhale like stomates of plants

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Clothing shaded without colors like a butterfly, a peacock, or an ocean slug

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Sandwich sacks that biodegrade like ties of blue mussel and zip shut like a quill

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Systems interconnected like trees in an old-development woodland Computers as quick as neurons Computer screens that make shading the same route as wings of a butterfly

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What conceivable outcomes would you be able to envision? What animals will rouse you?

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Can YOU look to nature for motivation?

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Here are Some Ways to Start Take a Hike! Sit discreetly outside and OBSERVE Ask questions in Biology class Stay in School Read books about the characteristic world Do explore on your most loved animal and all its cool capacities, for yourself! Set off for college and study Biology and Design

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Never quit inquiring as to Why or How It\'s your future.

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