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BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION . Nicholas II and Alexandra RomanovDoomed from the day of their wedding1300 individuals passed on that dayThe couple felt free to went to a ball given by the French embassy.Already the general population started to severely dislike the apparently unfeeling couple . In the first place . The Tsar was reviled from birthDid not have any desire to be tsarTortured mentally by his fatherHis needs were his family not
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Nicholas II and Alexandra Romanov Doomed from the day of their wedding 1300 individuals kicked the bucket on that day The couple felt free to went to a ball given by the French government office. As of now the general population started to hate the apparently unfeeling couple BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION

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The Tsar was reviled from birth Did not have any desire to be tsar Tortured mentally by his dad His needs were his family not his nation. Would preferably go on a voyage with his family than manage the issues preparing in his nation. In the Beginning

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People were furious with the legislature. Russia was a totalitarianism. Laborers needed more land Bread lines were long, Working conditions (assembly line laborers) were poor. Long haul REASONS

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"Blessed man" from Siberia Tsar trusted Rasputin Healing Powers?? No political experience RASPUTIN

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January 22, 1905 Proletarians challenged at the Winter Palace Working conditions were terrible The gatekeepers started to flame into the group. Numerous were slaughtered "Grisly Nicholas". Ridiculous SUNDAY

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Bloody Sunday brought about numerous rebellions and strikes. Tsar did not think about the general population Gap amongst upper and lower class augmented. Thoughts of insurgency started to blend. STRIKES AND REVOLTS

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Russo-Japanese war 1904-1905 Wanted a port that would not solidify. 15,000,000 fighters. Clash of Tsushima straights Yula River. Portsmouth settlement People needed Freedom of discourse and additionally political flexibility. Terrible DECISIONS

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Imperial Manifesto The Duma-chose government body Seemed Nicholas was trying. Tsar would not keep his deal. DUMA

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Russia a unified front Transportation was deficient sustenance lack around the nation 3 projectiles a day. Moral began to plunge with the Russian individuals Protest and strikes began up again Nicholas instructed his armed force to put a conclusion to all cluttered behavior in the avenues of the capital THE GREAT WAR

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In the foundation was a man named Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov or Lenin . Banished to Siberia in 1895 for joining a comrade ring He returned in 1900 and start to fuel the flame of transformation. Pioneer of the Bolshevik party which put stock in a five year communist state in a transformation to socialism. Rallying call was "Peace, Land, and Bread." LENIN

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Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov "Lenin"

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Nobles kill Rasputin Poisoned Shot twice Thrown into the Neva River Too little past the point of no return DEATH OF THE MAD MONK

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Lenin made another Bolshevik the red armed force The Menshevik Party the white armed force. The red armed force beat the white armed force Ended in the abandonment of Nicholas and his child. Walk REVOLUTION

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Family ousted to Siberia. Bolsheviks moved the family to Yekaterinberg. Family was assinated on July 16-17, 1918 END OF THE ROMANOVS

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1918 peace bargain marked to end WWI. The white armed force was vanquished by the Reds in 1920. Socialist condition of Russia would most recent 74 years. END OF AN ERA

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