Brandon Violations and Scratch Brooking College of Hertfordshire – Business college.

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T he 2012 Olympic Recreations and Advanced education: Brandon Wrongdoings and Scratch Brooking College of Hertfordshire – Business college Advanced education Foundation Olympic Particular vested party 23 rd June 2009 Taking in Legacy from Olympics
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T he 2012 Olympic Games and Higher Education: Brandon Crimes and Nick Brooking University of Hertfordshire – Business School Higher Education Academy Olympic Special Interest Group 23 rd June 2009

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Learning Legacy from Olympics ‘ The mutual vision among focal Government, funders LOCOG and numerous HEI’s is that the 2012 Games exhibit an once-in-an existence time chance to make work that will have a honest to goodness legacy’ (1) Games related research now being attempted in the UK crosswise over numerous branches of knowledge Olympics give an extraordinary chance to create future eras wellbeing

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Aims of the day Share experiences of the 2012 Olympics being conveyed and instructive legacy of the amusements (EEDA) Link to subjects created at Higher Education and Research themes in HSLT. Overhaul of e:legacies venture 2010 Winter Olympics Explore thoughts of a directing gathering and subjects for future Olympic SIG

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Halfway there… Maximizing open doors from the London 2012 Games

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The association We are distinctive associations from over the province with a typical enthusiasm to amplify the open doors and advantages from the London 2012 Games for the general population of Hertfordshire. View individuals Become a part Download a duplicate of our association pamphlet Our structure The accompanying four sub gatherings report to the Board: Sports Development Lead : Nick Brooking (University of Hertfordshire) Culture, Leisure and Tourism Lead : Annie Hawkins (Enjoy Hertfordshire) Education, Skills and Employment Lead : James Dickinson (Hertfordshire County Council) We additionally have the 2012 Local Authority Group with delegates from each Council in Hertfordshire.

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Our Vision We are supporting the conveyance of the London 2012 Games and amplifying the open doors and advantages for individuals who visit, live, work and study in Hertfordshire. View our methodology to 2014 Our legacy aspirations The London 2012 Games is a platform to realize constructive changes for the general population of Hertfordshire. These progressions don’t need to end when the Games complete in 2012. In the keep running up to the Games and past 2012 we need to accomplish: Increased cooperation in game, contending and volunteering Healthier groups Better games offices More open doors for youngsters A set up countywide Talented Young Athletes conspire A world class sports office that everybody can utilize The White Water Canoe Slalom Center Closer groups - through game and social occasions

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International Olympic Committee London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games Nations and Regions East Hertfordshire is Ready for Winners Partnership National and provincial structure

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Partnership structure Hertfordshire is Ready for Winners Board Steering gathering Local Authority 2012 gathering Core group activity and Pre-Games Training Camps Healthier Communities Young People Volunteering Cultural Olympiad and Tourism White Water Canoe Center and Regeneration Inward Investment Stronger Hertfordshire Economy

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London 2012 - the truth Europe’s biggest recovery venture £9.32 billion in offices and recovery extends A 16,000 limit Olympic Village changed into homes after the Games An Olympic venue in Herts.

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White Water Canoe Center New £30 million world class sports office – and it’s sitting tight! Employments - development, office administration, bolster administrations Increased tourism Volunteering School/College/University ventures Leisure exercises from 2011 .

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Research Athens Sydney Charlotte Holme Pierrepont Teesside Barcelona

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White Water Canoe Center

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Facts and Figures Olympic Course : 300m x 12m x 5m drop : 750m2 begin pool Intermediate course : 160m x 9m x 1.6m drop - 300m2 begin pool Spectator limit : Games time 12,000 Lake : Total water 9000m3 filled from aquifer Depth 1.8m : Depth when both courses running 1.2m Floodlighting : all parts of every course Building: :Reception, Club/Seminar room, Cafã©, Changing, Offices, Storage, space held for BCU

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Our legacy desire Increased investment - games, contending, volunteering Healthier ways of life Better games offices A world class sports office that everybody can utilize

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Our legacy aspirations More open doors for youngsters A built up countywide Talented Young Athletes Scheme Closer groups A more grounded economy.

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What do you think about the 2012 logo ?

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What do you know ? At the point when will the amusements be held in 2012 ? What number of Olympic Sports ? What number of countries will contend ? What number of volunteers will be required ? Group of onlookers numbers all around? What Olympic Events will be held in East of England ?

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General Facts and Figures Runs from 27 July – 12 August 2012 26 Olympic Sports 11,000 Athletes, mentors and authorities 205 countries 70,000 volunteers Global group of onlookers of 3.7 billion 20,000 individuals from overall press

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- >London 2012 Online Quiz

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How it began for me ? The learning legacy without bounds Olympic Games to Enhance the Teaching of Tourism and Sustainable Development?

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Research venture 2008/9 Project destinations To distinguish and amplify the learning open doors for understudies that are exhibited by the 2010 winter and 2012 Olympic and Paralympics amusements. To co-ordinate an on-line asset base to bolster the showing and learning of the effects of the Olympics through a scope of scholastic branches of knowledge in Tourism and Hospitality, and bolster program improvement of another Event Management degree.

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To investigate and distinguish how through the Olympics, manageable advancement can be further weaved into showing and learning methodologies. To encourage the trading of material between UH scholastics and Canadian scholastics in the examining and educating of subjects identified with future Olympics

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Links and advancements Contact with 2010 Canadian Academics Two visits in addition to a lot of messages/phone calls Podium understudy diplomat Incorporated into modules Podium meetings/system HLST – SIG set up Local Tourism organization Olympic gathering Funded UH entry level position to Canada-(Student) Internal system casual Future arrangements going ahead 27 th July 2012

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What is going ahead with you and yours ? What scholarly research and understudy exercises are currently being embraced in arrangement for London 2012 What subjects identified with the Olympics do you feel will ‘engage’ your understudies ? In what manner would we be able to further backing your thoughts ? Bunch exchanges Record and report back to gathering (10 minutes)

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Potential understudy and workforce Research/opportunities 2010 and 2012 Games and past ? Legacy and Youth International motivation in UK Higher Education Economic Impacts Information Technology Sustainable improvement

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Resources: Conference Reports HLST Annual Conference 2007 Resources Internet Resources for Olympic Studies International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship

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Podium "Platform" is the Further and Higher Education Unit for the 2012 Games. The Unit has an across the nation transmit and has two noteworthy points; To convey both inside of the area and with outside organizations about the potential for Universities and Colleges to bolster the effective arranging and conveyance of the 2012 Games. To facilitate the improvement of movement inside of the area that boosts the advantages of facilitating the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in this nation, adding to the building of an economical and wide coming to legacy.

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Links Podium Olympic Tourism by Mike Weed The Olympic Games, second version: A Social Science Perspective Select Committee Olympic Report Published London Olympics Sustainable Development Strategy London 2012 Games: the following lap DCMS report HLST Olympics Resource Guide LINK 20: Events Management Intute : Social Sciences Guide to Internet Resources for Olympic Studies

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PODIUM works through 5 fundamental work strands...

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Contact: HLST, Oxford Brookes University, Wheatley Campus, Wheatley, Oxford, OX33 1HX‚ United Kingdom (e) (e)

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University Challenge Your starter for Ten ... The objective of 10 contextual investigations to be created for Olympic SIG by October 2009 10 minute talk – What topics and points can and could be produced in your branches of knowledge ? Would you be willing to add to examination starters ?

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Potential topics joins - HSLT London’s facilitating of the 30th Olympiad in 2012â provides a chance to raise the subjects\' profile in our Network.â  Our courses give the expert aptitudes, information and comprehension which are fundamental for accomplishment in such a multifaceted and complex event. Below are illustrations of how our branches of knowledge will add to the Olympics:â  Sciences thatâ underpin the planning of tip top competitors for world class execution; the drilling and games administration limit needed to bolster developing investment in game; the procurement of offices and open doors for dynamic relaxation; understanding the needs of touristsâ  travel and tourism managementâ skills vital for the procurement of fruitful occasions; superb neighborliness offices and administrations; our nearby living up to expectations associations with industry and bosses and our entrenched multicultural mindfulness and global standpoint. We can hence rightly claim to be the subjects for the Olympics!

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Future gatherings of Olympic SIG October 2009-Venue tba December 2009-Podium meeting February 12-18 th 2010-LinkBC-live

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