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Blueroof Technologies. The Development of a Non-Profit Organization Devoted to Extending Elderly Independent Living . Blueroof Mission. Mentoring. Youth Blueroof Senior Citizens. Training Senior Smart house Housing Employment Smart products Computer Training
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Blueroof Technologies The Development of a Non-Profit Organization Devoted to Extending Elderly Independent Living

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Blueroof Mission Mentoring Youth Blueroof Senior Citizens Training Senior Smart house Housing Employment Smart products Computer Training Live and work in Entrepreneurship Remain in group McKeesport Blueroof Technologies Inc, is a non-benefit partnership that will utilize advancement, creation and business enterprise to help senior subjects stay at home in their groups and to give youth the chance to prepare and get to be capable and gainful residents. The principle parts of Blueroof Technologies are: ·        Economic Development ·        Smart House Technology ·        Housing for Seniors ·        Technical Education for youth ·        Entrepreneurship

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Blueroof Technologies Concepts started as consequence of discoveries revealed by an Allegheny General Hospital Community Project Germinated a thought of joining innovation with reasonableness

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City of McKeesport Population: 24,000 Unemployment rate: 7.2 % (PA is 6.1%) Subsidized lodging: 20% Seniors (over age 60): 25 % NORC: actually happening retirement group

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The McKeesport Aging Program A Collaboration Between Center for Neurosciences Research, Allegheny General Hospital and UPMC McKeesport, UPMC Health System

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MAP Staff Robert T. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D., Principal Investigator Director, Ctr. Neurosci. Res., Allegheny General Hospital Sharyn A. Gesmond, R.N., M.S.N., Research Nurse MAP Office, UPMC McKeesport Lisa L. Long, Ph.D., Research Psychologist MAP Office, Allegheny General Hospital Barry L. Farkas, M.D., M.P.H., Co-Investigator Independent Researcher

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History - MAP Started in 1997, bolstered by a gift from a mysterious group benefactor Mandate is to examine group parts of maturing and neurodegenerative illnesses influencing autonomous living of seniors McKeesport and White Oak chose as destinations as a result of demographics of seniors (2000 registration): McKeesport: 21% ≥ 65 years 72% Caucasian, 25% African-American, 3% Other White Oak: 24% ≥ 65 years 98% Caucasian, 2% African-American Clairton, at their demand, as of late joined MAP

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Keeping Elders Safe in Their Homes Three-section concentrate on intended to upgrade free living for more seasoned grown-ups; i.e., guard them in their homes for whatever length of time that conceivable Benefits their physical and passionate prosperity Enhances personal satisfaction Reduces danger of mischances and wounds Reduces Medicare consumptions In most recent two years, UPMC McKeesport had 141 affirmations age ≥ 60 for hip break and substitution Total Medicare installments = $2,141,288 or $15,186 per understanding, excluding after-care (talented nursing office, non-intrusive treatment, and so forth.)

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Keeping Elders Safe in Their Homes – Phase I Five-year review audit of police and fire division records for contacts by seniors Completed to date (May 2002) McKeesport Fire Department: every one of the 5 years; 5,696 records checked on; 98 occurrences decided 2/3 were smoke-related; most were singed sustenance overlooked on stove White Oak Police Department: each of the 5 years; 25,655 records inspected; 338 episodes decided ~ 20% vandalism; ~ 10% perplexity, meandering; ~ 10% home burglary; ~ 10% DOA; ~ 2% inebriation, DUI McKeesport Police Department: 3 years; 21,816 records explored; 1,090 episodes decided ~ 25% vandalism; ~ 20% home robbery; ~ 10% DOA; ~ 6% inebriation, DUI

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Keeping Elders Safe in Their Homes – Phase II In-Home Safety Surveys for seniors in free living game plans (houses, flats) Room-by-room evaluation of electrical, gas, warming, lighting, smoke alerts, fire-insurance, ambulation perils, home security, crisis notice techniques, general home repair As of August 2002, 168 seniors included: 102 Caucasian and 29 African-American (22%) ladies 27 Caucasian and 10 African-American (27%) men Preliminary discoveries demonstrate requirement for fall hazard decrease (e.g. stair treads, get bars), washroom availability, enhanced fire wellbeing (e.g. working smoke alerts), enhanced home security (e.g. glass-piece windows), enhanced outside get to (e.g. impaired inclines)

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Keeping Elders Safe in Their Homes – Phase III In-Home Personal Health Assessments for seniors in free living game plans (houses, lofts) Personal and family therapeutic history, audit of frameworks, current meds (Rx\'ed and OTC), physical and intellectual status (MMSE, clock drawing), ADLs (counting driving), wellbeing propensities (nourishment, work out, rest, smoking, liquor, MD visits, money related (medical coverage, living will, propel mandates, sustenance help), family/social exercises, utilization of accessible senior projects As of August 2002, 170 seniors included (Phase II + 2) Preliminary discoveries show requirement for misery screening, ADL help (e.g. shopping), more social contacts, wills/propel mandates, training about Rx\'ed pharmaceuticals and group programs

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Giving Back to the Community – I MAP Participants and Community everywhere All Phase II/III members given a bundle containing two 60-watt lights, two night lights, spotlight with batteries, smoke locator (if necessary), heating pop (for stove fires), non-slip bathtub tangle, compartmentalized pill box, rubber treated container opener, ruler with amplifying glass, pen, pencil, key chain with MAP phone number, home security and Senior Citizens Against Crime booklets In 2000, three open group evening programs held at McKeesport High School Aging Well Community Safety for Seniors Common Problems in Aging: Medical and Legal Concerns

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Giving Back to the Community – II    Home Improvements Home enhancements finished for 34 destinations, in view of insufficiencies distinguished in Phase II examine; a few different locales anticipating accessibility of assets Electrical overhauls, snatch bars, get to inclines, glass piece windows, new bathrooms, rooftop repairs, and so forth. Essential support ($2500) from McKeesport Community Development Block Grant, now entering its third year Additional support from other group organizations (Action Housing, McKeesport Housing Corporation, Nazareth Housing Services, Twin Rivers Council of Governments)

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Giving Back to the Community – III    Personal Health Improvements Personal-wellbeing changes focused for Phase III members Referral to essential tend to distinguished wellbeing issues, absence of immunizations Referral to social-benefit offices and projects Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging (ADL help) Meals-on-Wheels Local people group senior offices and nourishment bank administrations Property-impose discount programs Utility organization vitality help programs Given Neighborhood Legal Services Association flyer on senior law (wills, propel orders, money related issues)

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MAP Collaborations – I Clinical Epidemiology of Dementia in General Practice National Institute on Aging, AG16705, 4/99 – 3/04 Mary Ganguli, M.D., M.P.H., UPMC/WPIC, P.I. Evaluating workup and conclusion of dementias in essential care-hone patients in connection to their utilitarian debilitations The prior the analysis and treatment of nascent dementias, e.g. Alzheimer\'s infection, the more drawn out seniors can stay in autonomous living courses of action

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MAP Collaborations – II McKeesport Center for Smart Aging Robert A. Walters, P.E.., PSU McKeesport Develop business and research community for "savvy" items for seniors Design and assemble McKeesport Senior Smart House; retrofit existing senior lodging Energy administration, video observing and conferencing for wellbeing and security MAP can detail home-wellbeing and individual wellbeing needs MAP can allude autonomously living seniors to beta-test Smart House and as long haul occupants of Smart Housing groups MAP can encourage Smart House therapeutic checking through UPMC McKeesport or other healing center

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SMART Technology for SMART Aging

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Goals 1. Create innovation and construct new homes that will keep seniors at home longer, more secure and more beneficial 2. Give preparing project to seniors in innovation use 3. Create region for group of Senior Smart Homes

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Smart Technology The utilization of PC equipment and programming and Information Technology to control, screen and enhance family unit apparatuses and frameworks.

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House worked by McKeesport High School Construction Technology understudies

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Add Smart House innovation to McKeesport High School homes Must be Low cost Low support Energy proficient Adapted to senior ways of life And "Wired"

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McKeesport Senior Smart House capacities through www: Energy Management Appliance and lighting control Video checking and conferencing Security Safety Health Wellness

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McKeesport Senior Smart House capacities by means of www: Energy Management Remote modification of indoor regulator Improve effectiveness Appliance and lighting control Turn on lights remotely Stoves on/off Water left running

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Internet Functions Video observing Who is at the front entryway? Video conferencing Family, Medical, Shopping Security Fire and smoke cautions Intrusion

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Internet Functions Health Blood weight, temperature, EKG, weight, solution, and so forth. Wellbeing Activity screens, ready catches and fall identifiers Wellness Diet, practice and preventive medication

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Internet Functions "Digital" Nurse * Visits various patients every day by means of the Internet. * Video conferencing to see and converse with patients. * Database of patient records and movement

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Beta House McKeesport Aging Program house In local location Smaller house (1000 sq ft) 2 rooms, chunk establishment Seniors will live in house for a while Test thoughts and c

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