Blogging and the Philippine Press.

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Blogging and the Philippine Press. Diagram and the PCIJ Blog. The Pinoy Blogosphere. No complete investigation of Filipino online journals yet Blogwise: 758 sites in February 2005 (positioned 9 th ) 1,265 web journals in October 2005 (positioned 10 th ) Pinoyblog: 1, 045 websites in February 2005
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Blogging and the Philippine Press Overview and the PCIJ Blog

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The Pinoy Blogosphere No conclusive investigation of Filipino online journals yet Blogwise: 758 websites in February 2005 (positioned 9 th ) 1,265 web journals in October 2005 (positioned 10 th ) Pinoyblog: 1, 045 web journals in February 2005 2,270 sites in October 2005

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United States – 39,030 United Kingdom – 5,731 Canada – 4,631 France – 2,635 Spain – 2,285 Australia – 2,122 Brazil – 1,703 Italy – 1,670 India – 1,574 Philippines – 1,265 Germany – 1,265 Singapore – 1,126 Portugal – 1,116 Malaysia – 991 Netherlands – 787 Argentina – 663 Indonesia – 616 Belgium – 509 Japan – 483 Iran – 377 Blogwise Country Ranking

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Technorati\'s State of Blogosphere Weblogs Cumulative: March 2003 - June 2005 Doubling 18.9 Million Weblogs Tracked Doubling in size approx. like clockwork Consistent multiplying throughout the most recent 36 months Doubling

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The Pinoy Blogosphere: Profile As in a great part of the blogosphere, most Filipino sites are moving individual diaries .\'s Top Pinoy web journals: bLuEsTaRs08 | adik sau petesbethist | A diary on my musings on my companionship with... mzqthuh | shiT haPpEnz... Renzy | herhy kaiKs.xx | blog.blOg..bloG!! kim_pi | Just a pack of poop jhing | my site is for my companions to see my profiles hazel | hello there

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The Pinoy Blogosphere Pinoy Top Blogs: Categories Personal Entertainment Politics/News Technology Comics Philippines Business Cooking Number 51 14 12 10 5 4 3 1 Percentage 51% 14% 12% 10% 5% 4% 3% 1% Source: From Now What, Cat? (

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Popular News-related Blogs Pinoy Top Blogs: Three are in Top 10 A Sassy Lawyer Inside PCIJ MLQ3 Two others are in Top 40 By Jove! Magazine kiosk Source: From Now What, Cat? (

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A Sassy Lawyer

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Manuel L. Quezon III

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By Jove!

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The Year of Pinoy Blogs "Gloriagate" served as an impetus for the blogging marvel in 2005 and was instrumental in the ascent of columnist bloggers. Conceived in a period of emergency: Howie Severino\'s Sidetrip Sun.Star Cebu\'s Arroyo Watch Newsstand Ricky Carandang Reporting CMFR\'s Freedom Watch

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Arroyo Watch

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Freedom Watch

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How Journalists are Blogging Personal Journalism Political and social editorial Reporting with an individual touch/flavor Collective Blog Citizen Journalism "News-casting is transforming from an address into something between a discussion and a workshop." (Dan Gillmor)

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Journalism/t Blogs Still, the ascent of web journals has not been met with much energy by the standard media, which have by and large been moderate in getting a handle on the capability of blogging for news-casting.

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Old versus New Media? Bloggers : driving an effective new type of reporting supplanting the standard media as a wellspring of news, data and understanding Journalists : "beginner wannabes" needing aptitudes and editors, and without an essential handle of journalistic morals

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Why Blog? Cool things about online journals : Ease of utilization Instantaneous/Immediate Interactive Free from showcasing requirements Creative opportunity

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Why Blog? For columnists, blogging offers more: Space Personal reporting Niche ability Collaborative media

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Expanding the Media Universe Doc Searls: "Weblogs will educate old media. They will progressively be a wellspring of data that conventional media will depend on." J.D. Lasica: "Media associations would do well to join (blogging) into their Web locales as an imperative new expansion to the journalistic toolbox."

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What a web journal implies for PCIJ? space for goodies from information gathering and extra data for our reports columnist\'s bits of knowledge, records, pictures, joins, transcripts, research experience and troubles, tips upgraded capacity to give bits of knowledge, extra information and critique on issues that are inside our region of ability and interest media, press opportunity, access to data defilement, administration, news and open issues

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What an online journal implies for PCIJ? getting proficient and moral gauges to "blog news-casting" intelligence to profit us gain from perusers\' remarks, tips, and so on make us responsible and straightforward

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Blogging in a Time of Crisis permitted us to go past the pace of our investigative reporting ventures improved capacity to give perusers the negligible content of stories, as well as data in an assortment of arrangement, including sight and sound

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Audio records "Hi, Garci" Tapes Three-hour Paguia variant Bunye renditions Lacson form Chavit X-Tapes Arroyo July 7 discourse "Yung dagdag" Ringtones

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Blogging in a Time of Crisis PCIJ blog experience download demands phenomenal in its presence one server compelled to close down website details we never longed for: 356T guests 8 million hits 3 million site hits 822 GB of information exchange

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Blogging in a Time of Crisis PCIJ blog experience unintended aftereffect of turning into a venue for open deliberation and genuine talk recovers motivation setting part of columnists

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To Blog or Not to Blog? The reasons are self-evident. We trust we have motivated you.

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