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The Whole Book of Psalmes/Bay Psalm Book. In the first place Secular to have achievement was Ben Franklin ... Photograph books. Mass business sector Paperbacks. Comic Books Late 1930s Action ...
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Books The Permanent Medium

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Ancient History Clay Tablets 2,500 B.C. Papyrus Scrolls Egypt, Rome, Greece First Public Library Athens 540 B.C. Had 1 ½ million written by hand scrolls Burned in War by Romans Destroyed by 400 A.D.

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More History Paper consummated by Chinese amid Middle Ages Johannes Gutenberg 1456 Moveable Type Bible initially imprinted in Latin 42 lines for every page

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EPS Applied to U.S. Tip top stage up to 19 th century First Press at Harvard in 1638 by Mass Bay Colonists The Whole Book of Psalmes/Bay Psalm Book First Secular to have achievement was Ben Franklin Poor Richard\'s Almanac in 1733 Franklin 1744 first Novel Pamela by Samuel Richardson

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More EPS Thomas Payne 1776 Common Sense 120,000 in 3 months explained case for American Revolution

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Popular Rise of government funded instruction in the mid 1800s US had most astounding education rate on the planet Industrial Revolution made book more moderate; revolving press Popular writers Edgar Allan Poe, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson Erastus Beadle mass delivered dime books

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More Popular Harriet Beecher Stowe 1852 Uncle Tom\'s Cabin Herman Melville 1851 Moby Dick Mark Twain writers get to be mainstream and have followings Free open library framework arrives

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More Popular As industry develops and points extend, control arrives Anthony Comstock 1873 New York City New York Society for the Suppression of Vice made it unlawful to send anything revolting through the mail Banned books; blazed books

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Specialized 1945 to present You name it Self-help Science Fiction Non-fiction In Cold Blood Truman Capote Instant books—JFK death Photo books Mass business sector Paperbacks Comic Books Late 1930s Action Comics/Superman

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More Specialized Mid 1980s to exhibit Largest number of offers—reading material! Book recordings E-books hand held electronic gadgets Desktop Publishing What Color is Your Parachute? Richard Nelson Bolles Conglomerates (see video)

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