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Look into biotechnology and hereditary building ... What are a few employments of hereditary designing in agribusiness? Dark walnut has capacity to execute off encompassing ...
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Biotechnology To go with Georgia Middle School Lessons on Biotechnology Written by: Christina M. Lances Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum Office July 2003

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Objectives Define Biotechnology Compare and differentiation biotechnology and hereditary building Explain how biotechnology expands creation List employments of biotechnology in plant and creature science Explain recorded employments of biotechnology

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What is D N A ? Inherited data put away in chromosomes Stored as arrangement of nucleotides Five carbon base sugar Phosphate bunch Nitrogenous base (c)

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What is Biotechnology? Administration of organic frameworks for advantage of humankind Applied to general sciences

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Uses of Biotechnology in Plant and Animal Science Cloning Herbicides Increasing timeframe of realistic usability ©

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Biotechnology All subjects of science Bigger picture Genetic Engineering Genetics Gene joining, replication, and exchange of qualities More thought Biotechnology versus Genetic Engineering

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How does Biotechnology expand Production? Grow new types of plants and creatures Modify plants and creatures to enhance their life forms Improving the nature of nourishment Longer time span of usability for perishables

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Historical Uses of Biotechnology Earliest methods were utilized to make cheddar and wine Spoiled milk aged to make cheddar Grape juice matured to make wine Today… we see wine and cheddar as well as yogurt and bread produced using procedures of biotechnology

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Activity THE OLD RED DOG WAS TOO BIG FOR HIS BED Have an erasure that would erase the D in OLD… sentence resemble THE OLR EDD OGW AST OOB IGF ORH ISB ED If transformation brought about reversal of word DOG… THE OLD RED GOD WAS TOO BIG FOR HIS BED

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Intro to Biotechnology Lab Activity!! Making Yogurt Review present on it Form gatherings of three individuals and cooperate to make the yogurt Two-day movement

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Biotechnology in Plant Science

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Objectives Identify biotechnologies in plant science Discuss significance of biotechnology to people Explain the effect of cloning on plant science Identify how control of chromosome number influences plant attributes (c)

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Assignment In gatherings of three examination one plant biotechnology Hybrids Herbicides Genetic designing Number of chromosomes

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Discussion What are a few biotechnologies utilized as a part of plant science? In what manner will these biotechnologies help plants? Distinguish some negative effects of biotechnology use in plants What is the risk of utilizing herbicides? By what method can grain be created all the more proficiently with the utilization of nitrogen?

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Number of Chromosomes What is polyploidy? Contain more than one haploid arrangement of chromosomes (n) How does polyploidy influence plants? Around 30-70% of angiosperms are polyploids Peanut is 4n, Banana and apple 2n or 3n, and cotton is 4n Deliberate polyploidy in marigolds, snapdragons, and watermelons (c)

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Lab Assignment Asexual Propagation: Cuttings Layerings For task: Students separate into lab gathers Each gathering given a plant for stem tip cutting

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Biotechnology In Animal Science

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Objectives Identify case of biotechnology in creature science Interpret magazine/daily paper and Internet articles about biotechnology Describe how cloning influences creature science Explain how the quantity of chromosomes impacts creature qualities (c)

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Assignment In gatherings of three you will explore a theme on biotechnology in creature science After your exploration, your gathering will exhibit your point to the class

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Discussion What are a few biotechnologies utilized as a part of creature science? In what capacity will these biotechnologies help in the efficiency of creatures? What are the effects of these biotechnologies on the earth, shopper wellbeing, and creatures? By what means will these biotechnologies advantage people? What is cloning and in what capacity will it sway creature science?

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Epistasis Define epistasis. Having one or more qualities that cover the impact of the overwhelming quality Example: In Labrador Retrievers, BB/Bb gives dark, bb gives cocoa, EE/Ee gives typical coat shading, and ee gives yellow. Cross BBEE with bbEE, what is the F1 era? Presently cross the F1 era, what is the F2? ©

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Polyploidy What is polyploidy and what sorts of creatures are polyploids? Polyploidy implies having one or more arrangement of haploid chromosomes (n). In creatures this wonder is uncommon, yet one does see it in reptiles, creatures of land and water, and bugs In the September 1999 issue of Nature , researchers uncovered they found a tetraploid (4n) rodent in Argentina

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Biotechnology Genetic Engineering

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Objectives Explain hereditary building Describe a methodology of hereditary designing Identify the procedure of DNA fingerprinting Complete the DNA fingerprinting lab Explain how hereditary building is connected in agribusiness Cite case of hereditary designing uses in horticulture ©

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Genetic Engineering What is hereditary building? Likewise called recombinant DNA innovation or quality control. Two noteworthy methods: 1) Genes are built into life forms, for example, microorganisms, microscopic organisms, for large scale manufacturing and 2) insertion of select qualities into living beings to enhance their genotype Identify a methodology of hereditary designing. 1) Isolate the qualities, 2) Recombination, 3) Transformation, 4) Screening, and 5) Induction

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Gel Electrophoresis Uses an electric current to isolate different sections of DNA to various lengths on the gel. DNA pieces are pulled in to the positive side of the gel The bigger parts relocate slower than the littler sections (c)

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Genetic Engineering in Agriculture How is hereditary building connected to farming? Crops have been produced that oppose bug harm and deterioration. A few types of plants can slaughter off weeds encompassing them. Researchers now embed a quality to drag out the timeframe of realistic usability of foods grown from the ground. What are a few employments of hereditary building in horticulture? Dark walnut has capacity to slaughter off encompassing weeds in its zone. When this quality is confined, researchers can apply it to different plants. Tomato has a quality to build its time span of usability. (c) walnut1.gif

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