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Mosque. The Place where Muslims Pray. At the Mosque. We Pray 5 times a ... At the Mosque. We meet one another. Islam. The five mainstays of Islam... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Shahadah ...
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Bismillah Whenever a Muslim starts anything he starts for the sake of Allah

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In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful The Beneficent,

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Islam is not another religion. The message every one of the prophets taught

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The Message God is one and love just God Almighty

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Allah The name for God in the Arabic dialect

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Allah is one

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Allah is… A ll-capable The E ternal C reator of everything F ree of all needs The Most Merciful Unlike anything made

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Prophets 124 thousand Prophets were sent to Mankind to show us about God

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Every Nation was sent a Prophet

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Prophets For Example: David Moses Abraham Jesus Noah Muhammed

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Muslim s… has confidence in Allah and that Muhammed is his Final Prophet.

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Muhammad Peace be upon him

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Last Prophet Muhammed was the Last detachment

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His message was for the entire of humanity

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Prophets His message is watched by Allah until the Judgment day

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Quran The marvel of wonders…

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Guidance as a Guidance for humankind

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Quran The Quran has never been changed. Allah himself guaranteed to shield it from changes.

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Quran Over 23 years Million Hafiz Millions Copies 114 Chapters 6000 + verses No Errors No Mistakes

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Mosque The place of Allah…

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Mosque The Place where Muslims Pray

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At the Mosque We Pray 5 times each day

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AT THE MOSQUE We r ead and study the Quran

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At the Mosque We take in about Islam

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At the Mosque We meet each other

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1 2 3 4 5 Islam The five mainstays of Islam…

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1 Shahadah When a man turns into a Muslims he simply needs to say the Shahadah

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Shahadah La-illaha illalah Muhamadar Rasul-Allah

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Shahadah There is no other god yet Allah Muhammed is his Messenger

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Belief A man who trusts the Shahadah in his Heart is a Muslim

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Nations All Mankind are all the same. Regardless of where you originate from we are each of the one fellowship

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Nations Male or female Black or White or Blue all the same

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2 Salah The Daily Prayers

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Prayer Before we ask Have tidy garments Wash up (w u dhu) A perfect spot to implore

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Prayer Muslims ask together in gathering

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Prayer Standing up Bowing Prostration Sitting

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Salah The correspondence amongst man and Allah

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3 Zakat Giving some portion of your riches in Charity

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Giving some of your additional Money to the Needy

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Zakat Helping those that are destitute

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4 Fasting Muslims Fast in the Month of Ramadan

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Fasting Muslims Fast amid the Month of Ramadan

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No eating from Dawn until Dusk

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Fasting No eating and drinking No Smoking No tricking or swearing More Quran More Prayers More Charity More Good Actions

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Fasting Don\'t Need to quick Sick or sick Old or Young On a voyage Advise by Doctor

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5 HAJJ Pilgrimage to Meccah

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Every Muslim must perform the Hajj in any event once in an existence time

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From varying backgrounds

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4 million individuals go to Hajj consistently

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And visit the principal House of love

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LESSONS A couple of lessons that Islam educates

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Salam = Peace

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