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Balance lithography: Books printed from photographic plates as opposed to metal ... More books distributed now than any other time in recent memory: 160,000 every year in U.S. alone. ...
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BOOKS The Publishing Industry

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OTHER (not all that late) Trends Harry Potter

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Trends "The Oprah Effect "

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History of Books Papyrus Egypt, 2400 B.C. - produced using reeds

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China: bamboo strips (1600 BC)

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History of Books Parchment-treated creature skin, 300 BC

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History of Books Vellum-the term for astounding material Smooth sturdy

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History of Books Codex - protomodern book structure, second third century A.D.

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History of Books Paper: thirteenth century (less expensive than vellum… )

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Middle Ages, 400-1500 A.D. Lit up compositions Manuscript Culture

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History of Books

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History of Books

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PRINTING China: versatile sort, 1000 AD Koreans: 1400 AD

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1453-56 Printing press with portable sort The Gutenberg Revolution

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The Gutenberg Revolution Social changes - data spreads past areas People consider themselves to be people - not exclusively subordinate upon pioneers and families Can challenge customary intelligence

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Books in the U.S. 1830s - machine-made paper Cloth as opposed to cowhide covers mid-1800s: soft cover books 1860s - soft cover dime books Also known as mash fiction

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Advances in Printing Linotype : mid 1880s. Permits sort to be set mechanically with like console.

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Advances in Printing Offset lithography : Books printed from photographic plates instead of metal throws.

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Types of Books

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Types of Books Trade Books - for general perusers, sold at book shops (fiction and verifiable, memoirs, artistic works of art, craftsmanship books, cook books, and so forth.) Can be hard or "quality" softbound. Is the biggest portion in deals ($). COLLEEN?

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Types of Books Professional Books - Target word related gatherings, not overall population. Law, business, medication, specialized investigative.

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Types of Books Textbooks - El-howdy impact of Texas and California College Average expense $72.83. Normal understudy burns through $832 a year on course readings and supplies.

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Think-Pair-Share what amount of cash did you spend this semester on reading material? which books cost the most cash? on the off chance that you gave back any books last semester, what amount $$ did you get back? what decisions are accessible at your college or school for acquiring course readings?

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Media & Culture $78.95 Authors: Richard Campbell: 9.00 Bettina Fabos: 75 pennies Chris Martin: 75 pennies TOTAL: $10.50

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Publisher (Bedford/St. Martins) Paper, printing, publication: $20.50 General Administrative expenses: $7 Marketing costs: $10.50 Pre-charge salary: $4.90 TOTAL: $42.90 Freight Expense: TOTAL: $1

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College Bookstore Personnel: $8.90 Operations: $8.1 Pre-charge wage: $7.55 TOTAL: $24.55

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Types of Books Mass-market soft cover books - most sold, yet not most beneficial section (low edges of benefit) Religious books - most prominent book ever?

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Types of Books Reference Books University Press Books

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Types of Books Reference Books University Press Books Wrong Turn

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Organization of Industry Acquisitions editors Subsidiary rights Advance cash Developmental supervisor Promote books with "dumps"

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Organization of Industry Superstores Borders-Waldenbooks Barnes & Noble, B.Dalton, Doubleday Online stores Barnes&

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Ownership in Book Industry Bertelsmann - possesses Random House, Bantam-Doubleday-Dell Viacom - claims Simon & Schuster Time Warner - Little, Brown; Time/Life Books

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More books distributed now than any time in recent memory: 160,000 every year in U.S. alone.

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THINK PAIR SHARE What sorts of exchange (books, genuine, and so forth.) do you get a kick out of the chance to peruse? How would you get some answers concerning a book you may like? Where do you purchase books? Do you look at books of a library?

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