Branch of Defense Ozone Depleting Substances Reserve .

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Source for Weapon Systems Support. HalonsRefrigerantsSolvents. . War Stoppers. The DoD Ozone Depleting Substances Reserve. Foundation. Montreal Protocol - 1987 - International Agreement to Phase Out Production of ODSHalons and Refrigerants Contain Bromine and Chlorine that Deplete Ozone LayerManufacture Ceased - 1994/1996Strict Controls on Imports and ExportsNo Longer Available Locally.
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Division of Defense Ozone Depleting Substances Reserve

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The DoD Ozone Depleting Substances Reserve Only Source for Weapon Systems Support Halons Refrigerants Solvents War Stoppers

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Background Montreal Protocol - 1987 - International Agreement to Phase Out Production of ODS Halons and Refrigerants Contain Bromine and Chlorine that Deplete Ozone Layer Manufacture Ceased - 1994/1996 Strict Controls on Imports and Exports No Longer Available Locally

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Class I ODSs Halons Fire Suppression 1202 1211 1301 Refrigerants Cooling R-11 R-12 R-114 R-500 R-502 Solvents Cleaning 113 1,1,1

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Weapon Systems Applications Halon Armored Vehicle Crew Spaces and Airframe Fire Protection Fuel Tank Inerting Flight Line Fire Protection Refrigerants Ship Refrigeration/Cooling Electronics Cooling

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Building The Reserve Service Requirements Internal Recycling New Acquisitions Halon Production Ended 31 Dec 93 Anticipated Product Throughput - 10M+ lbs. Refrigerants Production Ended 31 Dec 95 Anticipated Product Throughput - 10M+ lbs. Solvents Shelf-Life Issue Strict Asset Acquisition Control Not Accepting "Utilized" Product From Customers

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Accessing The Reserve Combat Activities Authorized by Their Service to Requisition ODS - Free Issue Review by Each Service Monthly Any Activity Can Requisition Empty Cylinders for Recovery and Turn-In - Free Issue

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Concept of Operation The Goal Is to Get the Type and Quantity of Halon Where It\'s Needed and When It\'s Needed . CLEAN DIRTY The Reserve Acts As a Warehouse and a "Repair" Facility. All "Filthy" Halon Is Turned into the Reserve. Clean Halon Provided to Field Activities for Critical Applications Only. Grimy GAS CLEAN GAS HALON RESERVE

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Dirty Gas Inspection Receiving Leak Check Accounting Testing Leak Check Temporary Storage Reclaiming/Processing Quality Repackaging Long Term Storage Security Proper Structure Leak Checks - 3 Tier Recycling Process From Facilities Clean Gas Controlled To Users Distribution Critical Use Only

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Sites Primary Storage/Operations Site-Richmond – Issues, Receipts and Turn Ins Security Sites – Long-Term Storage Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, VA Defense Depot San Joaquin, CA Australia – 2 Sites Collection/Consolidation Germany/Netherlands Pearl Harbor Japan

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Lessons Learned Priority Mission System Cylinders Must be Handled with Strict Adherence to Procedures Safety Guide for Decommissioning Halon Systems Leak Monitoring Paramount Sharing Knowledge with Foreign Militaries and Countries

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European Union Regulation Impact Very Restrictive Controls On Imports And Exports Exemptions List For Critical Halon Uses - Includes Weapons Systems CFCs – No Critical Uses List – Cannot Be Imported Or Exported Current Plan Process And Hold Halon Within EU Convert/Dispose Of CFCs Within EU Netherlands And UK Governments/MOD Assisting

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Executing The "Arrangement" Many Battles Won, yet the "War Is Not Over" Customers - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard Pleased with DLA Performance Supply Required to 2048 Future Inventory Relies on Turn Ins from Non Critical Applications Next 4-5 Years Critical for Turn Ins Decommissioning Guide Requisition and Turn-In Procedures

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ODS Reserve POCs Commercial 804-279-xxxx DSN 695-xxxx Program Manager - Ron Sibley 4525 Project Officers - Vicky Goforth 6102 - Joe Schmierer 5202 - Bobby Carwile 5203 Contractor Support - Jerry Beasley 1789 - Craig Brant 3414 Email: dscr. Item Manager - John Monroe 6451

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