Bluetooth TM Remote Systems administration.

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What would it be able to accomplish for you ? How can it contrast and different remote innovations? ... to supplant the cable(s) interfacing versatile and/or altered electronic gadgets. ...
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Bluetooth TM Wireless Networking Satish P. Venture Director and Head Embedded Systems Group Network Systems and Technologies (P) Ltd.

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Agenda Introduction What is Bluetooth remote? What would it be able to accomplish for you ? How can it contrast and different remote advances? Building outline of Bluetooth Basic segments and system topologies Bluetooth conventions Security angles Bluetooth profiles Bluetooth market Products and applications Bluetooth capability Looking forward

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What is Bluetooth ? Bluetooth is a short-extend remote system initially proposed to supplant the cable(s) interfacing versatile and/or altered electronic gadgets. Such a system is likewise now and then called a PAN (Personal Area Network) Bluetooth should got it\'s name from Harald "Bluetooth" II, King of Denmark 940-981 The idea was initially licensed by Ericsson. At present the Bluetooth exchange imprint is possessed by the Bluetooth SIG, a consortium of organizations having stake in Bluetooth Key elements are heartiness, low power, and minimal effort.

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What Can Bluetooth Do For You? Landline Cable Replacement Data/Voice Access Points Personal Ad Hoc Networks

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Comparison with different remote advancements 802.11 Has higher bitrate contrasted with Bluetooth . Be that as it may, has higher force utilization. Fundamental a LAN innovation so not an immediate contender for Bluetooth IrDA Low cost however require Line of sight. Just indicate point HomeRF Competing innovation. Be that as it may, current Bluetooth is better situated in business sector

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Bluetooth Architecture Operates on the 2.4 GHZ ISM Band Uses Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying Modulation plan Data is transmitted in bundles amid time spaces which are of altered length Uses Quick Frequency Hoping Packet Switched Protocol to accomplish clamor invulnerability Connections can be made up to 10 meters or reached out up to 100 meters Maximum rate upheld in Version 1 will be 1 Mbps Each Transceiver has an exceptional 48 Bit Address Full Duplex correspondence is bolstered through Time Division Duplex (TDD)

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Radio Designation Connected radios can be ace or slave Radios are symmetric (same radio can be ace or slave) Piconet Master can interface with seven concurrent or 200+ dynamic slaves for every piconet Each piconet has greatest limit (1 MSPS) Unique jumping design/ID Scatternet High limit framework Minimal contact with up to 10 piconets inside extent Radios can share piconets! System Topology

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Packets and Frames Spread range recurrence bouncing radio 79/23 one MHz channels Hops each parcel Packets are 1, 3 or 5 openings in length Frame comprises of two bundles Transmit took after by get Nominally jumps at 1600 times each second (one slot packets)

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Basic Blocks

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Bluetooth Protocol Stack Key perspectives Interoperability Different Applications can keep running over Different Protocol Stacks Open Interface Protocol Divided Into 4 layers

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Bluetooth Protocol Stack

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Bluetooth Profiles are fundamentally utilization models characterized by the SIG to guarantee that Bluetooth gadgets and applications created by various merchants are interoperable Some case of profiles are File exchange Profile Dial Up Networking Profile Head Set profile Hands free Phone Operation profile Human Interface Device ( HID) Profile and so on

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Declarations and documentation inspected Qualified Products List Product tried BQA BQB Adopter (Manufacturer) BQTF Qualification Program Documents pulled from Web webpage Test report checked by BQB Bluetooth Qualification

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Connection Sequence Standby Waiting to join a piconet Inquire Ask about radios to connect to Page Connect to a particular radio Connected Actively on a piconet (expert or slave) Park/Hold Low Power associated states Unconnected Standby Detach T typical=2s Connecting Inquiry Page States T typical=0.6s Transmit Connected Active information AMA States AMA T typical=2 ms typical=2 ms Releases PARK HOLD Low Power AMA PMA AMA States Address

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Bluetooth Security Supports Unidirectional or Mutual Encryption taking into account a Secret Link key Shared Between Two Devices Security Defined In 3 modes: Mode1-No Security Mode 2 - Service Level Security: Not Established Before Channel is Established at L2CAP Mode 3 - Link Level Security: Device Initiates Security Before LMP Link is Setup

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Blueooth Target Markets The primary wave 1. PC, Notebooks 2. Coordinators & Palm Computers 3 . Headsets 4. Cell/PCS 5. Cordless telephones 6. Car cell 7. Advanced cameras The second wave 1. Printers 2. Photograph printers 3. Fax machines 4. Mechanical, musical and vertical ventures items

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Blueooth Target Markets

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Key Players Ericsson IBM Intel Nokia Toshiba

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Looking Forward Version 1.2 Ready for discharge Adaptive Frequency jumping for better commotion safety Better security and sound preparing highlights Version 2.0 Still on the iron block Proposed to bolster medium ( 2-3 Mbps) and high piece rates (12 Mbps)

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References - Connect without Cables Jennifer Bray and Charles F Sturman (Prentice Hall)

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