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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Places for Your SSN. 3. The Top 10 Most Dangerous Places for Your ... convenient electronic media that would be in consistence with ...
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BOF#5 SECURITY AND PRIVACY ISSUES Wednesday December 1, 2010

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Bridget-Anne Hampden Deputy Chief Information Officer FEDERAL STUDENT AID U.S. Branch of Education

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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Places for Your SSN

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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Places for Your SSN, cont.

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The Motivation

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Foundation for Protecting PII

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A Quick Look at the Headlines

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General Discussion University PII Checklist GA PII Checklist

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University PII Checklist

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University PII Checklist (I. Initiative)

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University PII Checklist (II. Protection Risk Management & Compliance Documentation)

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University PII Checklist (II. Security Risk Management & Compliance Documentation, proceeded)

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University PII Checklist (III. Data Security)

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University PII Checklist (III. Data Security, proceeded)

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University PII Checklist (IV. Occurrence Response)

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University PII Checklist (V. Notice and Redress for Individuals)

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University PII Checklist (VI. Protection Training & Awareness)

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University PII Checklist (VII. Responsibility)

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GA PII Checklist

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GA PII Checklist (Data Privacy/Policies)

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GA PII Checklist (Data Privacy/Policies, proceeded)

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GA PII Checklist (Systems/Applications Access)

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GA PII Checklist (Risk Assessment)

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GA PII Checklist (Centralized Logging and Review)

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GA PII Checklist (Change Management/Control)

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GA PII Checklist (Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity)

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GA PII Checklist (Physical Security)

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Contact Information We value your input and remarks. We can be come to at: Phone: 202-377-3508 Email:

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