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OIF Panel Format. Arbitrator
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Board Discussion Lessons Learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom 0800 – 0930 15 April 2004

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OIF Panel Format Moderator – Open: Set the goals — approach Top level inquiries Panel members: 5-10 minute remarks — perceptions Each board part Panel dialogue: Exchange and exchange among board Moderator encourage Written questions: Submitted from the participants Open questions: From participants Closing comments: From board individuals

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Objectives Capture "lessons learned" impact on weapon/deadly implements Operations System coordination Subsystems Technology Supportability Readiness Identify what was certain and what changes are required Identify innovation, framework mix, and supportability drivers from lessons learned Priority rules/targets for DoD research centers/acquisitions Industry

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OIF Lessons Learned Panel Members

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OIF "Lessons Learned" Panel 1. What went well? 2. What were confinements? 3. What were issues – issues? 4. Was the deadly implement group (DoD and industry) compelling and responsive? 5. What are the top take-away messages to: – Address particularly – Carry forward 6. Actions to DoD engineers and obtaining 7. Actions to industry

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Service Unique Observations Army SOF Navy Air Force Marines Impact/Benefits of Joint Operation Weapon/combat hardware Requirements Commonality Availability Supportability Lessons learned special to every administration How Did OIF Shape Future Joint Operations?

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Lessons Learned: OIF Weapons/deadly implements positive perceptions/abilities What went well? Firearms/ammo Rockets Missiles Impact of accuracy weapons/combat hardware/ammo? In what manner would we be able to expand on experience?

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OIF "Lessons Learned" Panel What weapon/deadly implement ability was not accessible? Were weapons/deadly implements restricted by framework mix variable? Obtaining Fire control Targeting data Was weapon/combat hardware capacity blend sufficient for Operations Asymmetric dangers Urban situations

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OIF "Lessons Learned" Panel Was weapon/deadly implement preparing coordinated to operational situations? Were weapons/deadly implements/ammo accessible and supportable ? Upkeep Spares Logistics

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OIF "Lessons Learned" Panel What weapon/combat hardware capacity was wanted yet not accessible? What particular innovations are required? What framework incorporation changes are need? New stages Robotics

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OIF "Lessons Learned"

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OIF Lesson Learned "Main concern" Capture and utilization of "lessons scholarly" is basic to Current power status Future power definition and usage Joint operational capacity will advance from "lessons learned" Priority needs Key attributes distinguish Additional will be included Open Architecture and Spiral Development Enable "Lessons Learned" Responsiveness

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