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Brand Elements. Building Brand Equity Chapter 4. Choice Criteria. Memorability - recognition, recall Meaningfulness - persuasive Likability - fun, visually pleasing Transferability - across products, borders Adaptability - flexible, updatable Protectability - legal, competitive.
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Mark Elements Building Brand Equity Chapter 4

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Choice Criteria Memorability - acknowledgment, review Meaningfulness - powerful Likability - fun, outwardly satisfying Transferability - crosswise over items, outskirts Adaptability - adaptable, updatable Protectability - legitimate, aggressive

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Naming Criteria Descriptive - work (Japan Airlines) Compounds - combo (Redbull) Classical - Latin based (Meritor) Arbitrary - no obvious tie (Apple) Fanciful - instituted (Avanade)

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Suggestive Names Benefit ColorStay lipstick; Die Hard battery Function Shake \'n Bake; Lean Cuisine Country-of-inception Haagen Dazs, Yoplait

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Brand Linguistics Phonics alliteration (Coca-Cola) Orthographic spelling (Kool); condensing (7 Up, IBM) Morphologic compound (Janitor-in-a-drum) Semantic Metaphor (Arrid)

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URL: Domain Names 84,000p every day enlisted Unauthorized utilize Brand review criteria Yahoo!

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Logos Symbols (Prudential\'s shake, Allstate\'s hands) Mnemonic (Sprint\'s stick drop analogy) Updated (Chrysler\'s winged identification)

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Characters Animated (doughboy, tiger) Live-activity (Maytag repairman, Bud frogs) Updating (Aunt Jemima, Betty Crocker)

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Slogans Shorthand snare (like a decent neighbor) Category interface (Dockers/pants) Positioning (nothing runs like a Deere) Hyperbole (Bayer works ponders) Reinforcement (Just do it) Slogan test p. 209

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Packaging Objectives Identify mark (Mentadent shape) Present data (Bayer dose) Protect item (Tylenol seals) Facilitate stockpiling (Figi square jugs) Help utilization (V8 to six packs) POP shows (Lip salve) Color sense of taste (orange Tide, yellow Kodak)

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Questions How do the Budweiser Frogs add to purchaser mark value? What does the expression "Would you be able to hear me now?" accomplish for the brand? What market bundle is most critical to you? Why?

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