Branch of Brain science Savior School.

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in Psychology: gets ready understudies for arrangements in section level positions in the helping callings or for master's level college in numerous sub-fields of brain research. ...
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Branch of Psychology Messiah College research

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What is Psychology? Psychology is "the investigation of the conduct and mental procedures of people." Draws understudies who need to work with individuals

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Why Study Psychology? " An individual is a microcosm of the universe, \'an uncommon case of God\'s energy, goodness, and insight, and contains… sufficiently inside marvels to involve our brains \'." – John Calvin

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Distinctives of Psychology at Messiah College Students Faculty Facilities Faith Integration Enrollment has reliably been one of the most elevated for every one of the divisions at Messiah College.

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Psychology Curriculum at Messiah College Comparable to brain research programs at different schools Students will take courses that are hypothetical, clinical, and test nature Many courses join scholastic hypothesis with hands on experience

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Psychology at Messiah College: Degrees offered Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology ● with discretionary Counseling Concentration Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology B.S. in Biopsychology Psychology Minors ● Psychology ● Counseling ● Community Psychology

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Psychology at Messiah College: B.A . versus B.S .— What\'s the Difference??? a B.A. in Psychology: gets ready understudies for arrangements in passage level positions in the helping callings or for doctoral level college in numerous sub-fields of brain research. a B.S. in Psychology: ● is intended for understudies who expect to work in a field that has a more grounded accentuation on science or math or for the individuals who wish to seek after graduate studies that incline more towards examination and the sciences.

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Psychology at Messiah College: Division of Credits for the B.A. & B.S. in Psychology

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Psychology at Messiah College: B.S. in Biopsychology is the exploratory investigation of the science of conduct and mental procedures, (for example, learning, memory, discernment, consideration, inspiration, feeling, and cognizance). Our B.S. in Biopsychology is a cooperative exertion with the Department of Biological Sciences. Gets ready understudies who are occupied with fields, for example, ● Medicine ● Psychopharmacology ● Psychiatry ● Neuropsychology ● Cognitive neuroscience ● Behavioral hereditary qualities ● Evolutionary Psychology ● Comparative Psychology

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Psychology at Messiah College: Division of Credits for the B.S. in Biopsychology

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Psychology at Messiah College: Concentrations and Minors Counseling Concentration – i bargain for understudies who are keen on guiding or an advising related field. In this fixation, understudies take a predefined 12 credits that give a firm establishing in the essentials of guiding. Brain science Minor – intended for non-majors who wish to build up a more advanced comprehension of the individual. Directing Minor – plans graduates for section level positions which require fundamental individuals helping abilities Community Psychology Minor – gives understudies a comprehension of 1) the person with regards to his/her group, and 2) the speculations of appraisal and assessment of group based projects and offices. Arrangements of required courses for our minors can be found in the school index or on-line at

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Psychology at Messiah College: State-of-the-Art Equipment A scholarly building that incorporates: Interview rooms with recording capacity Group perception/directing zone with recording ability Physiological recording hardware for Biopsychology: Biopac Student Lab Equipment EEG (electroencephalogram - mind waves) EOG (electrooculogram - eye development) EMG (electromyogram - muscle compression) EKG (electrocardiogram- - heart) response time estimation.

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Psychology at Messiah College: Opportunities in Psychology Join the Psychology Club, which has speakers, motion picture evenings, and different occasions identified with Psychology Become an individual from Psi Chi, the national honor society for Psychology Connect confidence and scholastics through the fulfillment of administration learning ventures identified with brain science Research, compose, and give employees Complete a Senior Major Honors Project Gain extra experience through an entry level position or practicum identified with Psychology

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Psychology at Messiah College: The Faculty John Addleman, Ph.D. Research & Professional Interests : Evaluation & Assessment of Local Service Agency Projects Fathering Issues Children\'s Views of Parenting Frequently Taught Courses : Adolescent Development Positive Psychology Senior Seminar

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Psychology at Messiah College: The Faculty John Bechtold, Ph.D. Research & Professional Interests: Fathering Divorce Cross-Cultural Psychology Technology & Its Psych. Impacts Frequently Taught Courses: Opportunities in Psychology Cognition Personality Experimental Psychology Science, Technology & the World

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Psychology at Messiah College The Faculty Research & Professional Interests: Counseling & Supervision Positive Psychology Social Justice Research Methodology Frequently Taught Courses: Counseling Techniques Graduate Courses Sara Cho Kim, Ph.D.

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Psychology at Messiah College: The Faculty Henry A. Danso, Ph.D. Research & Professional Interests: Immigration Attitudes Intelligence Test Performance Reconciliation Frequently Taught Courses: Social Psychology Lifespan Development Topics: Research

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Psychology at Messiah College The Faculty Research & Professional Interests: Severe and Persistent Mental Illness Recovery Model Personality Disorders Integration of Psychology with Faith Perspectives Frequently Taught Courses: Introduction to Psychology Introduction to Social Research Psychology of Aging Personality Heather Hostler, Psy. D

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Psychology at Messiah College: The Faculty Research & Professional Interests: Integration of Psych & Theology Christian Higher Education Faculty Development in Classroom Frequently Taught Courses: Psychology Seminar Women and Men in American Society Rhonda Jacobsen, Ed.D.

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Psychology at Messiah College: The Faculty Research & Professional Interests : Impact of Beliefs on Behavior Impact of Technology on Families Impact of Work on Adolescent Development Frequently Taught Courses: Counseling Theories Abnormal Psychology History and Systems of Psychology Adolescent Development Graduate Courses Charles D. Jantzi, Psy.D.

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Psychology at Messiah College The Faculty Research & Professional Interests: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Developmental Disabilities Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluation Mood Disorders Body Image and Spirituality Frequently Taught Courses: Psychological Testing Group Dynamics Life Span Development Graduate Courses Valerie Lemmon, Psy.D

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Psychology at Messiah College: Alumni Profiles Eric Allen, Class of 2006 Graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Philosophy Education arranges: Eric is right now accomplishing his MA in brain research, after which he plans to seek after his MSW, LSW, LCSW, and in the end his Ph.D. in brain research Career arranges : Own his own particular practice Teach in an undergrad setting Guide understudies on their approach to licensure Current Positions Outpatient specialist doing singular psychotherapy and additionally family treatment and gathering treatment. Understudy Assistance Programs (SAP) Agency Representative for two diverse school areas running care groups and doing pre-meetings for understudies who are conceivably needing further help.

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Psychology at Messiah College: Alumni Profiles Kelly Sherman, Class of 2007 Graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and a Counseling Minor Current Program: Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at Immaculata University Current Employment: - Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) with CCRES/CCIU in Lancaster, PA (1 yr: 9/07-present) - Graduate Assistantship; Learning Support Specialist at Immaculata University (2 months; 9/07-present) Messiah Experience : "I began my present system feeling like I was miles in front of my companions as far as my encounters and information. At Messiah, I could be included in a huge number of exercises that has given me the profundity of experience important to be attractive in about any experience I seek; from kids to grown-ups, from making conduct arrangements for people with exceptional needs to doing treatment with grown-ups with genuine emotional instability; from working in a school situation to inpatient clinics to recoveries to advanced education."

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Psychology at Messiah College: Alumni Profiles Melanie Huber, Class of 2006 Graduated with a B.A. in Psychology Current Education Program : Masters of Special Education at George Mason University Melanie will graduate with an instructing permit to work with youngsters who have learning handicaps, mental impediment, a mental imbalance, and in addition in some cases kids with enthusiastic inabilities. She wants to seek after a vocation as a specialized curriculum instructor. Encounters since Graduation : Melanie acted as a camp guide with extraordinary needs youngsters at summer camp She additionally labored for a year at The Center for extreme introvertedness in Springfield, VA Melanie and the exceptional needs 2 nd graders at Cunningham Park Elementary in Vienna, VA. Current Employment : Special Education Instructional Assistant at a primary school in Virginia

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Psychology at Messiah College Alumni Profile J.R. Nissley , Psy.D . – Class of 1999 Current Employment : Forensic Psychology Employer: Hugh S. Smith, Ph.D., & Associates, P.C. Mental Associate – performs measurable appraisals in zones, for example, fire-setting, sexual offense, savage conduct, identity concerns, and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg! J.R. likewise … Has shown Child Development here at Messiah College Has shown classes at Ha

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