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Bonjour!. Hi!. Ni hao!. Buon Giorno!. Al salaam an' alykum! . Guten Tag!. Konichiwa!. Hola!. Zdravstvuite!. Be the AP educator's closest companion: AP-style Evaluations in Level I and past… . SWCOLT-Salt Lake City February 2008.
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Bonjour! Hi! Ni hao! Buon Giorno! Al salaam a’ alykum!â  Guten Tag! Konichiwa! Hola! Zdravstvuite!

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Be the AP teacher’s closest companion: AP-style Assessments in Level I and beyond… SWCOLT-Salt Lake City February 2008

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Session Documents may be gotten to at Robin Young, World Language Specialist Mesa Public Schools Mesa, Arizona

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Disclaimers: "communicative, fathomable, significance based, inserted linguistic use, utilizing the 4 abilities normally, capability, familiarity, etc....." presentation style matters blend it up utilization innovation mentality matters teach… and have an existence!

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AP Exam Break-down Listening Reading Writing focuses for fill-ins focuses for verb fill-ins focuses for exposition Speaking l

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Writing Assessments Purpose Not a scientific mathematical statement Coming from an inward dialog Look for structures instead of individual words Four Tools Free Writing Focused Writing Fill-Ins Timed Writing

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presentation matters Free Writing No brief or a straightforward brief Regular class action Students ought to be acquainted with desires

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Focused Writing Choose one (or two max.) points of center Have understudies underscore their utilization of the center theme Meta-psychological Ease of evaluating Students ought to be acquainted with desires Quick pivot

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Fill-Ins Use for bellringers, listening cognizance, & exams Excellent appraisal of the inner familiarity Word bank for starting understudies or complex structures

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Fill-ins LOW-TECH APPROACHES Create you\'re own (i.e. who/which) People _____ live in glass houses shouldn\'t toss stones. The term “glass houses” alludes to the truth of individuals _____ have delicate consciences. With respect to “stones”, this is a representation, _____ may be meant mean feedback or judgment. Duplicate an entry and white out words

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Fill-ins Continued HIGH-TECH APPROACHES Shrek: Dragon & Donkey’s First Meeting (i.e. defective versus flawless past tenses) The mythical serpent ___ (be) furious and ___ (thunder) at Donkey. Jackass _____ (dread) the winged serpent, yet he ___ (tell) the monster that she ___ (have) decent teeth. The mythical beast ___ (fall) in adoration with Donkey. Jackass ___ (be) not intrigued by Dragon and ___ (attempt) to get away!

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Quick Tips for Saving Youtube Clips PC: save as .flv or .avi MAC: save as .mov thoughts include: commercials, music features, motion picture cuts *always guarantee that clasps and hunts are “school appropriate”

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Fill-ins Continued obliges Java Cloze Word Games/Activities independently gathering work

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presentation matters Speaking Story Re-tell Spontaneous Speaking

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Story Retell Speak for an assigned time after a story has been given Begin investment evaluation, then expand responsibility

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Story Retell Continued LOW-TECH APPROACH Write a sequenced word bank for starting understudies, then evacuate watchwords Once upon a period, Starbuck’s shut its entryways for 3 hours. All over America, sobbing could be listened, and individuals were accounted for meandering heedlessly in neighborhood parking garages. Oh dear, another day unfolded, and Americans overlooked their misfortunes with their first measure of joe. Perused or talk about a story, then retell with accomplices, in gatherings, as a class, with instructor

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Story Retell Continued HIGH-TECH APPROACH watch a feature cut , cut 2 listen to a news clasp or story (example from , “The Chinese Years of the Animals”) retell with accomplices, in gatherings, as a class, with educator

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Spontaneous Speaking Series of related occasions Students can make if there are no suitable experts accessible Students ought to be acquainted with desires Prep time 1-2 minutes recorded or in individual Schedule a self-propelled action for class if directing appraisal one-on-one

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The Montillation of Traxoline It is essential that you find out about traxoline. Traxoline is another type of zionter. It is montilled on Cerostamma. The Ceristannians gristeriate a lot of fevon and after that bracter it to quasel traxoline. Traxoline may well be one of our most lukized snezlaus later on as a result of our zointer lescelidge. Without a doubt you can! What is traxoline? Where is traxoline montilled? How is traxoline quaselled? Why is it vital to think about traxoline? Can you fake perception?

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Listening Class Culture Procedures TPR i.e. Weekend Update Traditional Listening Activities Realia/Media

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Classroom Procedures/TPR Classroom techniques in the objective dialect Total Physical Response Psychomotor deduction expertise Berty Segal outline Materials-> Test/Continuum First six weeks for listening establishment

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Dialog Completers Listen to a dialog, then close the dialog with a proper explanation -Hello, Ma’am. How might I help you? - Yes, one ticket for Salt Lake City, please. (A) Will that be round excursion or restricted? (B) I will need to see about that. (C) You haven’t punched your ticket yet. (D) That’s at door 30. Numerous course readings utilize this arrangement. Have understudies compose maybe a couple sets.

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Realia/Media Commercials (review for school-fittingness!) Video Series News joins

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Locating Reading Materials Anything in the course reading: notwithstanding the principle readings, SCRAP for social notes, portrayals of design, signage in pictures, even guidelines.

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Children’s books, short stories, books, theater pieces Magazines, daily papers, postcards, letters, item names, CD fronts Online assets: online daily papers/magazines, tourism sites, historical center sites, administrations sites (i.e. aircrafts, international ID organization), & E-BOOKS (see beneath)

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Reading General Education Reading Assessment Knowledge Level coordinating, genuine false, various decision Comprehension Level short reply, interpretation Application Level fill in the clear Analysis Level sequencing

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Rubrics Purpose Communicate desires to understudies Set parameters for reviewing Speed the evaluating procedure Provide succinct input to understudies Resources AP Rubrics for Writing & Speaking Rubric Generators

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Ultimate Have an existence Tip Use the web to look for all kinds of rubrics, exercises, ideas, perusing materials, and so on think particular course reading particular focused on structure join a listserv misuse their records be specific about perusing posts

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Be your own particular closest companion! Take away maybe a couple thoughts, and make them your own particular Belief check unwind about sentence structure appreciate the dialect and your students’ skill Congratulate yourself for offic

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