BOTSWANA Destitution and ENVIRONMENT Activity Instructions.

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Concurrence with Government of Botswana on the PEI structure including assets and staffing ... NDP and UNDAF key open door for an effective PEI in Botswana ...
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UNDP-UNEP POVERTY & ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE (PEI): HISTORY UNDP POVERTY & ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE Supported by DFID & EC Grew out of WSSD, PEP shaped UNEP POVERTY & ENVIRONMENT PROJECT: Supported by Norway & Belgium FORMED UNDP-UNEP PEI 2005 Redesign of UNEP P & E exercises Joint programming, planning & staff enrollment Leading case of interagency co-operation

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UNDP-UNEP POVERTY & ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE (PEI): WHAT WE DO Supporting governments to: Integrate Environmental Sustainability into National Development Processes (e.g. PRSPs & NDPs) with the goal that advancement is not undermined by unsustainable utilization of regular assets Build National Capacity to: Identify joins between neediness & environment Integrate natural supportability into national improvement forms

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UNDP-UNEP POVERTY & ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE (PEI): WHY WE DO IT Unsustainable utilization of the earth lessens the social & monetary advantages created E.G. Individuals become ill; beyond words, become less & win less Development is obstructed by ecological harm The commitment of environment to social & financial advancement is regularly ineffectively comprehended Environmental supportability not operationally coordinated into national improvement forms (e.g. PRSPs): Words however not activity.

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EXAMPLES OF POVERTY-ENVIRONMENT LINKS First picture demonstrates a terribly dirtied channel in Mali The second is individuals living beside that waterway & utilizing this contaminated water – on the grounds that they don\'t have some other wellspring of water. So they become ill from water borne infections & jungle fever – ie contamination causes disorder & the expenses connected with that The 3 rd picture is of an extremely soak slope in Rwanda – soil disintegration is a noteworthy issue Soil disintegration lessens farming efficiency & causes silting of hydro power repositories = diminished power creation

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UNDP-UNEP PEI: COUNTRY Programs Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Mali & Mauritania Experience in nation PEI programs = key lessons learnt & model for mainstreaming environment into advancement forms Proposal to scale-up to extra nations created & acknowledged by key givers (EC, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands)

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Implementation Approach Country program arrangement (6 - 9 months) Country program execution - Phase I (18-24 months) Identifying joins between environment & improvement Operational coordination of environment manageability into national improvement arranges Country program usage - Phase II (2 years +) Strengthening nation ability to incorporate environment into advancement forms at national & sectoral levels Strengthened household income base for ecological ventures (decreasing reliance on givers)

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Lessons Need for far reaching, automatic way to deal with mainstreaming - a task methodology won\'t work. Profound engagement vital Focus on results not office Very point by point mapping of government full scale & sectoral strategy, arranging & basic leadership forms ("hardware of government"), organizations & people significant to the national improvement procedure is required. \'Improvement Intelligence.\' The Planning/Finance service must be an equivalent or the prime central service in the process from the earliest starting point.

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Lessons A sensible appraisal of nation duty at various levels & in both environment & arranging services is essential. Supporting a nation drove ecological mainstreaming process has high exchange costs, since it is new, looking to change government needs & includes various services. \'Resolved steadiness & tender loving care\' Detailed nation particular confirmation on the connections between environment, destitution decrease & genius poor development is expected to persuade strategy producers, financial experts & organizers that interest in environment maintainability is advantageous.

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Lessons The utilization of incorporated monetary & environment venture, program & arrangement examinations needs to wind up a standard working strategies for arranging/money & sectoral services. Building up a full association approach with key in-nation contributors is indispensable for long haul accomplishment on a few fronts (Capacity building, area mainstreaming, reasonable residential financing for ecological division) Timely backing from UNDP Country Office basic.

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Links between NDP, UNDAF and PEI 10 KRAs including : Sustainable Economic Growth Sustainable Environment Enhanced prosperity and social duty Vision 2016 (7 Pillars) NDP 10 (16 Goals) Sub-area Goals: Economic, Social, Security, Administration Ministry/Department, District Goals UNDAF Clusters: Governance and Human Rights Promotion Economic Diversification and Poverty Reduction Health and HIV and AIDS Environment and Climate Change Children, Youth and Women Empowerment United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UN/GoB UNDAF & Program) UNDP/UNEP/GoB Poverty and Environment Initiative

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GoB/UNDP/UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) Stage 1: November 2008 – April 2009 To outline a GoB/UNDP/UNEP PEI program t cap add to the accomplishment UNDAF and NDP 10 Outcomes. Key Activities: Identification of key environment, development and neediness decrease issues in Botswana Institutional examination and mapping of strategy procedures and activities, parts and duties of GoB and improvement accomplices identified with ecological issues inside the setting of NDP-10 Review NDP-10 and other applicable arranging reports to distinguish passage focuses for mainstreaming environment into national sectoral and nearby level arranging forms Identify potential "champions" in government, common society, private division, media and benefactors ; central focuses inside government ; and pertinent contributor and government-giver coordination instruments

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GoB/UNDP/UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) Stage 1: November – April 2009 Key Activities (proceeded with) Recommend successful execution courses of action , e.g. foundation of a between departmental assignment group/controlling board of trustees/working gatherings that incorporates environment, arranging/fund and key sectoral services . Comes about: Enhanced familiarity with the connections amongst neediness and environment and environment and monetary development and their commitment to national advancement needs Joint UN Program to bolster the UNDAF and NDP result s that prompts i mproved incorporation of ecologically reasonable regular asset administration in NDP-10 , destitution and related area methodologies and additionally expanded assets for practical environment and normal asset administration

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GoB/UNDP/UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) Stage 2; June/July 2009 – 2016 Implementation of GoB/UNDP/UNEP PEI Program that adds to the accompanying UNDAF Outputs Governance and Human Rights Promotion : Effective coordination of accumulation, examination and utilization of value disaggregated information (insights) in basic leadership Strategy for the national factual framework created Economic Diversification and Poverty Reduction : National and District Frameworks created for neighborhood monetary and social advancement in all areas Regulatory instruments to enhance needy individuals\' entrance to money related administrations and profitable resources/assets fortified

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GoB/UNDP/UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) Economic Diversification and Poverty Reduction (contd.) : Enhanced specialized and oversight limit of the Multi-Sectoral Committee on Poverty Reduction and the Socio-Economic Policy Sub-division of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to deal with the execution of the National Strategy for Poverty Reduction Poverty decrease is mainstreamed into national and region improvement arranges Effective social insurance components built up taking into account weakness appraisals, exploration and investigation. Environment and Climate Change : Environment and protection mainstreamed into national improvement and destitution lessening system

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GoB/UNDP/UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) Next Steps: Identification of National and International mastery to encourage the consultative procedure for advancement of draft Joint Program Agreement with Government of Botswana on the PEI structure including assets and staffing Implementation , checking and assessment inside the UNDAF usage structure

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Summary Contribution of reasonable administration of ecological regular assets to improvement needs deficiently perceived or incorporated into national & sectoral advancement forms. Therefore, advancement needs, including neediness lessening, will be more hard to accomplish. Ecological debasement is a significant issue in numerous nations in Africa and somewhere else UNDP-UNEP PEI underpins mainstreaming of environment into national & sectoral advancement procedures to decrease natural corruption to accomplish improvement needs in a practical way. NDP & UNDAF key open door for an effective PEI in Botswana

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