Bradford District Learning Disability Partnership Board .

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Bradford Locale Learning Incapacity Association Board. The Explosive Undertaking. Explosive and In Control. The Explosive Undertaking is a piece of the national In Control venture In Control is about individuals getting control over their backing and their lives
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Bradford District Learning Disability Partnership Board

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The Dynamite Project

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Dynamite & In Control The Dynamite Project is a piece of the national In Control extend In Control is about individuals dealing with their support and their lives This better approach for arranging social care is called Self-Directed Support

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What is the Dynamite Project? Explosive is a national venture that backings the presentation of self-coordinated support for youngsters and families who are leaving Children\'s Services and entering Adult Services.

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The Project Goal \'Youngsters and families having the capacity to take control and shape their own future\'

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Project Purpose \'Youngsters with the abilities, certainty and information to take control since they have had a go and an opportunity to learn\'

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Who Has Been Involved? 6 Young People and their Families Vicky Donnelly - CTLD Ian Brooke-Mawson – Adult administrations Neil Graham – CTLD Sheila Johnstone - Connections Liz Leach - Mencap Maria Rules – Partners in Policy Making

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A Good Day Out! Each of the 6 youngsters were offered £200 to arrange a decent day out They were likewise given a camera and were made a request to take a few photos These are a portion of the photos the youngsters took

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A Good Day Out

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A Good Day Out

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The Transition Pathway The West Midlands Transition Pathway is a Resource Pack which can be utilized by anybody supporting youngsters experiencing significant change to grown-up life. The general population who composed the Pathway came to Bradford to converse with individuals who were a piece of the Dynamite Project. A few people are as of now utilizing the Pathway.

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The Transition Pathway

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What Needs to Happen? Everyone who underpins youngsters at move to grown-up life needs to consent to utilize a similar approach. We think the West Midlands Transition Pathway is a decent case of how to approach move in a man focused manner.

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Resource Allocation System A Resource Allocation System (RAS) is a method for working out how much cash every individual is qualified for. Some staff from the Community Team took a gander at loads of bolster bundles to perceive how this would function in Bradford.

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Resource Allocation System

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What Needs to Happen? We have to concur a last Resource Allocation System for Bradford. To do this we should work out how much current administrations cost. This implies we will have the capacity to work out how much cash every individual is qualified for and TELL THEM!

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An Open Day for Providers We held an Open Day with the goal that suppliers could discover more about In Control, Self Directed Support and Individual Budgets. Around 25 individuals originated from heaps of various suppliers including the Voluntary Sector and the Care Trust.

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Thinking About Brokerage Nicola Hilson came to converse with individuals who needed to find out about the part of a Support Broker. Bolster agents are free aides who can ensure you can carry on with your preferred life on the off chance that you are an incapacitated individual.

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Successes Families of 6 youngsters have taken control through Individual Budgets Young individuals, families and staff having an opportunity to learn together Families have delighted in the test of being required in arranging

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Successes Individual Budgets and Self-Directed Support are currently on the plan Using the West Midlands Transition Pathway Families have possessed the capacity to grow great bolster systems

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Successes \'We couldn\'t have done these things without Dynamite\' Parent of one of the Young People

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Successes \'Individuals are utilizing their Individual Budgets to get to standard exercises in their own particular groups as opposed to setting off to a Day Center\' Care Manager, Community Team

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Successes \'The venture has helped us to see better how youngsters and families, who are on the move from Children\'s Services to Adult Services, can take control of how subsidizing is spent\' Involvement Manager, Adult Services

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Difficulties Sorting the cash out Managing the cash More obligation regarding families Some things not yet set up (eg Brokers, Information, Costs)

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Difficulties Getting families on board Lack of decisions and innovativeness in administrations Families not used to being In Control Commitment from Senior Managers

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What Have We Learnt Families require support to be In Control as ahead of schedule as conceivable Families require loads of support and we have to create free bolster Young individuals are a decent place to begin!

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What Have We Learnt? We should be practical about doing this for everyone straight away There should be more for individuals to browse, especially close where they live We have to work in Person Centered ways

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What Needs to Happens Next? We require everyone to concur that we can work in ways that put individuals and families In Control over their lives We have to choose whether the West Midlands Pathway is the best way to deal with use in Bradford

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What Needs to Happens Next? We have to concur a last Resource Allocation System for Bradford We have to work with Voluntary Sector suppliers so they are set up for Individual Budgets We have to create bolster financier

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What Needs to Happens Next? We have to create high caliber and available data for youngsters and families, for instance: Writing Support Plans Employing Staff Managing the Money Support Brokerage Directory of Services

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Some Ideas from the Families A Family Buddy Scheme to help families who are discovering things troublesome Use video journals at Reviews Develop visual Transition Planning Use Person Centered Planning sites

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This Report Has Been Written By: Vicky Donnelly Bradford District Care Trust Community Team (LD) 01274 437958 Ian Brooke-Mawson Bradford Council Services for Adults 01274 437958

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